Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No. I'm not in Meron

Not that I was never there. I was. In 5753. And I think it was enough for my lifetime. All I remember is that after half an hour of dancing Bar Yochai and Omar Rabbi Akiva and davening Shacharis I was ready to go home. It was hot like Gehenom. There's only so much fruit punch you can drink. The carnival-like atmosphere didn't come from Chabad or from Brelslov, it came from the booths selling everything from Tzion Golan tapes to Michael Jordan t-shirts. Then there was no "derech MeHadrin."


lamdan said...

why, you rhink r shimon didnt die either?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

!טאקע א למדן

zum said...

Lubab only go to Miron to try and "chap" other people to their group.
In Lubab it's "Ein Od Milvado".No, not who you think.It's the Rebbe.
They don't go anywhere unless Lubab get mileage out of going there

Anonymous said...

Why would a lube want to be part of other frum jews.
Noone removed them. They removed themselves.

Isaac Balbin said...

Zum, perhaps you'll explain to me why chassidim in Shanghai went and sat with people who were dying from starvation and/or illness? I was told by a 99 year old ex-shanghian that only Chabad did this. In his words, those in the Mirrer Yeshivah were more interested in wearing the finest suits.

Surely it's an exaggeration to conclude that it's only if they can convert you to chabad chassidus that they come to you?

Farfrimpte Maskil said...

Over on DB there's a move to declare a hilula for R' Yehuda hanasi. Takeh it would be interesting to see what people who care more about Torah than they do have to say about this.

Anonymous said...

I was in Meron for LagBeomer in 5750 and then again in 5767. It was so beautiful and serene, or beautifully serene then in 5750, with all the Sefardishe tents and sheep slaughtering that was going. It was completely unlike the shameless carnival and circus atmosphere of today, which is mainly the work of the NaNachs and Lubavitch. It is a shame that a group of people can just come and do waht they please, use the most powerful loudspeakers, create the biggest commotion, and just be a general nuisance, disrupting the seriousness and kedusha of the place and event. I have NaNach and Lubavitch to thank for not going again.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

You have your own hangups to thank.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 12:38 - Just a correction. I meannt to say notwithstanding the sheep and goat stuff. It was done in a aidele way, and it was a part of an ehrliche tradition

zum said...

Zum, perhaps you'll explain to me why chassidim in Shanghai went and sat with people who were dying from starvation and/or illness? I was told by a 99 year old ex-shanghian that only Chabad did this. In his words, those in the Mirrer Yeshivah were more interested in wearing the finest suits.

Allow me not to take your comment very seriously.
Unless you want me to take the words of an anonymous 100 year old man as the gospel.Especially the part those in the Mirrer Yeshiva were more interested in wearing the finest suits.Yeah.
Wonder what credentials you need in the university you teach in.Does not sound that logic is high on their priority list

zum said...

Your "hangup" is Lubab.Explains everything.

zum said...

While you are at it,Tzig, care to explain why Lubab are showing videos of the Rebbe in Miron or Boro Park for that matter?
Wonder what would happen if I tried to show other videos at the "Heiligeh" Simchas beis hashoeiva in Crown Heights.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

what kind of other videos?

bpunbound said...

"It is a shame that a group of people can just come and do waht they please, use the most powerful loudspeakers, create the biggest commotion, and just be a general nuisance, "

Sounds like 16th Ave on Monday night, what a circus! Since when did Stolin 'discover' Lag Bi'omer that they need to shut a major thoroughfare for the night and give a venue for every bored bocher in town to let out his frustrations. If their BM is large enough for Simchos Beis Hashoeva, then why not Lag Bi'Omer?

Whoever got inspired, would have gotten inspired if was indoors. The carnival atmosphere only inpires the 'lunatics', which have now made it a yearly ritual to start mini riots on 46 street after the event.

And yes, as zum reports, it drew in the 2 dopes from CH (Fremder) that set up shop a block away, complete with mini-video machine.

PS- I won't even bother bringing up 'Der Kollel' event, that was Stam a joke.

bpunbound said...

Oh forgot,

Those looking for more lasting inspiration filled Beis Menachem to capacity.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so apologetic about the carnival-like atmosphere? Yea right, the r'Arelech did it

Anonymous said...

you got talent! bar yochai, omar rebbi akiva AND shachris, all in a half hour!
chabad sure taught you something...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

no, you yo-yo

I was there all night

zum said...

