Monday, September 1, 2008

Blow It Loud

Like Reb Moshe Edrei does.

You people here tell me that I don't have the fear of G-d in me, that I mock and poke fun, and that I'll pay for my terrible cations one day. Let the sounding of the ram's horn - albeit recorded - prove you all wrong.

Moshe is of Moroccan descent, yet he looks and blows like a Lubavitcher Chossid from Nevel. Well, almost, that Shevorim was a bit shvach. He was educated in Lubavitcher Yeshivos in Israel just like hundreds and thousands of others who found most other Ashkenazic Mosdos closed for them. I guess some of you might say that they robbed him of his heritage and made him become a bland Lubavitcher, one of the masses, right? Just like the old Soviet Union where all people were moved around the Union and were forced to speak Russian and often made to forget the language and culture of their people, right? What an awful group of people those Lubavitchers are... But before you agree remember this: At least they didn't make them wear the Hungarian hats that the Satmarer put on their Teimener converts. The fedora is something that all Sefardim adopted in Israel, the tsholent tup is not. Also, Sefardic culture thrives in Chabad centers in Israel and abroad, with Sefardic minyanim and Selichos from Rosh Chodesh Elul onward. There's even a Baba Sali Hillula, as well as one for the Or haChaim HaKodosh.


Anonymous said...

YES, Mr Tzig
I quote you: "I'll pay for my terrible cations (try actions?) one day."
YES, you did. Not just in Olam HaBa, in Olam HaZe already...
Do you really think this blog of yours is bringing any Kavod Shamayim?

schneur said...

Tzig bemechillas kevodchem -ihr dreyt a kop. The whole Chinuch Atzmoi system started, staffed and funded by Ashkenazim until the late 1980's was basically designed to educate Sefardic kids.Reb Moshe Porush was a pioneer in educating Sefardic children.
The Kluizenberger Talmud Tore and yeshiva in Netanya also educated teimanim and other Sefardim.
The Mizrachi school system bechol anafeoh always admitted qualified sefardim and the mamlachti dati system was probably overwhelmingly Sefardicsince 1948
If you have taanos it whould be to your heimishe folks at Ger, Belz, Vishnitz, Toldos aren etc who decided to preserve their heritage 100% which is also a legitimate consideration.
Again Lubavitch is put forth as the only zochor in Moskeva as my late father would say. In fact there were more than 1 group educating our Sefardic brethern.
Veho Raaya Shaas, where did all these Sefardic Bnai Torah come from Porath Yosef ? , Tomchei Tmimmim, ? nope many Ashkenazi yeshivoth had many sefrdic talmidim going back many years (especially Ponoviesz as a good part of the Sefardic Bnai Tora regard "that man" as their spiritual giant" on par with YIBLACH Chacham Ovadya shlita.and by the late 1980's they coalesced and desired to take their destiny in their own hands.
By the way is there a Sefardic leader in Aguch or Zaguch in Israel ? Does Kfar Chabad have a sefardic rav ? Is there a sefrdic ram in Tomche Tmimmim in Lud how about Toras emes ?
Is the paris rav of Chabad a Sefardi, ? Were the shluchim to North africa Sefardim ?
Me thinks Sefardim in Political Chabad have a long struggle ahead of them for a piece of the action.

Hirshel Tzig said...


במחילת כבודכם you see what you want and where you want it. You make assumptions about what I meant that are totally unbecoming of an intelligent person like yourself.

Besides, it's not me who says this, it's people like Reb Yisroel Grossman, zt"l. But whatever, comparing Chabad to Chinuch Atzmai is silly.

Long Beach Chasid said...

Someone who knows you asked me if I post on your blog and I thought for a moment I was about to meet you in the flesh. Your whole blog consists of critcizing and exposing every aspect of Judaism and how it doesnt meet the quality standards that Chabad Lubavitch brings to the world. This is followed by a post where you try so very hard to prove to everyone how great Chabad Lubavitch is and how much they do for the world. I don't want to argue, for this is my opinion and I respect that you will most likely disagree.

There is a lot of Good left in Judaism but there is also a lot of bad and that goes for every Jew of every sect. Chabad AND all the other groups you speak about.

What are you trying to bring into the world? Do you think Hashem would be proud of this blog if you were standing at the gates of Shamayim?

Why don't you write blogs about how you interpret the great Chassidus that comes from Lubavitch? Or the positive things you and people in your community are accomplishing for Klal Yisroel?

Is this blog just about getting comments, and being the popular blog that everyone talks about between their Lashon Horah and mouthfuls of tsholnt?

Im sure that there is more to Judaism than all this. However there is really no point to my post because you wont heed my advice and who am I to expect people to heed my advice in the first place.

I will end with one point that everyone can agree with.

The Shofar Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur will forgive all your transgressions against our King of Kings HaKodesh Barachu. True. However he wont forgive all of the transgressions that you commmit against your fellow man. It is UP to you and me and ALL of us to seek out the ones we have wronged and ask for their forgiveness. The internet causes great pain when you harm Jews. It travels faster than the gossip from Lubavitch to Satmar. Fiber optics beats the Horse and Wagon.

Good luck to the both of us.

Anonymous said...

what a great religion you are marketing!

Anonymous said...

"There's even a Baba Sali Hillula, as well as one for the Or haChaim HaKodosh"

and you think the "nevler's like that?!

