Sunday, June 7, 2009

A printer's mistake ------

Yechi Adoneynee Tzaddik Doreynee

----- At the expense of these Temimus'dike kids. I mean the idea of making him "Rabbon VaAvihen Shel Yahadus Russia" seems like a טעות הדפוס to me. I can understand that some well-meaning Satmarer chossid saw this as a way of promoting his Rebbe, but did he think about what he was putting him through? Did he not know the SR's shittoh when it came to Kiruv? This "coronation" would be akin to calling the CI Rabbon VeAvihen shel Yahadus Teiman," or the BR Rabbon VeAvihen shel Yotzei Iran." Even that would not be too much, considering their work on behalf of those Jews. From what I understand, it seems like Beer HaGolah, the Mosad that claims to rescue Russian Jewry but has no proof to back up their claim, has apparently placed a Satmarer Chosid at the helm and this is the result. Why do I attack a school that once had Rav Yakov Kamenecki at its helm? Very simple. This has nothing to do with RYK. The fact remains that most of the BH kids go on to public school and leave their Yiddishkeit completely behind, smiling kids pictured here not withstanding. (You might say that if that was NOT the case there would be no need for Nechomas Yisroel, who also "saves Russian Jewry.")

Students of Beer HaGolah schools in Brooklyn

I guess we should be happy that it wasn't one of the present-day Rebbes that they proclaimed as RVSYR. That would be too much to bear. אויב שוין יא זאל זיין די סאטמאר רב, and not anyone else. However, I may still be surprised here after all. Some guy will come along here and tell me stories about how thousands of Russian Jews were helped with money from Satmarer Mosdos, and how the Satmar Bikur Cholim saved hundreds of Russian Jewish lives. How, just like the Sefardishe Satmare Kehillah in Argentina, there are large Jewish Satmarer Kehillos of Russian Jews in Monsey, Monroe and even Williamsburg. How even Beer HaGolah was supported by the SR and his devoted Chassidim by raising millions of dollars clandestinely so that nobody should know that Satmar supports Kiruv. Maybe. OK, fine. That's not the point here. In the future I would tell the one thinking up these signs to stick to the more generic Rabbon Shel Kol Bnei HaGolah, a softer, more accepted title that also has recently lost its meaning and significance due to abuse by some groups. In the interest of full disclosure I would also deem it inappropriate if the Rebbe were dubbed "Raaban Shel Yahadut Sefarad." Despite the Rebbe's efforts and accomplishments, very often more than any other Sefardic Rav.

And then there's the whole MeKabel Shvi'i thing....


avakesh said...

Rav Tov did do a lot of work with Russian immigrants.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Yes, we know.

Ner Yisroel said...

No mention of my yeshiva who participated in smuggling Jews out of Iran to avoid the draft, giving them a yeshiva education and then teaching them a trade (college)?

We don't advertise.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

there was no mention of ANY Yeshiva or group that DID. The CI and BR was only to make a point.

Sure looks like you're advertising here and now...

Ner Yisroel said...

Mayn Tayarh leiber tzig

Of course I was advertising. I wasn't sure if you and others are aware of that. OK?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

sure I know! my Dentist was one of those. His parents are still there.

Ner Yisroel said...

Did he give you Novocaine or Tylenol PM?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

he said think about Baltimore and Ner Izzy and all the pain will go away....

Ner Yisroel said...

you are funny

Ner Yisroel said...


Think for a second

Do you really think a Harry/Ner Israel Rabbinical College/John Hopkins, bikiyus learnig, American, no sechel, dull, no personality, etc

Would he like your blog and contribute so frequently

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

?אלא מאי

Ner Yisroel said...

Point: you think I am really a Ner Izzy?

Not Brisk said...

Remember why the Chazon Ish abolished Yiddish from Bney Brak. (Anybody with a white beard still speaks yiddish)

Where did I read the story that they wanted to boy oys a shtut somewhere far out and the Chazon Ish insisted on Yiddish; he said Bney Brak doesn't need it, but they do.

לשבת את האיש said...