When I knew you (before the conversion)your logic worked a lot better.
Where did you expect Stolin to light a fire, in the Bais Medrash??
Of course they had to close the street!

bpunbound said...

Chuchum (AKA zum),

If your interested (which your not), I'll take you by the hand to places that have been making Hadlokos INDOORS since BEFORE THERE WAS A STOLINER BM in BP.

No prob w/hadloko indoors, except if you're of the mind that the Eibishter won't get the picture unless you use enough combustive to power the space shuttle.

SO that Stolin Hat Antplekt Amerika and decided to be the NY Reps for Bar Yochai Inc. does not impress me in the least. What does get my goat is when you create a public nusance and don't take resposibility for it.

I'll repeat it so you can understand...Nice ritual, can and has been done indoors, if u can do SBH indoors u can do Hadloko there also, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that moving it outdoors had a 'nice feel to it' for someone, but the event is gettin' out of hand.

Intersting that the SBH done on
13th ave doesn't draw the same Shpiel-aray and Shlug-aray evident on 16th ave the last few years on Lag Bi'omer.

Oh, and zum, you never KNEW me.

Your loss.

Anonymous said...

Zum vekat Dilieh
The biggest Mechutunim with Rashbi are the Chabadniks that are trying to teach the world Penimius hatorah 24/7 365
unfortunatly the Zidichiov Spinke Komarnaer are into estate war grabs 24/7 with no idea what there original idea was.
You and your partners in evil will say its not kabala, its Chabad, then let Spinka etc.. sell Zidichoiv but not kugel with flamboyant begodim that are on the verge of Loi Silbash

Anonymous said...

There are some strong words from the Rebiem of Karlin on Rashbi that Rashbi Lekoil

Anonymous said...


Shutting down Eastern Pkwy for the parade is ok?

Kingston Ave EVERY NIGHT on sukkos is ok?

Koheina v'koheina

Maybe A Litvak said...

Was there a large crowd this year due to the current financial situation?

Maybe A Litvak said...

Don't intend to bellitle
was there in Nun Gimel

too much hisoyreris
or rather, hoylelis

drinking the ruttle times Chay
dancing, singing, Bar Yoychay

after a half hour
evening got sour

and without making a fuss
boarded the non mehadrin bus

Maybe A Litvak said...

I guess the meynoys hachocmuh were closed and I can't find the link between Chabad and this weeks parsha. I guess I must resort to poetry. Pass the kleanex

Make an inspection
Time for introspection
Internal reflections

Internal inspection
Called introspection
Deep reflections
Should cause inflection
Of the current direction

Effect of these thoughts
Makes the face taut
Should always be wrought
Fights that were fought
Strife that was sought

There is no gain
From acting in vain
Causing others pain
Oh’ son insane
Only ourselves to blame

Anonymous said...

what a self hating jew? or chabad turns you beserk?

Anonymous said...

Reb Shimon didn't die he resided in the body of the Raskebhag Avi Ezri
(according to his greatest talmid Reb Mordechai Gross)

Anonymous said...

I don't get your point. I just got back from meron. I'm a first-timer so I don't know what happened in 5750. I walked both ways, mehadrin and regular jewish, and found it very well organized. The police stopped the shechting due to kashrus and sanitation issues. The noise from the na nachs and yechis was loud, but adding all the other noises and megaphones every 20 feet, they were not overpowering. On the mehadrin route, they gotta get rid of the booths and shnorrers that squeezed the walkway to 3 feet for passing. I checked out the Boyaner (night) and the Rachamstrivke (afternoon) hadlokas and they were both very spiritually uplifting, even for a cynical lubab like me.
I think everyone should try it at least once, and then comment.

bpunbound said...

Anon Wednesday, May 13, 2009 9:34:00 PM,

I wasn't going that way at all. But you entitled to your opinion.

Anon Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:25:00 PM,

You misread me, I didn't have a problem closing 16 Ave, for something productive, which, up until a few years ago I believe it was. But at this point it's strictly yotzo schoro behefseida.

Maybe they can bring in some of the sadronim from Miron, if reports are reliable that there has been major tikunim there.

As far as SBH on Kingston Ave, you'll get no argument from me, major Bizyonos...Nit Das Hat Der Rebbe Gemeint.

The parade, on the other hand, is very orderly and well maintained. Always has been, that's because JJ was a Gilitzianer and took no guff from anybody. (discalimer: Haven't been there last couple of years)

Pupener said...

Nebach nebach.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

nebach on what/whom. Pupener?