Friday, April 7, 2006

אם הבנים שמחה

a Tshureh from his einikel's Wedding

Fascinating new revelations about the connection that he had to The Rebbe and Chassidus. Scroll down to page 53.

The Rebbe told his son at the time the Sefer went to print, that although his father may have changed his views regarding Yishuv Eretz Yisroel and being Mekarev irreligious Jews, "איר זאלט מפרסם אז די טאטע איז געווען אן ערליכער איד און ווייט פון ציונות", Powerful words indeed.

His son Reb Chaim Menachem was Niskarev to Chassidus Chabad through HaRav Zalman Schneerson of Paris.

His Einikel married the daughter of HaRav Yekusiel Farkas, a story by itself.

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Kurenitzer said...

Unfortunetely the message of EHS has been forgotten by most Charedim.Again our Hungarian bretheren seem to believe like in 1944 that they will be spared because of their anti-Zionism. This is what the Pistzyaner dayan writes in EHS .Just last week in the march 31 issue of the London JEWISH CHRONICLE it is reported that the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congrgations in Lodon(the kehilla of Charedi groups in London which includes lubavitch) donated over 20,000 British Pounds to the Neture Karta for their wonderful activities.And as the Rebbe was want to say veyn Pozeh peh umezafzef. Thast about 50,000 dollars to a group that endorses Iran, hamas and other shvartzyoren !! Shumu Shomayim and people are makpid to eat only from their Hechsher (called kedassia). Give me the OK or even Ralbag.

Boruch said...

Maybe you can tell us the story of R Yekusiel Farkas?

Hirshel Tzig said...


the Keddasia gave money to NK? I find that hard to believe. Was it for their political activities?

Hirshel Tzig said...


iy"h after Yom Tov (at least the 1st days)

Moshiach Now said...

I don't believe the Kedassia story is correct. After all, while Satmar and other kanoim are indeed members in it, so is Lubavitch [their dayan Raskin is one of the official Morei Horoeh for Kedassia], as is Belz and many Agudah affiliated shuls.

Epes shtimt nisht