אַז מ´קאָן זיין ירושלימער רב און ניט איבערטרעטן די שװעל פֿון די מדינה
אַז מ´קאָן זײַן רבן של כל בני הגולה בשעת מ´האָט קױם אַ שליטא אױפן חלק התחתון של יוצאי בני הגר

קאָן מען אױך זײַן רב און נשיא איבער גאַנץ ראַטן פֿאַרבאַנד ומצודתו פרוסה עד בּיראָבידזאַן, יעהוּפּיץ, בּױבּעריק והגלילות
װי לאַנג ס´נאָר אױף פּאַפּיר קאָן ער זײַן מושל בכיפה כאלכסנדר מוקדון הײַנט צו טאָגס, ואין פּוצה פּה ומצפצף

Anonymous said...


ביסט אַ באַוואוסטער שונא סאַטמאַר און דיינע באַמערקןנגען זענען גאָר קיין חידוש.

האָסטו אַמאָל געהערט פונעם אויסדרוק "נשיא דורנו"? ס'איז בלויז אַן ענליכע מטבע צו רשכבה"ג.

מיר זענען ביידע פונעם איצטיגן דור, ווער איז דער רשכבה"ג און ווער איז דער נשיא הדור?

Friendly anonymous said...

A side question: does adulation that a person receives after death in this world diminish from his schar in gan eiden? (we know that the converse is true).

If so, is this really so beneficial for the niftar?

friendly anonymous said...

And if it's not about the niftar, but rather about which of "us" is more choshuv (via the reflected glory of having a greater Rebbe than our friends), then why not leave the niftar out of the discussion completely? otherwise, it's ze nehene (us) v'zer choser (the niftar)

Anonymous said...

who is the satmar chusid in be'er hagolah?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

dunno his name.

anti satmar(mostly aronim) said...

לשבת את האיש
You are a reall wannabe oberchacham/maskil
the SR was a real רבן של כל בני הגולה
the gedolim of every krais (almost)
were in awe of the man and gave him the utmost respect

Sherlock said...

"the gedolim of every krais (almost)
were in awe of the man and gave him the utmost respect"

that should read:

everybody was scared witless to say nary a cross word, lest they reap the same 'rewards' as Klausenberger Rav, Belzer Rav, Lubavitcher Rebbe etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I think you unfairly portray BH graduates. even the ones who "go on to public school" don't for the most part leave yiddishkeit behind. I would like to know your factual basis for those statistics. I can only speak from anecdotal experiences, specifically, my wife's cousins who all went on to mainstream in the chasidishe velt, and had no problems with shidichim.

Anonymous said...

Anti Satmar,
if they were in awe they would all be in line to accept his nu religion call"the Shito"

anti satmar(mostly aronim) said...

take a look in uvdos vehanhagos lbais brisk and see what the bisker rav said about the SR

Anonymous said...

"Anti Satmar,
if they were in awe they would all be in line to accept his nu religion call"the Shito" "

How about the "nu" religion called "yechi"

Y said...

somebody Perlmutter,
a nadven, is the one behind the sings, I think
and somebody else the menahel
one thing

satmar rav was very very active in the 60s to help soviet Jewry but only those who were trapped in Carpathian Ukraine,
his own people, in what was once Hungary/Romania

but to call him as rav of all Russian Jews is crazy

every year he sent 1000s of lbs of matzos to Munkatch etc things like that

so it's not a total lie but close

‫יעדער ליגענט האט א טראפ עמעס‬

BTW Rav Tov is one of the biggest frauds in Jewish history
the only objective they had is to prevent them from going to the Zionist state
and for that they brought them to the US and most of them assimilated or are on the way
but virtually every oleh who ends up in Israel has a great chance eventually finding his/her way back to yiddishkiet
it's a long talk
but in the V'yoel moshe
he complains bitterly on the Agudah moetzes
that they invited the Hungarians of 1956 to come to Israel when they ended up by the Tziyonim,
which is also a small lie.
But anyways, all those who came to America and were'nt frum are long lost to the Jewish people,
as are the Moroccans who went to Canada and France
but in Israel most Moroccans are frum today.
how weird and false his whole edifice

Not Brisk said...


