Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Man Thinks He Speaks For You

From Here

The kid on the left. With the perfect peyos.

Here's a quote from VIN:

"US Senator Joe Biden who is the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate recently met privately with Ezra Friedlander and Simcha Eichenstein of The Friedlander Group, to discuss how the Jewish community feels about the Obama--Biden ticket and how they can reach out to the Orthodox Jewish electorate in key swing states including Florida."

Ok, let me get this straight. A couple of guys with keys and cellphones start a PR firm or something to that effect and they now speak for me?! For tens of thousands of other people who never heard of them before? Did something happen while I was away that allowed this to happen? Did all the Rabbonim and elected officials ride off into the sunset and leave the community to these guys? Wait, that gives me an idea! maybe I'll start a "PR Firm" and call myself an activist. Seriously though, I thought Crown Heights had it bad with all its bickering and such, but this takes the cake. If you grew up in New York you know there are faces that you recognize as machers. Many are stam do-nothings, and many - often affiliated with organization that do lots of good - are people that are connected to the community and its leaders - if there are leaders. But this?


bozos said...

there are always going to be 'askonim' machers , hockers, shvitzers and bozos trying to get their egos in the lime light. politicians would barely look their way if they did not need something from these guys. if a politician thought he could get more exposure from the tzig blog he would be kissing your hand as well

Akiva said...

I'll start that firm with you! We can build a nice flashy web site...

"2 Jews 3 Opinions, but how do you shape those opinions for you?"

The Tzig Avramowacovikorubinmarkobergostein Group, International.

Anonymous said...

is this a conflict with an other fantasy that's called Nasi Doireinu ?
in general people are nice , you play being Tati, Mommy, Rebbe, Nasi, Leader, Politician, Moshiach,
they let you, its a Chesed from the general public ,FARGIN!!!!!!!!

Hirshel Tzig said...

fargin means to let the rich man have his car and house in the mountains. This is something totally different. I fargin these people whatever pleasure they get from sucking up to politicians, just don't claim to speak for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Who appointed your 'self appointed Nosi Hadeyr'?
Did you ask the other Jews all of whom have the right to vote for Nosi Hadeyr if they agree? Are they maskim for a Nosi Hadeyr who is no longer here?

Why can't Friedlander do what you Lubab do??
At least he has parnoseh from it, you Lubab only have bushes oon cherpahs.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I see the PR man has a PR man working the blogs. Very nice.

Fred said...

So go and do the same. Its better than counting beans.

And donot you already say your blog speaks for all...

Chossid said...

Nasi Hador isn't something you vote for. Unlike, say, presidential candidates.

The Rebbe's nesius has zilch to do with the levush which we got accustomed to interacting with.

Now whether you accept the melech as your personal manhig is another inyan which likely won't be resolved until moshiach himself comes, whoever that may be.

Anonymous said...

Why are you personally attacking a person?
Would you like that your name and pic be featured with a nasty personal attack?
Quite yucky in my opinion, not exactly erev rosh hashana type of behaviour.
But I'm sure you said 'yechi hamelech' with lots of kavona at shul today, you also said your 'yud bais pesuqim' your daily tehilim and the incessant Lubavitcher kadeishim.
So you are good
These guys from Boro Park are bad.
Oh, I'm pretty sure you did not use Satmar hashgocho for anything.
Another feather in your crushed Lubab hat.
It's all good
The Rebbe loves you!

Hirshel Tzig said...


If I wrote about his personal indiscretions that would be attacking. If I said that I thought that these two are people who for lack of being able to get a real job went into the "PR" business, that would be attacking. What I wrote is not attacking.

I did not say Yechi today after or before davening.

I did not say the 12 pesukim.

I am not good.

These guys are not "bad," just childish, maybe too self-confident.

Is Tehillim a bad thing now? was there a letter from the Moetzes in that regard that I missed?

I have both parents, b"h. I don't say kaddish.

