Sunday, April 2, 2006

In Beit Shemesh


Begets This

The masses in Beit Shemesh had their dirty work done for them by local Gerrer Chassidim, whose Rebbe was defamed on the local walls.

Don't mess with Ger!


Dovid said...

What on earth?? What did satmar do already???

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it's not Satmar per se, it's the zealots in general, who puncture bus tires if they're not Mehadrin and terrorize good Frum Jews. This time they sprayed up the town and went as far as defaming the Gerrer Rebbe as you can see, so the people said ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

There's another load of zevel from mentalblock for you to deal with. Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a sanitation truck.

It does accomplish one thing. No one sane who is familiar with the Rebbe's Torah can take him seriously. The worry is for the others.

Hai Anav VTzaddik said...

please tell the whole story. how did it start. i always assumed the gerrers were afocused and level headed people. give some background, please.

Anonymous said...

I bet the following happened. In all their glory and Ahvath Israel the Satmarer launched their anti election campaign which involves besmirching all other gedolei Israel who support elections.(Not whithstanding that people like the Old Belzer rav supported voting in Israeli elections)
In the old days gedolim like the Lubavitcher rebbe and rav Henkin stood up to these greise kanoim , today only Ger stands up to them as the Yeshiva world is posayach al shtei haseifim (infected by the virulent Brisker anti-Israel and anti Zionist virus).
I imagine the Gerer were just defending the honor of their Rebbe.

Milhouse said...

It seems that in this case you approve of this sort of kanous, of making a point forcefully and doing what needs to be done, even if it can't be rationally justified. So why such a different attitude in the next piece, about Borough Park? How is what was done to Mr Shick less provoking than what was done to the Gerrer Rebbe?

duviesharfman, Ger is well known for violence — not unfocused and ungoverned violence like certain other groups, not violence for its own sake, but when a point occasionally needs to be made, Ger shows that it is capable of making it. By doing so, it ensures that everyone knows it's not to be messed with, and therefore there is seldom need for a repeat demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Hisgarus beUmoth also includes the U.S. and the NYC Police Dept.

Milhouse said...

Al tisgareh is an outdated concept. Enough dancing mah yofis. Let them know that when they rough up an eltere yid, there are consequences. If he were a black man they would have handled him more considerately, because they know what would happen; let them have the same concern when it comes to Jews.

Lakol zeman. There's a time to behave rationally, and there's a time to go meshugeh.

BTW, I know one of the boys who got arrested. According to his family, he didn't do anything, he was just walking past at the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

Reb Milhouse: If they rough up an Elrtere Yid in BP there are consequences. Okay. But al achas kamaa ve kammah what if 5 Jews are killed brutally .... in Eretz Israel, would those frum bucks in the streets of BP and their gedolim agree that Jews in Eretz israel have the obligation to make sure there are " cosequences" there too ? LeHayitochen ???
Ve lo Od how come the "cousins " of the men in black on the strrets of BP ,in Israel don't join Tzahal and help make sure there are consequences??