Sunday, August 12, 2018

The FULL story of the release of the Skulener Rebbe זצ"ל

I've heard it said that with this story justice was finally done to the כבוד of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who is the one who deserves the most credit for the Skulener Rebbe's release. The Skulener Rebbe's yohrtzeit was Friday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul. Our friends in Satmar over the years have tried - and have been successful - in covering it up. Thanks to the opening of the JDC digital archive to the public Dovid Zaklikowski was able to bring to light the evidence for it. You wouldn't know from the subtitle of the story, though. Almost as if they published the story but didn't want that to be the main point... With very special thanks to the family of Rabbi Binyomin Eliyahu Gorodetsky, the unrelenting activist, who headed Chabad-Lubavitch in, among other places, Israel, Europe, and North Africa... the JDC's archive has this entire Parsha closed... nothing is available on it online...


The rest of the Story said...

did the Skulener rebbe meet the LR to deliver his gratitude to him? did the LR support him in crown heights 'atleast' to fulfill his minyan when needed..

Satmar helped him out in Romania by supporting and eventually took over their orphanage operations, satmar supported him in America to get established with koved, support in Romania and America, and with "chasidim" than!, not the agudah crowd of crown street, and not the Lubavitcher's of crown heights, said all this I'm not trying to minimize the support and help of others.

Lipa Friedman said...

Thanks a Million for putting it up
the Yellow historian Gelbman who washed the history for Skulen in the book paid by Vigder Yakobovitz A"H
That Book was Gelbman at its best creating a web of lies of faux rescuers who maybe send once non washed eggs thru Shulem Laufer and whitewashing the real rescuers.

איך זאג אז said...

סקולען איז נתפרסם גיווארן אלטץ א ווייעך הארטציג אוהב ישראל, וויל מען זיי יעצט פארוואנלען אין 'נרדפים' נעבעך אבער צי רודפים?, סאי'ז בבחינת, ורדו בכם 'שונאיכם'? ואין רודף אתכם. מיין איך

לפ"ב said...

Everyone sees what they want to see. The article says that a small cog in the wheel was the lubavitcher rebbe's nudging. Reb Eliezer Silver went to Washington ,not the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet the Lubavitcher Rebbe gets the credit? Harry Goodman (of the Aguda) worked day amd night on it, yet one letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe outweighs that?!

Mr filler said...

"The FULL story"

As seen on TV, or in the Reader’s Digest. What makes an Ami magazine opinion more "full" than my opinion, or perhaps yours.

pop chasid said...

Dovid'l I'm sure you're passed bar mitzvah age, but I and 1000 of my Cheder friends where present at the arrival of the Skulener rebbe upon his arrival to America, we 'satmars' where all dressed in "bikdei shabos' on a weekday, and we all know a thing-or-two of the Skulener 'trajectory' way back from Borsek in Romania, up to the present.. most of us still live.

None of us has been contacted, for your write ups. Mr Zuzkill know it all, trying to advance his "agenda".

Israeli Prime Minister Pens History at Masada Synagogue

By Dovid Zaklikowski
July 11, 2013 4:44 PM

Dovid Zaklikowski.
Archivist at Lubavitch Archives
Write for the Jewish Standard, Ami Magazine, Mishpacha Magazine and Hamodia,

Anonymous said...

very interesting. no one said the Lubavitcher did it alone, that is beauty of the story, it was done together with many people, as stated in the article. the one who does give credit to the Lubavitcher, is Goodman himself, in his account of the story.

Anonymous said...

is this about the Satmars greeting him? this is about Jakober and a Satmar chassid Gerber, why should he ever call you?

לפ"ב said...

Goodman did it . The Lubavitcher Rebbe nudged along, he was the minor player.

Bagels Lox and Schmear said...

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JJJ said...

From the archives

Geler Badchen said...

The rest of the Story said...
did the Skulener rebbe meet the LR to deliver his gratitude to him?
Yes, the Skulener Rebbe was a few times for visits by Lubavicher Rebbe?
did the LR support him in crown heights 'atleast' to fulfill his minyan when needed..
Yes, Lubavicher were helping him and other rabunim for minyan.
So now you have your answer
the story of Zaklikovski is true???

Moshe Sherer said...

" satmar supported him in America to get established with koved"
how and what did they for him till 1975?
they let him make a appeal in thier shul?
every other shul had appeals for skulen?
Tzelem, Viznitz, Skver, Pupa and boyan,

Geler Badchen said...