The Rov met R' Yoel once by the Ehrlingers and he told him that we see eye to eye on 97% of issues.

dovy said...

I'm not sure if you are really ignorant about what happened to the sfardi immigrants to the zionist entity or you are just bitter and naive simultaniously.
Either way, zai gezunt

Y said...


I'm older than your father. I know EXACTLY what happened, and I also know EXACTLY what happened to those who went to France and canada. In Israel at least they married Jews....

Gezunt? sure. Thanks. Now go and run back to Mommy.

tzig is ======= said...

"Rav Tuv is one of the biggest frauds in history"

Way to go Lubavitcher!
Wonder what you'd say about a certain campaign to corronate a certain
Yeah, Lubavitchers are missing a couple.....

anti satmar(mostly aronim) said...

i suppose you think that rebbe yehuda was not in awe of rebbe meir because they disagree on different issues?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Tzig is =======

you DO see that not I was the one who wrote the comment, right???

Tzig is =========== said...

You see that the lines were purposefully left blank like this===========The idea was to fill in the blank.Since aufen ganev brent dos hittel, you automatically filled in something nasty.
Maybe it's was meant as "tzig is the beinoini of the Tanya"?

Anonymous said...

Anti Satmar,
Reb Yehuda never claimed that Reb Meir is apikores and almost made issur chitun on his talmidim(if Yossel Ashkenazi wouldn"t stop him)
the last Rashkebehag was the Chasam Sofer when you produce talmidim as the Kol arye and the Maram Shick, and most rabonim of your tekifa are in awe of your torah as you can see in the likutie haoras on the sheilos uteshovois.The SR was the true Gavre Demistefina Mina ( as rav shachs hesped)of our genaration, many rabonim and rebbes as kedoshim and geonim as him were scared the living daylights from his militant regime with a Mcarthy mentality if you are not with us you are a apikoras.

BUMY said...

"I'm older than your father."

You sound like you are older than my babbeh.
Bebbeh baachi, how do you know how old he is?

anti satmar (mostly aronim) said...

i am sure that some had a pachad
because the SR demanded halachic reasons and phony tirutsim like gezehn in himmel or whatever ...
didnt fly with him

Anonymous said...

"Rav Tov did do a lot of work with Russian immigrants"
Is this a fact or faith ? can you find a list of 100 Jewish families that are leading a orthodox life.?

Anonymous said...

Is this the perlmuter of mesivta gemoras?

Anonymous said...

what bugs you is that you think shlita is the godfather of russian jewry.

Anonymous said...

Non mouse..
it bugs for Tzig since Satmer is the beacon of torah true yidishkiet, so he keeps their record clean

Anonymous said...

Please clarrify this for me.

You say Chabad wants to be mekarev people.

Satmar and Skulern saved thousands of people over the years and other than the temanim of Monsey and KY none became their chassidim for it...they did it to say lives and yiddishkeit.

It is known that Chabad only wants to be mekarev to Chabad. I discussed it with many shluchim and they say better someone stays fray than becomes litvish, MO or 'CHGAS' because then they still have a chance of becoming a Lubavitcher.

The Bobover Rav T'zl used to say better someone becomes another type of chasid or frummer yid, as long as Hashem gets nachas.

Lubavitchers say better he stays a mechalel shabbos than become a 'snag'.

The premise is that it is genuine ahavas yisrael. Why not tone down Chabad retoric in Chabad houses ?

Did you know the Bobover Ruv, R' Naftil missed the kabalas panim of his first grandchild because he was misasek with pidyan shvuim for a non-Bobov cause (as told by non-Bobovers who were with him on this mission).

Please explain why the Rebbe(s) did not use political clout to save yidden during and after the Holacause as other Rebbes did ?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Please explain to me what this has to do with the topic at hand?

Please explain to me why you make up stories or grossly exaggerate to suit your cause

Please find me the thousands of Jews that Satmar saved (and Skulen for that matter)

Please explain to me why it's OK to lie about Lubavitcher Rabbeyim when it suits you but not to point out the stupidity of an overzealous chossid?