I bought Kiryas Joel chicken wings this Sunday, does that count?

My hat has no feathers, not is it crushed. It looks like a perfect yeshivishe hat, thanks you very much.

All is good.

The Rebbe loves you too. And you should love him back.

Tzig for Prez said...

Lubabs can be very nasty if someone tries to steal their limelight.
For the record Ezra Friedlander is a great guy and has been involved with political activity for many years.
We don't need to burn bridges with anybody, especially in New York City which is dominated by Democrats.
Obama could very well be the next real Nosi Hador/America.If he is the Tzig will have egg all over his face and Freidlander the ability to help yidden and make parnoseh.
Of course this simple equation is way above the abilities of the blogfresser

we need Ezra from Hashem said...

Friedlander is quite an operator. Clever guy,he also is Zev Brenner's producer on the radio,so he gets to use the Jewish radio airwaves to promote his clients and ambitions behind the scenes,that is when he is not calling in himself,as he has been known to do at times as well.
What do you want him to do instead? Open a Liska shtiebel in Monsey ? Start Opening Liska houses on college campuses?
But your basic point is well taken.
What do you want from him, he just had an event in DC where he honored Ryan Karben. Ezra is very good at chanfening people, a real operator indeed. You think it's easy to be a Rebbishe kind?
And he just had another event, chanfening the Lub. guy in DC, see
See,he knows how to chanfeh Lubavitch too, he's an emeseh Ungarishe Rebbishe kind.

Anonymous said...

'The Rebbe loves you too. And you should love him back.'

Sounds a lot like "J.Pandreh loves you"

Can't Lubab be original at least??
Even second comings they had to copy from "J.Pandreh&co"

Anonymous said...

Freidlander the ability to help yidden and make parnoseh.

How so?

Hirshel Tzig said...

anonymous 1:31

I guess when the Baal Shem Tov said that G-d Loves you like an only son he also took it from the Pandreh Company?

And when the Torah says "Love your fellow Jew" they also took that "love" nonsense from there?

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins.Friedlander gets p.r accounts and even better connections with politicians.
Btw, the idiot who claimed he produces Zev Brenners show does not know anything.
Friedlander is a Liska eynikel, but has no rebbishe kind shtick besides being a very nice guy.
Now Lubab go crawl back into your stinky holes in Crown Heights

Anonymous said...

'Rebbe loves you'
But the Rebbe is deceased.
You guys preach love but are full of hate.

Willy said...

If Obama wins Friedlander gets p.r accounts and even better connections with politicians.

Right. Suuuure. Yankel Moshe with 12 kids will surely benefit from old Ezra having "connections with politicians." And I have some very secure Lehman Brothers shares for sale. A bargain at 50 bucks a share.

And Obama gives a flying hoot about men with funny hats and white stockings. He loves us!

Anonymous said...

When Lubab say "The Rebbe loves you"
present tense, it's another way of them trying to tell you that Hashem has "major competition" Hashem loves?So does The Rebbe!
But even this is sooo unoriginal!
J.Pandreh already "patented" the Godhead and Trinity of God the father and God the son and holy spirit (hey Lubabs what is that????)

Don't worry
Be happy
The Rebbe loves you

ezri meim Hashem said...

Zev Brenner himself has said multiple times on the air that EF is his producer,at times in EF's presence.Maybe it was past your bedtime,it's true the program is on late at night.
Oylum goylum,lots of people dunno the heimishe and frum communities,it's like a foreign culture to them,so anyone can set themselves up as experts on it, and that is what Ezra does.
Re Obama, he sent a letter asking that the debate be rebroadcast tom. night after Shabbos, so Ezra cud watch it then! Wow.

Anonymous said...

"And Obama gives a flying hoot about men with funny hats and white stockings. He loves us!"

You've never seen pics of Lubab rabbis in The White House?

Anonymous said...