"Dovid'l I'm sure you're passed bar mitzvah age, but I and 1000?? of my Cheder friends where present at the arrival of the Skulener rebbe upon his arrival to America,"
If your story is true
I assume the satmar Karpen kep believed that he will become a other ruv in the satmar rolodex like the Landsburger ruv,
but eventually he showed independence, then he was deserted for years, I used to travel to CH to him you did not see no satmar faces just some that knew him from Romania, even in Williamsburgh he had very small crowds by the tish, I was there, Rosh Hashana and Yom kippur he rented on Heyward st, maybe 50 people were their, I was there,
On Chanukah the crowd was bigger, lot of Monsey people came then,
Until his sons house was overtaken by some enemies of the Bierech Moshe and many bnie yoel types started going to Skulen, and now they make him as if he is anti aroni, the Sadigurer rebbe was good for him, Reb Aron Teitelbaum is too Zionistic for skulen of today
obviously everyday this former satmars in Skuken they will have a other lie on him how big a Satmar chusid he was....

The unwashed egg said...

Don't ask what Satmar did for the Skulener enchilada, (to numerous to list).

Ask what Skullen did for Satmar rebbe, (besides his infamous Agudah speech, in 1968).

קדושת אליעזר said...

מתוך צוואותו: "אני העני מדעת וממעש נותן תודה גדולה לאנשים שהחזיקו בי. אם כי לא הייתי ראוי לזה כי חוטא ופושע אני, בכל זאת אחשוב כי יש להם שכר כי כוונתם רצויה שחשבו אותי לצדיק ותלמיד חכם, וכפי מחשבתם מגיע להם שכר"..ע"כ -על הרב פורטוגל, נזר התורה י"ח

Anonymous said...

A very important document on the history of the Skulener Rebbe. It shows how we could all work together in doing good. The article is very clear who was involved, and that is what I love about it... no need to change history, let us just document it correctly

! גיוואלד געשריגען said...

? אתרא קדישא ד'אמעריקא, אייכם

"According to Jeffrey Kloha, director of museum collections, of the 2,559 items owned by the museum, some 1,835 are Torahs—scrolls containing the first five books of the Bible, and the holiest textual artifacts in Judaism.

The Torah scrolls at Museum of the Bible are not part of a Holocaust exhibit. Moreover, somewhat strangely, the language used at the museum suggests that they are being rescued not from deterioration, but from their traditional Jewish rites. A placard in the museum accompanying one scroll describes it as having been “saved from being ceremonially buried or placed in a genizah.”

M. rothman Vienna Austria said...

The Moral of the Story.

Besides his physical rescue of which the SR was involved, satmar also rescued the skullener rebbe from the Agugah itself which understood that the SKR will go from Vienna to israel (and becomes the spiritual leader of the Aguda..), but by the time he was released the SKR was already well aware that the Aguda of today is not the same than the one in Rumania, thats why 100's of "chasidim" where in Vienna waiting for his arrival to rescue the SKR from becoming a subordinate (read; the leader) of the Agudah in Israel c"v..

perhaps thats the outcry to this day of the inter-skullener 'agudah fraction. But to many this act by the "skullener rebbe" to defy the wishes and dreams of harry goodman, v.p. of agudas israel world organization et al, is the true Moral of the Story, which goes to show the real noble and spiritual chracarter of the SKR z"l. ved"l

Notă publică ! said...

"And repentance and prayer and charity convey the evil decree"

25 Elul 5768

Last night, the Admor
of Sakulan was hospitalized
from his home in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood, to a hospital in Manhattan due to acute pneumonia, and the public was called to pray for the rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Avraham ben Sheina

Worrying in the courtyard of the Skulman Hasidic community: Last night, the Admor from his home in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn went to the hospital in Manhattan due to acute pneumonia from which he suffered in recent days

"Și pocăința, rugăciunea și caritatea transmit decretul rău"

Anonymous said...

Its crazy that after clear documents show that Goodman himself credits the maka bepatish to the LR, the haters are still avoiding open facts and try to minimise his role...

Nothing will help them go out of their cage if not themself.
Meanwhile the objective reader will make his own evidence based conclusions (about the late SR AND the current one).
veharotze litos yavo veyite

Color War 📯 said...

Skullen 🔮 Satmar

The Truth ® said...

Rabbi Baruch A. "Bernard" Poupko of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. spent much of his lengthy career as a religious leader focused on the plight of Soviet Jews, which made sense: He was a refugee who himself fled persecution in his Russian homeland.

gb said...

I'm not "gele" any more. Thanks.

gb said...

why not ?

Anonymous said...

Man what a coincidence to see a comment about squirrel hill the day after the terrible massacre.

ר' אהרן גודמאן said...