No. Please don't explain. Just leave it.

Anonymous said...

Explanation is :

It should be a level playing field.

If you want to look at the positive actions of others and downplay their evil motives, the same (but not C'V worse) should be said of Chabad.

Others had less of an agenda (not necessarily Satmar) and did not blow their own horn as much.

Ask any Lubavitch kid and they are taught the faults of other 'kreizen' but other than Satmar, this is not taught (e.g. only our Rebbe has Ahavas Yisrael....)

Don't be so attacking of other groups, it doesn't make you or chabad look good. It makes it look like chabad is the alternative for those who had a bad experience elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Chabad, Satmar and others all do good, have good as well as bad people and focus on what they think is best....

Perhaps the fact that Chabad Rebbe grew up more as a commoner than a Bansha"k gave him a better insight into the 'common man' and the lives of yidden outside Brooklyn, Mea Shearim or Stamford Hill.

The only difference was the Lubavitcher Rebbe's charisma enabled him to bring out the best in people and get them to do things they didn't realise they were capable of (just listen to any speach at kinus hashluchim for proof).

The only thing he did not teach Chabad was to be self critical or accept genuine loving criticism from others (excluding hate etccc) and learn from it or that others would not have such an easy target for proster hate filled anti-semites in Williamsburg....

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


the point here was NOT TO KNOCK THE SR, but to show how overzealous Chassidim can make ridiculous claims.

UD said...

I know Perlmutter well, and because of what he does, hundreds if not thousands of Russian-speaking kids (lately, mostly Bucharians) grow up at least traditional, and many of them full Shomrei Shabbos, while otherwise they'd have a very good chance of marrying out. He doesn't stuff a shred of kannues down their throat and the most "Williamsburgkeit" they get out of him is perhaps a Shabbos by the Kaliver Rebbe zg"z.

As far as Rav Tuv, M"N may be a scumbag and a fraud, but there are dozens and dozens of families both here and to lesser degree in Israel , some of whom are stam shomrei Shabbos and some of whom are very respectable "heimishe" balebatim because of Rav Tuv's help, mostly in immigration matters. It's not a spiritual institution but a "legal aid" (and I'm overextending the term "legal") with a purpose of helping out fellow Yidden get out of hell by hook or by crook. I know quite a few hardcore ana"sh from CH who couldn't get an I-20 anywhere in the dozens of Chabad institutions, and who got them from UJO via Rav Tuv without any questions asked. This was right in the midst of the Tankisten story, give or take a few years, btw.

b.p said...

What are you basing yourself on when you claim "This has nothing to do with RYK. The fact remains that most of the BH kids go on to public school and leave their Yiddishkeit completely b
ehind, "
Do you know that most kids leave
yiddishkait behind or are you just a low life imfarginner?

Whats with the beneath the belt swipe against Nechomas Yisroel?

Both of these organizations have done much more than you will ever do.You are a rosho, menivel and gas ruach.A real Amulek looking to keel oop anybody doing good.Gehinom awaits you!

Anonymous said...

"he did not teach Chabad was to be self critical or accept genuine loving criticism from others"
Are satmar bobov ger belz lakewood ready 24 hours to take criticism, you idiot, what the hell are you talking about

Anonymous said...

Skuler Rebbe Zt'L and Shlita are tzadikim and balie mesiras nefesh but I don't think they have much to show in numbers how many people they brought back to Yidishkiet, I believe its a big scam from Gaboim and Mashbakim, while the Rebbe and his family are left in the poor.

greenvohlbaumgerg said...

guys, chabad has much more to offer than what you see on this blog

burech said...

The Tzig writes a long rambling post about..............
So somebody printed a poster that calls Satmer Ruv some unreasonable honorific.Ok.It happens.Ober ess lost nisht menicheh far der tseegekiminer, this from a group that still claims that a certain individual who never was "President oF The Jews" even when alive is still considerd by this group Nosi Hador, when deceased!
Is this guy on crack or is it kool-aid?!
Truth seeker?........don't think so!



tzemach was right said...