You have an awful lot of sonei Lubavitch commeting here. Sheesh.

Do you feel more prepared for RH now that you've gotten in your daily dose of Lubavitch hating?

We say tehillim daily and then there are those that can't go a day without a remark about "dead rebbe worship" (ch'v ch'v)

Where is the real kelipah here?

Anonymous said...

From one Anon to another.
Anon 1:48,
So Lubabs don't actually worship the Rebbe???
That should be breaking news!
You've managed to fool everyone!!!
(Especially with those full size portraits of the Rebbe that you like to 'innocently' hang in all kinds of places that other Lubab 'happen' to be davening around.
Oh of course the pic is usually not right next to the oron kodesh, but 'inoocently' on the back wall or side wall, but it's getting there.
Hey,Rome wasn't built in one day and J.Pandrehs meshigassen took 300 years till they decided to have Shabbos on sunday!
But we are sure getting closer and closer to actual,full fledged Rebbe worship!
Sorry, somebody just came in with BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!
Some Lubavitchers have actually started saying that the Rebbe is the creator of the world!!!

Arthur said...

You really have some obsessed neurotic nutcases posting on your blog.What twisted warped minds full of sinah and kinah on erev Rosh Hashona.No matter what the subject,be it even astro physics,there hate filled minds manage to twist it into hatred of the Rebbi and Chabad.
You don't like us?Gezunterheit.Go do your own thing.It's not just hatred but an obsession which is filled with vileness and shmutz.You haters sound like you just stepped out of the pages of Himmlers Der Shturmer.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

Why is everything connected to Chabad!! I hate Chabad. But I also loath self appointed Machers. Who usually lie about the size of their following. Lets leave Chabad out of this.

Anonymous said...

There is a famous quote from the Brisker Rav: The people that are aways preaching about "ahavas Yisroel" are usualy the biggest haters of the torah and torah learners.

Do you know anyone that preaches "Ahavas Yisroel" more than Chabad?
Do know anyone that hates yeshiva/kollel/learning people more than Chabad?

As long as your not wearing a yarmulka their love is endless.

Anonymous said...

Why do you come and feel the need to go on and on about how everyone is nuts here. If it bothers you so much, please leave. (or at least put some deodorant on).

Hirshel Tzig said...

Twisty, my friend

"hate" is not a word I expected from you...

Miller said...

there is a famous quote from the Yarmer Ruv:

The ones that say that only THEY have Torah are the biggest Ameratzim, Kolel and all.

Anonymous said...


I dont believe that the Brisker Rov said that. Since its a Mitzva of 1 of the taryag Mitzvas and we know from Chazal that mitzva gorreres mitzva

Arthur said...

Because I hate pornography of the mind posted on this blog and you are probably one of the pornographers, so why don't YOU go and peddle your pornography on some other blog where it will be appreciated or better yet take a plunge into your local mikvah.After what you and your ilk write you need it.

Anonymous said...

Lubavitch=The very closest religion to Judaism.

The Tzig is in a self righteous fit!!
So many "haters"
Alas the Goat never,ever looks at himself in the mirror!!!
He attacks an individual, posts his pic,and still wants to get "shishi"!

You lowlife skunk!!
Shaiegtz Araus!

"Ahavas Yisroel"
You wouldn't know what it was even if it slapped your fat self righteous face silly!

Anonymous said...

This stinky Goat is going into Rosh Hashona with many,many merits.
*Caused Jews to attack and hate each other
*Caused Jews to post Loshon hora and rechilus
*Caused Jews to be mevazeh talmidei chachomim (yea, that C.Berlin thread)
And worst for him...
*Caused a Group like Lubavitch, who have done many good deeds to seem like a hateful,messianic bunch of bozos
*Caused his rebbe the ultimate shame of a stinky goat like himself calling himself a follower.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I look in the mirror every morning, often several times a day.

I didn't attack him, moron. I just asked him not to say that he speaks for the community.

