Wednesday, September 3, 2014

הרה"ח ר' משה קצנלנבויגן ע"ה

איש מסירות נפש, ר' משה קצנלנבויגן 

Reb Moshe Katzenellenbogen o"h

Reb Moshe was son of the late מומע שרה, who helped hundreds of families of Chassidim leave the USSR in 1946, including the Rebbe's mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson. He was arrested together with his mother and sent to Siberia. Reb Moshe was a proficient talmid chochom and was especially boki in ד' חלקי שו"ע. After he was allowed to leave the USSR in the 1970s he settled in London, where his brother  יבלחט"א Reb Yehoshua lives. Upon traveling to New York to spend Yom Tov with the Rebbe, he was asked by the Rebbe to visit Reb Moshe Feinstein and רעד אין לערנען with Reb Moshe, to show how yidden who were raised in the USSR and were imprisoned still managed to grow in Torah.


Shmeryl Tzeitelbeitel said...

I have always wondered how the illustrious katzenellenbogen family ended up in Chabad.

Theyre talmedei haGra. And have been Litvish talmidei chachomim for generations, and are still strong in hardcore talmedei hagra circles and Neturei Karta.

When did some of them become chabad?

mig said...

According to the link below, the Rebbe, zt'l, was a descendant of the Katzenellenbogen family:

Scroll down to the Notable Descendants section:

Yietzie Einecho said...

how about the illustrious Schick family of shklov, biggest lomdim and Maskilim in Lita.

Anonymous said...

I remember Reb Moshe telling me ovef 20 years ago how he was in Soviet prison with his mother - & how he watched, through the fence, them shoot her to death. I think he said he was like 6 or 7 years old.

A most affable vareme yid.

Brother of the Raskins. (Dayan Raskin of London is his nephew.)

Yehi zichroy baruch.

-- ZIY

Anonymous said...

From other blogs it appear that he was older when his mother passed away - & that she was nifter from a heart attack, not the Soviet bullet. But I do recall him telling me witnessing a shooting through the fence etc. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

-- ZIY

Anonymous said...

i remember hearing that he was 13 years old when he was arrested together with his mother.
and his mother had a heart attack from seeing his suffering

Anonymous said...

Dayan Raskin of London is the son of Reb Sholom Ber Raskin of London and was Reb Moshe's cousin.

Reb Moshe's older brother in London is Reb Yehoshua (Haishke) Raskin Shlita.