Tzemach was the first guy to pick up that this Tzig is a total brainwashed boring pey tsadey.He banned him from even reading his site!Believe me, there were many different people on Tzemachs site, the only one that got this treatment was this dumb Goat.
Alz nekumeh he opened this blog and Lubavitch inc, that is heavily involved with his parnuseh, sent their best and brightest to defend.They are the ones gathering dirt and using him to plug against Lubavitch inc.'s real or perceived enemies.
This guy would do his parents in if it furthered the sake of his "real" father the Shlit'a.
Feh, for Lubavitch inc taking advantage of such a feeble minded individual desperate for recognition and a little love.

Anonymous said...

You are to gutless and spineless to post my post, eh?
Tzemach was right!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

right. I'm too gutless and spineless.

Anonymous said...

People like you did their parents in for Stalin.You'd do the same far'n Shlit'as veygen.
Tzemach was right!

Chaim Berlin Success Story said...

Din't R' Elya have to do with Beer Hagola?

I can tell from the photo that he is no longer involved in the day to day

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

well, I'll say this much: I'll "do you in" for Stalin. That I guarantee!

UmGeshribenerRaid said...

The distinction between Chabad's description of their Rebbe as Nosi Hador and Satmar is different.

Chabad at least meant in the pnimius. The guy who made the photo is delusional, because he thinks that R' Yoel was leader in the chitzuniuos.

Aderaba, this proves that Chabad was really right, because even Satmar was influenced by them. V'dal

Kalman said...


Did you read that book, circa 1930's, where the Tomim had a cheder and they were caught and none of the kids ratted out anybody.

The rishaim then got the Rebbe (melamed) to force the kids to open up. The kids were shocked; even they, the paradigm of Miseras Nefesh didn't break, how could he?

It was nisgaleh afterwords that the Rebbe did it just to prevent the kids from suffering more. Cuz, he figured that they were being tortured just to protect him, so he was willing to go to Siber in order to let the kinderlach go free. Wow

Any HaKoton

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


?בנוגע לענינינו
what's the connection?

Kalman said...

I just read it and wanted to share it with you

In Beis hatalmud they describe a certain Kalman as Ken Lehren Mehr Nisht

moshe shmeel said...

Tziggy keep up your great work ignore the critics we all know you are wrong but "who cares"
this site is for those who like shtissim & narishkaytin
and if you close what will i tell people when they soubd dumb
your a good yardstick

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

hey moshe shmeel ever hear of a period or a comma or a capital letter or a question mark

Anonymous said...

You sound like a guy who would benefit from joining the Shlit'as' "Army"
They''ll get you or yours a job in the propaganda department and you''ll never want for kool-aid or Vodka.
The Goat can hook you up.
Tzemach was right!

moshe shmeel said...

those are not for readers of this blog......,,,,,,,,



Anonymous said...

ווען רביה"ק מסאטמאר האט זיך אויפגעוועקט נאכן שווערן סטראוק, האט ער דיי ערשטע זאך געפרעגט: "וואס מאכען די רוסישע ברודער" די דאקטורים האבן דאן געזאגט אז וואס א מענטש רעדט דאס ערשטע נאכן זיך אויפוועקן, דאס הא געברענגט דעם סטראק, ער האט דעם הייליגען רבי'ן נוגע געווען ללבו הטהורה די מצב פון די רוסישע ברודער

דער באקאנטער עסקן הרב דוד האלענדער ז"ל (וועלכער איז ממש לעצטענס נפטר געווארן) פלעגט דערציילן ווי אזוי ער האט זיך דורכגעשמועסט מיטן סאטמארן רבי'ן זצ"ל יעדן פרט ופרט בנוגיע זיינע נסיעות קיין רוסלאנד.