אויסצוגען "ממקור מעיין טהור" אדמו"ר מסקולען ז"ל

ר"ח ניסן תשי"ט איז דער סקולענער רבי ז"ל אין איינם מיט בנו יחידו כ"ק אדמור מסקולען שליט"א גענומען גיווארן אין תפיסה אין רומעניא

דער פאטיקער רב, הגה"צ ר' שלמה זלמן הורוויץ ז"ל האט מיר פארציילט אז ער איז דעמאלט אריבער גיגאנגן צים דבר"י ז"ל איבעררעדן די עניינים פון הצלה, אויך האט דער רב"י איהם איבער גיגעבן תיכף דאס גאנצע געלט וואס איז גילעגן אויפן טיש, ער איז דערנאך ארום אין אללע צימערן זוכן אללע געלטער אין הויז אין איהם איבערגיגעבן, דער רב"י האט איהם מחזק גיווען אין גיבעטען ער זאל צוריק קומען אין איטליכע טעג ווען דער רב"י האט איהם מוסיף גיווען כהנה וכהנה

יענע יאהר איז דער רב"י געפארן קיין לאנדאן אין קיין אר"י, אין זיך איטליכע מאל גיטראפן מיט העסקן החשוב ר' אהרן גודמאן ע"ה וואס האט עוסק גיווען בענייני הצלה, אין זיך דורך געשמיעסט אללע אופני הצלה א וויא דיפלאמאטישע און פאליטישע באמיאונגן, הגה"צ ר' יצחק טובי' ווייס שליט"א ירושלימער רב וואס איז גיווען דערביי פארציילט, פרייטאג צו-נאכטס אין מיטן פירן טיש "פאר קידוש" האט דער רב"י באמערקט דארט ר' אהרן גודמאן, אין זיך גישטעלט פאר קידוש מאכן, צו פארציען א שמועס מיט ר' אהרן גודמאן בענייני הצלה
-באילנא דחיי ג' תשע"ט ע' סג

ווען דער רב"י איז גיפארן פון לאנדאן קיין אר"י האט ער גישריבען א בריעף פון אר"י צו ר' אהרן גודמאן. וזו העתקה מכתבי"ק ז"ל

ב"ה, ה' לס' הנני נותן לו את בריתי שלו' תשי"ט, פעיה"ק בני ברק שיכון קרית יואל תובב"א

שוכט"ס לכבוד ידידי הרבני הנגיד הנכבד העסקן המפואר כבוד שמו מפארים מוה"ר אהרן גודמאן הי"ו

אחדשה"ט, היות כי נהנתי ממפעליו הטובים לישראל בכלל ובפרט שנותן נפשו לדרוש טוב לעמו, להטיב מעמדם בעתות בצרה ובצוקה אשר הגיע אלינו בעו"ה, ויאשר כוחו וחילו להרבות במצוות ומעש"ט בישראל

והנה ראיתי מכתבו בענין הרב הגה"צ דסקאלענא שליט"א, שיש תלי"ת איזה השקפה לטובה, אבל עדיין לא מצאתי מנוח בזה כל זמן שאיני רואה הצלה ממשית לנפשות יקרות האלו. גם במצב אחבנ"י האומללים שבמדינת רומני', אשר אין לשער את הלחץ זו הדחק השורר שם בעו"ה, ומוטל עלינו התאמצות עצומה להשתדל בעדם. וכמע"ה ברב טובו הבטיח לי שישתדל בענין זה כאשר דברנו פא"פ, ולא הודיעני מאומה מה שנעשה בהענין, ובודאי כמע"ה נ"י עושה בזה כל מה שביכלתו כדרכו בקודש, אך לגודל נחיצות הענין לא נמנעתי להזכירו עוד בדרך אגב על ענין זה, ואם יעלה בידו בעזה"י שיהי' בזה איזה עשי' ממשיות כאשר דברנו פא"ם, יהי' זכותו אין לשער, ויעשה לי נחת רוח גדול אם יודיעני שתלי"ת הצליח בדבר זה

וכל המשתדל לטובת ישראל יש לו סייעתא דשמיא וזכות הרבים תלוי בו, כן יעזרהו השי"ת שבכל אשר יפנה ויצליח, והשי"ת ירחם ויצילנו עם כל ישראל ביחד מכל צרה וצוקה, ונזכה לראות במהרה בישועת כל ישראל ושמחתן

והנני ידידו דושה"ט מברכו בכל עניניו. - הק' יואל טייטלבוים


Sunday, August 12, 2018

The FULL story of the release of the Skulener Rebbe זצ"ל
Our friends in Satmar over the years have tried - and have been successful - in covering it up. 

לפ"ב: Harry Goodman (of the Aguda) worked day and
night on it. #שוואנצאנות

Lipa Friedman: whitewashing the real rescuers.

Anon: Meanwhile the objective reader will make his own evidence based conclusions (about the late SR AND the current one). veharotze litos yavo veyite