Wednesday, April 8, 2009

חג הפסח כשר ושמח

Enjoy your Yom Tov. We'll talk on Chol HaMeyed, iy"h.


Anonymous said...

nu? its chol hamoed.

Maybe A Litvak said...

it is well known that all of the preperations for the geulah was done bi'hester; sometimes it looked like a chet in order for it to fool the... Tamar and Rus, where Malchus Beis Dovid decended from.
Upon leaving Mitzrayim, we traveled a derech that seemed to lead to the sea and had ostensibly disastorous consequences. Also, we camped adjacant to the most prominent Avodah Zarah that was left in the world.
This should dispel any questions one has about Chabad and the small and insignificant Meshichist minority in its midst and many other questions and doubts that nage the non believers.

Anonymous said...

Is the tzig out of material?! Its Chol Hamoad and we all need a bit of a break from the zoo, rides, etc.

anon3 said...

You said on a previous series of posts.
"My point was that you are comparing the words of someone who is a laymen, albeit a very respectable one, vis a vis a Rosh Yeshiva (who also was in Shangcahy, etc)."
Were not talking lomdus here.Were talking about whether there were shinanigins going on in the distribution of vaad hatzolah moneys.On the contrary. I would think that that the roshei hayishiva and other formidible lomdim sheToireh umnosom, who in Shangchai were perhaps ois getun fin velt and immersed in their learning and davening ,were unaware of money matters.Of course the only exception would have been the Shangchaier Rov,Rav Ashkenazi ZT"L who was responsible for the distribution of the moneys.On the other hand the "laymen" such as Lubavitcher bochurim ,of which Reb Shimon Goldman was one, were completely aware of the fact that they were being short changed.
My father A"H told me that as a young man in Poland he remembered a visit of the previous Belzer Rebbe ZT"L to Lodz.When the Rebbe was given a tour of the city he was shown a knitting factory.Being azoi ois geton fun velt the Rebbi exclaimed "vos darf men dos altz hobben?" not out of ignorance but because he was, as my father called him, a "Himmel Yid" who could not perceive anything other then ruchnius.

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

Question: Why do people here type shangchay and shangchai or other mutilations of Shanghai? It is a Chinese city, neither a yiddish word nor a kosher restaurant.

Maybe A Litvak said...

I am writing this, on Chol Hamoed, because it pertains to Kvod Shamoyim

Remember that R'Chaim was instrumental in orchestrating the entire escape to ShanChay.
(Their escape was a nes biderech hatevah, meaning, it was circumstantially- totality of the circumstances- biderech nes, like Purim vis a vis the Belzer Rebbe who escaped Boyfen Nes, limayleh miderech hateveh, with the generals on the horses)

The talimidm of R' Yeruchem were very shrewd in understanding people and situations. They couldn't be upginahred. (Bifrat, many also spent years in Brisk by the Rov and had 'training' in taytching up situations. Years later, Maran spent countless hours with the Rov, even travelling there overnight when he was bothered by a shvereh Rambam and he couldn't sleep- R' Lazer shluft nisht ahf a shvereh Rambam, like the Rov said- Maran was privy to close door sessions in the end of the Rov's life where even R' Berel wasn't allowed in. Legend has it that the Rov was instructing Maran vee tzu feeren Klal Yisroel and how to deal with future problems that seemed lurking by some people
I degress
You have to give me more details of the Chabad version of events, in order for us to compare it with the version of Litvaks.
It seems to me, (and I am no Maran and I never was zoycheh to drey zich by the Rov or to have the Rov, who measured every written word with a cheshbon, kiyuhduah,)
it seems to me that you have a personal interest in this debacle, for you are heavely emotionaly invested in this.
If our version is correct, you must proclaim, that you didn't understand what that person (other version was saying) even though it was clear what he meant. V'dal.

Maybe A Litvak said...

I must take the task
to have to ask
Why did you omit
my beautiful obit

I did not berate
nor did I spread hate
words of truth I did spew
about the actions of a few

How it 'grishes', some of the hock
about the pigeon on the rock
sensations can be flaired
our nation is compaired

Who said something about a gilgul of Emma Lazures?

Maybe A Litvak said...

For the sake of historical accurracy: I was referring to the Rav's written words about Maran that he is from dey Gedaylim
Tzig- you should be gebentched

Maybe A Litvak said...

anon the third

Do you know anything about the 'Balitamore heter' regarding microphones on Shabbos

Anon3 said...

According to the Lubavitcher Shanghier that I have spoken to and according to the autobiography Reb Shimon Goldman wrote, when money would arrive from the Vad Hatzolah the envelopes clearly stated "nisht fhar Chabad".Reb Shimon however writes the following caveat and heres where the confusion begins.The Rebbe RAYAT"Z started a separate kupah for the Lubavitcher bochurim.The question that he raises is did this come about because of the above named envelopes or because of the special kupah the Lubavitcher contingent was denied Vad Hatolah moneys.
"Do you know anything about the 'Balitamore heter' regarding microphones on Shabbos?"
I have no idea what you're referring to.

Maybe A Litvak said...

anon the Third

One version I heard was that it was response to the fact that Chabad had their own money.
Who funded all the thousands in Shangchay and whose responsibility was it?