Skunk? maybe.

Fat? not really. a bit overweight.

You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Friedlander himself, would you? I'm sorry if I offended you, but you see, you offend me by claiming to be smarter than me and claiming to know how to make me vote for the Obama/Biden team. I resent that.

Now go eat טועמיה

Anonymous said...

Where did he say he "speaks for the community"?
Anyway you Lubabs are part of "your own" community, you have no right to tell him anything,EVEN, if he talked in the name of the Yiddishe community.
Now go and help the mrs a bit.
Bad enough she has to put up with your other meshigassen

Arthur said...

"Shaiegtz Araus!"
First of all learn a little spelling the word is "shaigetz".
I'm not gonna defend Tzig.He can do a better job then I can.I just find it ironic and stupid to tell the owner of this blog to leave.Just goes to show you the moronic IQ of the average "hater" or "lover" if you prefer, posting on this blog.And hey,what do you call yourself an "oihaiv Yisroel"?Ah zein och in vei tzu "Yisroel"

Anonymous said...

"?Ah zein och in vei tzu "Yisroel"
You quibble of a small misspelling on my part while showing your 'mastery' of Yiddish.
You mangled up the saying as only a BT could.

Your MRS already told that posting on blog iz nit gut far der.

Arthur said...

Wow what a day.Either all the "ahavas Yisroelnicks" are really the same nutcase or they freed them all from the asylum today.

Anonymous said...

this guy arthur kricht oif der nerven!!! can someone convince him to do us all a favour and please jump.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...


Maybe 'Hate' was to strong a word. I meant I have issues with Chabad, especially people who think the Rebbe is alive or will have a second coming. I have never concealed that I am a proud Snag. Which has nothing to do with the subject of this post, self appointed machers. Frankly. these guys act the way politicians from the slums do “give me some money and I’ll get all my unsophisticated followers to vote for you”.

Arthur said...

And I will continue to "krich oif der nerven" as long as idiots like yourself continue to post.Oieb ich dergei dir de nerven iz doch gut,mission accomplished.My purpose iz tzu krichen dir ,and others like you,oif di nerven.I just returned from the mikve so I already "jumped".How's about you?
Pray tell how would a "yiddishist" like you seem to think of yourself,phrase it?

Anonymous said...

We've had fun with color war.
Enough for now
Good shabbos all!
We''ll continue the 'war' after shabbos.
Maybe by than, some,myself included will realize that We are all yidden and should try not to get on each others nerves.
I know I''l be able to last as long as Tzig doesn't post his old style garbage, if he does he''ll get as good as he deserves.
(I've been to the Mikva, and had ny customary erev shjabbos beer so I mellow.For now)
Git shabbes alleh yidden!!

Arthur said...

Forgot to mention.My wife approved my blogging after she saw the posts I'm responding to LOL.

miller said...

anonymous 5:02

keep showing your true colors, you only make Lubavitch look better.

Αλέξανδρος said...

Any organized involvement of frum Jews in politics is sickening by definition. We are refugees in this country, until the time comes to go back to ours (yet to be created), with our own government.

David said...

It looks like Arthur babysits this blog around the clock like mother goose. This guy posts like every 30 seconds with the dumbest stuff out there. Kvetching, and krechtzing, and then whining some more. He makes Chasidim look dumb. And Im saying this as a chasid.

Hey arthur, why dont you just open your own blog? This way you can have the stage all to yourself. Over here you just sound like a little kid that just cant shut up for a couple of minutes.

Hirshel Tzig said...


I'm moche on that attack on Arthur. Funny that you found nothing wrong with what Chaim says here. You being a "chasid" and all...

Anonymous said...

Tzig whos Chaim?

Hirshel Tzig said...

if you have no idea who Chaim is then you can't have been here too long, and can't possibly be soooo annoyed by Arthur. Look at the previous thread (post)

Arthur said...