- Nevler

Anonymous said...

One question.

If chabad is so into letting other yidden keep their heritage and culture, why did they go to Uman and try to take people away from the , and into their "tehilas hashem" minyan, telling them they will get better food etc....

Chabad can't stand that Breslov is doing better after 200 years without a Rebbe than the non-shluchium of chabad who no longer have a rebbe or purpose. Unless you are on shlichus, chabad = fray or at best modern orthodox.

So much for criticising Satmar, Bobov, Get, Vishnits etc... it is all a distraction for chabad not having any direction and dealing with low self esteem by criticising others to justify why most chabad youth are going off....

The Rebbe Shlita left no succession plan.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Long Beach:
you said "Your whole blog consists of critcizing and exposing every aspect of Judaism and how it doesnt meet the quality standards that Chabad Lubavitch brings to the world."

I resent that comment. It may be part of what I do, but it sure as heck is not the only thing. Take the time to go back and read more of what I wrote in the past.

Hirshel Tzig said...

Mr. anonymous Breslov

are you under the influence right now? Maybe some pure Jamaican weed? Too much for you? Next time take moderated quantities, your puny brain doesn't seem to be able to handle it.

Long Beach Chasid said...

Out of my whole entire comment that is the part you quote, resent, and respond to?

I would have rather had you ignore my post all together.

Like I said, it was obvious you would disagree and I respect that.

I wish you would have taken the time to respond to the rest.

Hirshel Tzig said...


with content I do what I can, what time allows. I'm a busy man, I wouldn't bother responding to most people, to you I did. Take that as a compliment.

Long Beach Chasid said...

A compliment. My purpose of the post was not to get a response from you at all so its sad that was the response I received. I guess I should be honored that I got two responses then.

I will also take your lack of response to the bulk of my comment as agreeing with me but alas you lack the self control to stop posting only negative.

Even your comments on posts are negative such as the comment you left on ASJ's skever suldikov photo post.

You are a negative nancy.

Hirshel Tzig said...

not negative, just realistic and cynical. I've been around the racket long enough, you're still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when it comes to Rebbes. Good for you.

Long Beach Chasid said...

I guess an elder chasid could say the same thing about your attitude, words, and actions.

Its all a one up game to you. Well i shouldn't let myself play into your game.

I know where I'm at and Hashem does and that's all that matters.

I guess I should blush for getting a third comment out of you so quickly.

iy"H there isn't a fourth.

Hatlacha Holy Brother.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I KNOW THE Sudilkover Rebbe from when he was a bachur, so I take the liberty to comment. I also introduced ASJ to him, so I took some liberties. As far as the Skver comment goes; I advise you to dig a bit deeper into the last 20 years in Skver and the changes that were made there.

You might even get a 5th and 6th comment...

Lots of luck to you holy brother.


Anonymous said...

I see lots of criticism of the "Breslov" post but no answer.

Same reason as R' Mendel Vechter and Pinchas Korf were beaten mercilessly. So if we can't beat them, lets fight them and go for their kids.

No reason to make it a fair fight. If Satmar put a teacher in Chabad cheider with bachrim at an impressionable age....the Rebbe would send out the same thugs who beat Rebbetzin Gurary.....

Oh thats right they did it by themselves.....

Many go to chabad to convinve themselves that they can fray out and learn "moshiach's torah/chassidus" and it will be o.k.

What a cop out !

Chabad can't stand other forms of yiddishkeit doing better than their "we learn chasidus so we can be modern orthodox".

Thats right, Chabad take away learning (who knows how much chasidus the average baalabos learns anyway) and Chabad is frum light at best, other than the R' Yoel Kahn and others they list to justify the poor shmiras hamitzves we see in Crown Heights...

Why not show why you are better rather than criticise.

When you want to chabad is one of the easiest targets out there....

Avremele said...

Hirshel, you're welcome to come to Monroe anytime. In the basement of the Beis Medrash Hagudol, there's a sefardi Beis medrash. They keep ALL the sefardi minhagim. Slichos from Rosh Chodesh, Vasikin, etc.

schneur said...

Comparing Chabd to chinuch atzmoi is silly.
Do you know the history of the reshes Ohalei Yosef Yitzchok and how the rebbe affilaited his school system with the Mizrachi reshes rather than with chinuch atzmoi, and how much pain this caused almost all the gedolei Yisroel in Eretz israel.
The Ohali Yosef Yitzchok was to compete with Chinuch Atzmoi albeit on a much smaller level, but even in those days thanks to the Zaddik Nister Chabad received much needed funds from the Israeli government.
Let me put the propoganda aside for a minute, this is what I am saying , Chabad did a lot for the Sefardic children , but so did other groups.
Its just as in the US Chabad did much in outreach and maybe was even the pioneer (with the exception of people like Rabbis London) but since the early 1970;s they are no longer alone. Its true in almost all activities.

schneur said...

As far as Rabbi Grossman goes I presume you refer to the late rosh of Chaii Olam etc , I recall reading that he was not happy with his son going to Migdal Hoemek, and certainly opposed his assuming the mantle of chief rabbi of Israel through which he could have accomplished so much in terms of kiruv etc.
So I am confused.

Anonymous said...

אף יידיש קענט איר שרייבן? זיכער אז ניט. פרעגט זאך פאר ואס? וייל איר זייט ציגן