Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Words of Reb Yaakov Lipshitz

Zeide of Pinny Lipshitz, publisher of the English יתד נאמן

In addition to being Pinny's zeide, he had his own claim to fame. He was the long-time secretary and right-hand man of Reb Yitzchok Elchonon z"l, the Kovno Rov. This thread aims to prove that the revisionists, who claim to be following the traditions of Old Lithuania, are in fact rewriting history, and making it look like they want it to. They have reopened wounds that have long healed, and that's an unforgivable crime.





eliyahu said...

from what sefer was this taken?

Hirshel Tzig said...

It's up for 5 minutes. You read the whole thing already?

berl, crown heights said...

And when I said some of the very same things on this blog, I was called an extremist

Anonymous said...

Fools Rav Lifshits is quoting someone saying it, not himself as is noted by the "....." the next paragraph you didn't print where he vehemently argues on all these shekarim claimed about the chasidim ..
have guts print the whole thing
you are a good journalist tzig take a few paragraphs out of context...

Hirshel Tzig said...

Anonymous fool

He's quoting it, yes, but he's writing it because he's agreeing with it!

where do you see that he refutes what he heard?

I do have more to print, from the Chofetz Chaim himself, where he calls the Litvishe Aylem "Shlimazlech" that hide in holes and let the Apikorsim do as they wish. The Chassidim לאזען זיך ניט און פארטרייבען די אפיקורסים

Vaboylniker Chossid said...

1) The Yoseid guy's father is R. Yaakov Lipschutz. Mistaveir that he is an einikel of RYE's secretary, named after him. That would make the YN publisher an ur-einikel of the secretary.

2) The Yoseid publisher is a shvacher Litvak. He is always promoting Chassidishe minhogim like upsheren, tefillin leigen, meduros and dancing on lag baomer, publishing Chassidishe maases in his paper, many photos of Chassidishe Rebbes, etc. He is on the board of a new shiur in Monsey in Chok LiYisroel, not the most Litvishe thing. Maybe his elter-zeide was a good Litvak (even if he wrote some nice and conciliatory words about Chassidim, I assume that he at least stuck to authentic Litvishe minhogim), but he seems to be pretty shvach in that department.

Hirshel Tzig said...


Yes, obviously I didn't mean the literal zeide, RYL died, I think, in 5670.

re: Pinny being a shvacher Litvak; That can probably be traced to the time that the Hamodia started appearing in English, thus stealing a chunk of his readership. וואס טוט מען ניט פאר פרנסה?

וואס פארשטייסטו נישט? די יצר הרע לאזט שרייבען וועגן אפשערענס, ל"ג בעומר, חק און אנדעדע חסידישע מנהגים, אבי נישט שרייבען פאזיטיוו וועגן דעם רבי'ן!

yehupitz said...


avremel said...

again the point is missed, and like Berl said, RYL is saying what Chassidim have been saying for generations now.


Vaboylniker Chossid said...

1) Avremel - keep on dreaming. RYL didn't say that. Don't put words in his mouth.

2) You guys are making a big mistake here. You take a few isolated statements by some Litvaks like RYL and the Chofetz Chaim and then pretend that they basically agreed that the Chassidim were correct and the Litvaks were mistaken overall. That is not the case. They were only praising certain aspects of Chassidus - but they still held that the Litvishe derech was correct overall. After all, if, as some of you guys are dreaming, they were modeh to Chassidus and stopped being misnagdim, why didn't RYL and the CC become Chassidim ? You guys are engaging in wishful thinking.

3) Additionally - what do you think RYL and the CC would say today about Chassidus - they would look around and see violent fights in various groups over who should be the Rebbe. Going to arko'os shel akum with such disputes. A large portion of one group proclaims openly that it's Rebbe who was niftar over ten years ago is Moshiach. They would see that the davening in many Chassidishe places is mechanical and mitzvas anoshim milumodo and that often davening in a Yeshivishe minyan is much more spiritual than in a Chassidishe one. There are more examples, but that is enough to get an idea of what I mean. Do you think they would be so generous in their praise of Chassidim if they saw such things ?

4) Noch a zach - in those days they didn't live close to Chassidim, they didn't see them up close. So they thought the grass was greener on the other side. Now we can see that the grass on the other side is not so green after all.

Vaboylniker Chossid said...

You guys take one side of the story. If a Litvak says some positive things about Chassidim you go to town with it. But influence is not one-sided. What about the positive influence the Litvishe velt has had on Chassidim ?

berl, crown heights said...

“You guys take one side of the story... What about the positive influence the Litvishe velt has had on Chassidim?"

#1. You are very wrong - a ton of comments were made on this blog about that topic.
#2. And what about Chabad itself? Is that chopped liver? Is that not the ultimate "Litvishe influence on Chassidus"? (If you a real Litvak you know this already)

Tzig, when you have chance, please respond to this:

Hirshel Tzig said...


I'll grant you this much; the Litvisher velt has made the Chassidishe velt feel far inferior, by thinking that they never had Talmidei Chachomim of their own.

Anonymous said...

i know pl very well- he is one of the most openminded poeple you will ever hope to meet- he respects and values chasidim

shaulie said...

we need more poeple like pinny lipschutz in klal yisroel- he is really the pioneer of charedi media and has succeeded in creating a newspaper which is far more readable the others, such as modia, which is so clearly slanted and busy toeing the gerrer party line.
he was the only one who ahd the guts to take on metzizta bepeh when the topic was still to hot for the aguda/ modia to handle with their empty meaningless hyeprbole.
he is a real editor, with excellent insticts about what constitutes news and what doesn't, and has no agenda re; chasidm and litvaks- hats off to pinny lipschutz

Hirshel Tzig said...

You're right about the Hamodia being Ger only, but most people are too stupid to realize that. The Yated DOES follow an agenda however, it's just different than the Hamodia's.

shaulie said...

reb hershel

have you ever seen evidence of an agenda at yated? if so, what si it? surely u wouldn't make such an accusation if you couldn't back it up w/ facts-