A chosid? My eye.If you're what you claim to be and I "make Chassidim look Dumb" I suggest that you take over and defend Lubavitch against those that try to make it into something it really isn't.
In any case a kesiva vechasima to all even "David the Chosid"

Anonymous said...

Lubavitch inc are the ones that "make Chassidim look Dumb"

Aren't you the guys who decided that the Rebbe was moshiach and continue to claim that "he lives".
Aren't you the guys who allowed their worlwide headquarters to be taken over by yellow flag waving freaks?

What do you want from others if you allow the above behavioue?

Arthur said...

A ksiva vachsima toiva and refuah shleima to you.

Anonymous said...

Again, you attack the 'reporter'
All I said was that Lubavitch THEMSELVES are causing a lot of 'the unwanted attention' that you are busy defending.Do you get it???
Lubavitch's 770 Eastern Pky has been taken over by a bunch of lunatics.
Why am I to 'blame' for pointing it out?
What have you done to eliminate this scourge?
All you do is attack the messenger.
Yeah,no we are going to get the standard apologetic "they always hated us" "200 years ago they massered" blah, blah
I hate 'victims', the false victim syndrome.If you act like meshugoim you''ll be called on it.If you turn Lubavitch into a cult of one personality you''ll be called on it.
Now go to 770 and tell the goons to behave or else.....

Proud Boro Parker said...

I don't why you have Taanos against someone who is trying to earn a honest day's living as opposed to all the others who just sit and live off the fat of the land!!!!

I personally know Ezra for many many years and he runs an excellent operation and is not just a run of the mill PR firm because he has a bunch of keys like you say....

He has some pretty serious clients who would not just come to a hocker with keys!!!

Next time you have a stomach ache don't just take it out on someone that you don't even know....

Ezra We all LOVE you and appreciate what you do for our community.

Hirshel Tzig said...


do tell, what has he done for the community?

(btw, what are you sooo proud of??)

Anonymous said...

The skunk is vayter starting up?
About pride:What are you, fat Lubaab so proud of??
You''ll live your pathetic life and do nothing and are bothered by a decent fellow that you don't know.
Farbisseneh imfarginer.
Chabskers zennen schlecteh mentschen, motso min ess minoi.

Arthur said...

I'm not going to try to answer the same garbage that you and the so called ohavei Yisroel have rehashed over and over.Yes there are goons in 770 and we are slowly but surely dealing with them not because of threats from the haters like you but for ourselves and our children.Believe me we know much better then you do that we have problems, just like all factions in Yiddishkiet do.(Oh but I forgot were not really Yidden. Were "the the closest religion to Judiasim")
Just get a grip of yourself and difficult as it is try to hold of with the calumnies at least until after Rosh Hashono

Hirshel Tzig said...

I see that frum "PR" firms like the word "skunk." I was not aware that you people work Sundays too! how devoted...

Anonymous said...

What is about Lubavitchers that makes them such bitter, cynical bastards?
Go and put teffilin on another goy, go scream yechi a million times
Go preach the rest of your crap......
To goyim!

Hirshel Tzig said...

Folks, they're coming out of the woodwork, trying to chap arein some "mitzvos" before the HHD.

G-d loves it.

Anonymous said...

Now the skunk is worried about 'yom hadin'
Everything he does 'iz nor far Gutts veigen'.As if.

Arthur said...

You must be be a masochist.Why do post the ravings of these ohavei Yishmoel?

Anonymous said...


Yasher koiach, Tzig. Your site has now officially made it into my block file. Thank you for standing up for the kovod of Lubavitch (as if we ever needed you to do that) by bashing all and sundry.

One day Friedlander might be your employer.

Hirshel Tzig said...

no, masochist. I just thought I need to in order to keep an open flow of ideas going on here. But it's gonna stop. It HAS Stopped as of a few minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

The skunk has apparently realized that if skunks are allowed to attack people unprovoked, they'd better be able to take the heat!!
"Yom hadin"
When you attacked Freidlander were you thinking of "yom hadin"?
That's why I call you a skunk!
You preach unto others what you yourself don't do!

