Wednesday, April 5, 2006

There goes the neighborhood

It's Bein HaZmanim and people are bored, I understand that, but this isn't Meah Shearim, you can't burn garbage and fight with the cops like that. Policepeople have long term memories, they remember when you give you a hard time for a long time.

Read all about the Chilul Hashem

Is it Lag BaOmer yet?

It's nice being called a "mob", no?


SephardiLady said...

It is very obvious that something is doing wrong with the chinuch system is bein hazemain means an excuse to riot and be terrors to society, if parents are just absent while their children are not home, if a Torah only education leads to this.

Let's take this as a (really late) wake up call that we need to deal with the problems in our communities. And, if anyone does no see a problem (check out the comments on my blog for evidence of this), than we need to find out where our chinuch has gone wrong.

I'm evermore thankful that I don't live in NY and can raise my children in a place where this behavior would be completely unexcepted.

kurenitzer said...

The Rambam talks about non working etc leading to shimum(I believe thats the lashon ) Exactly what we have here.1. As you state no school in Nissan. 2 Yeshiva bachurim are treated like little princes by parents. 3.Many people don't do anything all year around in BP.
In general what happened last night was a major Chilul Hashem in front of the whole world.

Y.W. Editor said...


Milhouse said...

I don't know - there's an advantage to having the police know that Jews are not passive wimps who can be pushed around with no consequences. They wouldn't rough up a 75-year-old black man for, er, what exactly? The articles seem to say talking on a cell phone while driving, but they also say that he was parked, so which is it? Since when can't you talk on a phone while sitting in a parked car? In any case, even if he did something wrong, they wouldn't treat him like that if he were black, because they know the black community wouldn't stand for it. They think that because Jews are generally law-abiding peaceful people, they can do what they like to us, and it's good that they learn otherwise. R Meir Kahane HYD recognised the value of occasionally going crazy; call it shtus dikdusha if you like.

BTW, how would you react if you'd seen Mr Shick being manhandled like that? What if it were your father or zeide?

Hirshel Tzig said...


I seem to remember a story in Lakewood recently with an elderly Rabbi, and hundreds of "Litvaks" storming a Police station, no?

Hirshel Tzig said...

From the NY Times

Y.W. Editor said...

Actually, NO.
I just happen to have been there. There was ZERO violence. Lrt me repeat that: ZERO VIOLENCE!

A few hundred people peacefully demonstrated in front of the Lakewood Police Headquaters.
Noone was lighting fires. Noone was calling the cops NAZIS. Noone was cursing out the cops with nivul peh. Noone surrounded a police car and slashed the tires, and set fire to it. There was no riot gear used. There was a permit to make the demonstration.

Chassidim are just getting out of control. And you know it.

PS: Think they were wearing their gartels, and went to the mikvah before doing this?

Akiva said...

But what if their position is right? What if abuse and excessive force is becoming rampant?

Accuracy said...

From the pictures, rather than "hundreds", there seem to be about seventy or so.

Also, it would be likely that many were just watching, and some trying to prevent it.

Sad, but hardly evidence of mass disorder.

shoyn said...

yw your sanctimonious attitude is rather sickening.

seems to me that you think that despite the chilul hashem the riots were justified, just so you can point your finger and say ahh, chasidim.

very sad

n said... are outta line and certainly not assessing the situation like a sociologist but rather as a non lover of jews :

" Yeshiva bachurim are treated like little princes by parents. .Many people don't do anything all year around in BP."

to everyone else, lets get real. The cops were beligerent with a 75 year old man, some otherwise law obedient folks saw this, got upset leading to two guys jumping on cops (some people call this bravery). People gathered which is not a crime. and then there were a grand total of 7 garbage can fires, one smashed police car windshield/vandalism. Pretty tame stuff for a crowd of thousands amoungst rumors of police brutality, etc. Before you scream chilul hashem compare us to any other group given the circumstances. And if you are looking to quantify law breakers, some of those fires were likely lit by the same person.

Y.W. Editor said...

"seems to me that you think that despite the chilul hashem the riots were justified,"

Justified? are you nuts?! NO WAY!

I was just responding to Tzig who told me that not only Chassidim do such things, but also in Lakwood they "stormed" a police station...WHICH IS A LIE. YES HE LIED TO ALL OF HIS READERS.

Stop saying false statements.

YW Editor.

misnaged said...

I wasn't there bishas maaseh but limaan hoemes we can't say that Chassidim in BP bichlal did it, lichoyre a small group of young hotheads, leydigeyers and askonim types were involved, it's not fair to blame the whole gegent. Emes iz emes, afilu (bifrat) a misnaged darf zogen dem emes.

Hirshel Tzig said...


you don't "say" statements, you "make" statements, and I didn't lie, at least not knowingly. All I did was recall a story I read on your blog, maybe I was mistaken. Relax.

Y.W. Editor said...

OK I relaxed.
I just took a lechayim, read a sicha from pesach and watched a video of the Rebbe sing Tzama Licho Nafshi......

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

"It's Bein HaZmanim and people are bored, I understand that..."

HT- you did not just say that! Sounds rather like an excuse. Now if I may do a little comment moderation myself:

YW editor- you are a sick biggot. Why even bother coming here and mouthing off your typical garbage? It's downright offensive.

shoyn said...

yw, you claim to have been responding to HT, yet your comment
'chasidim.... again....' preceded HT's.

Unless of course you were writing al sheim haosid....

Milhouse said...

HT - any reason my comment from 2 days ago hasn't appeared yet? Did I write something objectionable?

Hirshel Tzig said...


If I left it out it may be because of comment moderation, it seems like some of the comments, even when I want to publish them, get lost in the shuffle, or sometimes I overlook them. Believe me, I wouldn't delete such intelligent, to the point comments as your's.

tzibaleh said...

ציגאלע, מיר בענקען נאך די טעג ווען סאיז נישט גווען comment moderation.
we are an "instant gratification" generation.
do you think you can go back במהרה בימינו to non moderated, if מרעין בישין ent away?