און צו דער אזויגערופענער "לשבת את האיש" וויל איך זאגען, דיין עצם שרייבן נוסח אלגעמיינער-דזורנאל צייגט אז דו לעבסט נאך אין א באקס און די מיינסט אז די וועלט איז נאך צוריקגעבליבן. יא, דער סאטמארער רבי איז געווען רבן של כל בני הגולה. יא, ער איז געווען רב אין ירושלים, ער האט געהאט מער הארץ און געפיל צו ירושלים ווי סיי ווער, נאר טאקע צו די ירושלים של מעלה, און נישוט צו די ירושלים פון היינט וואס איז ליידער א דארן בפלטרין של מלך

unadmirer said...

Tzig i hope you do not mind but
you are the number 1 blog to compete with the 7fatcow as an irresponsable blog

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I don't mind

Because that's the most senseless thing I've heard in a long time.


You are irresponsable so why do you think its senseless ?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Let's say I am, but how does that make me like 7FC?

unadmirer said...

They claim to be the most irresponsable blog and i think you are beating them

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


now go away



Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

how will you "make close this blog?"

unadmirer said...

Let me correct the mistake
you will see how

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ok, let me know when I'll see.

unadmirer said...




Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

this is a first!
a "Chabad Admirer" threatening to reveal my name....

Oh well.

Goes with the territory, I guess.

Anonymous said...

וען רביה"ק מסאטמאר האט זיך אויפגעוועקט נאכן שווערן סטראוק, האט ער דיי ערשטע זאך געפרעגט: "וואס מאכען די רוסישע ברודער
I saw the Ahronim write that the first thing he woke up after the stroke, was by being mad on the rebetzin regarding her anti kiryas yoel stance,
Whom should I believe? Both sides?,No sides ?I will take no side

Anonymous said...

you make me sleepless nights, do it and let me get on life

Anonymous said...

Reb Tzig,

You must be doing something right to have all these personal posts.

Those who don't like it don't have to read.....Go away EDITED...

anon3 said...

even though im still suffering from a broken multi fractured upper arm which makes it difficult for me to type or capitalize and punctuate i must comment that the literary level of some of your posters has been of a very refined quality of late, oder ah runter fin zinen.

chaim said...

I have lived in 3 lubavitch communities in the usa. Its a problem everywhere. We didn't go on shlichus because we had no pull, after my parents paid full tution in the best yeshivos. We have no college education and 5 kids later how am I going to pay 7k per kid in school and camp! The system is messed up and needs to change. My children will go to a college and being chassidish doesn't get u far in the real world

yenta said...


It is "irresponsible" not with an "a".

I would love to see how a dyslexic like yourself, will close down such a popular and respected (although not always right) blog

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


no need to get so personal.

But thanks for the compliment...

Bpunbound said...

Hey Hershel, I think a know who Unadmirer is.

I'm just puzzled...I didn't think they would allow Charlie Manson to have internet access in the federal lock-up.

Oh well, you never know who you may meet in the Cicus Tent..after all, it's the 'big top'.

Yom Tov said...

To Anon June 09, 2009 4:58:00 PM,

He may have been רבן של כל בני הגולה , if you wish to excise all of Klausenberg and Belz...that removes quite a bit of the גולה , and that's just for starters. I think you need to refocus a bit.

Oh, and check, I believe he murmured something about the Teimener Yidden upon awaking.

Mottel said...

I know I'm jumping in rather later - but I don't know if Chabad's involvement with acheinu bnei hasephardim should be down played . . . The Rebbe Rashab sent shluchim (R' shmuel levitin amongst them) to Gruzia to help the Berg yidden there (we got the Jacobsons, amongst others, out of that), and the Rebbe's involvement with to help Iranian Jews was no kleinikite at all - thousands of Persian Jews were smuggled out, were taken in to CH etc. (as a side note, the Rebbe in fact wanted a shliach in Iran before the Shah fell)

admirer+ said...

Hey unamirer we all know his name its hirshel tzig he davens in my shul (when he comes)
So vemenstrashesti?

igor said...

i am not a lubaitcher chosid, but i am from Russia, and nobody will sell me who does what. The only organisation who REALLY did for Rusisher yidden (besides some idividuals-Zvi Bronstein (al tidom) etc) WAS LUBAVOTCH. PRIOD.

Whoever does it now, it because it is in style or because they were not matsliach at regular chinuch.