Hey, there, btw.
Another skunky thing you've done is accused me of being Friedlander or his p.r guy.In actuality I met him about ten years ago and have never met or spoken to him since.I remember him as being a decent fellow.What you are unable to 'chap' is that someone should be angered by an unprovoked attack on a person they basically don't know and still feel the terrible 'avlah' of it!
You see that's basic mentlichkait.
You and might I say, your fellow Lubabs do not possess basic 'mentlichkait'.Usually, there are some minor exceptions.You are not one of them

Hirshel Tzig said...

you seemingly are incapable of reading a sentence coherently, so out of the goodness of my big heart I'll say it again.


That should make it clear even to a pea brain like yourself. Now go and find another blog to smell up. Your time here is up.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so let's post what you copied from Vousiznaes

{""US Senator Joe Biden who is the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate recently met privately with Ezra Friedlander and Simcha Eichenstein of The Friedlander Group, to discuss how the Jewish community feels about the Obama--Biden ticket and how they can reach out to the Orthodox Jewish electorate in key swing states including Florida."

What I see is that Biden had reached out to the Friedlander group for CONSULTATION.He wants to understand what the Orthodox thinks about his ticket.
That is what Freidlander does for a living!!!
Is he not allowed to consultpoliticians just because a grubbeh yung like yourself does not like it?
Where do you see him talking for anybody?

Now to what you implied about him: That he was an empty shvitzer, macher
The reality is that he is not a johny-come-lately.He has worked with politicians and the media for many years

ezri mein Hashem said...

Why didn't Rubashkin hire the FriedlanderChanifaPR group? Why did they hire a Gerer like Lubinsky? Ezra could have been busy chanfening all the polticians from Iowa to DC to NY.Oy, what a missed opportunity. Banshak Hungarian chanifa is the way to go,all other companies take note.
P.S. Maybe it's still not too late for Rubashkin to hire Ezra.
PPS Why not link to

Long Beach Chasid said...

I cant believe I am reading these posts from Erev Rosh Hashanah.

Hashem doesnt judge us for the posts we put up on the internet?

So All the Anonymous people think they are so sneaky by postings this disgust thinking no one will know.


I pray for all our souls.

This is a reason why the story goes:

"All the kings of the nations are in the court room on Rosh Hashanah waiting to be judged and Moshiach comes in and asks if he came come down to Earth to redeem us. The Judge says no and Moshiach is laughed, mocked, and spat at right out of the court room in Embarrassment.

You embarrass Moshaich, Hashem, and us as Jews everytime you post your anonymous hate and everytime someone reads this.

And the owner of the blog. You are guilty as well.

This is why all the other Chassidic Rebbes forbade the internet except Chabad.

Because it gives you the safety of violating dozens of commandments without leaving your comfy chair and you still haven't looked at pornography yet Chas V'Shalom.

Arthur said...

Anonymous 4:17
I don't think you you should blame Tzig for all the avles you attribute to him.
As a Lubavitcher I can testify to the act that we are attacked for the very fact that we are Lubavitcher.Even those of us who are not meshchistin or do not "pray to the Rebbis picture" or any of the outlandish and rediculous iniquities we are accused of.Tzig cetainly does not deserve to be called the derogetory names by the very same people who villify Chabad on this blog site and others.As to tzig vilifying others He is no worse then moderators of other blogs.By it's very nature blogs are essentially platforms for vilification. Thats why most people who post are "anonymous" so give the guy a break.He means well.

Dovid said...

My younger brother attends a Litvish yeshiva. The bochurim greatly admire their rebbeim. Many have photos of rebbeim in their dorm rooms. This surely cannot have escaped the attention of others, but I assume that the Yeshivish are not so popular a target as the Chabadniks.