Tuesday, June 28, 2011

רבי מיכל יהודה איז שוין ניטא

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Chaim said...

I think the commenter was referring to the tumult regarding "zman" from what i heard..the fact that Zman like the jerks that they are, in order to sell the that piece of trash- last months mag had an article about the "oldest gedolim alive" or something to that affect.
It was about R, Kopeleman, R. mechel yehuda, and r' elyahsav.

grainom said...

פאסט פאר'ן פערד...

perplexed said...

They should make the Bobbe Yenta the editor of this magazine. At least she would know the power of an A"H,r"l.The new generation of yeshivishe frummies live from "halachic digests" not from "toras imecho."They should buy the Bobbe Yenta a black hat and put her in a vinkel near the "moetzes."They could use her advice.

BrooklynWolf said...

Please forgive the ignorance, but is there a particular reason that the body was lying on the floor?

I'm sure it wasn't meant as a sign of disrespect, but I had never seen/heard of this particular inyan before.

What is the reason that they had the niftar lying on the floor in the room?


The Wolf

Underfaker said...

Sir Brooklyn Wolf...
He couldn't stand up due to his age and his condition.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the "COL" link regarding the petirah af RMYL. Firstly that video with rabbi Ashkenazi of Kfar Chabad, plain chabad propoganda. Second, the pictures of the levaya thay chose was obviously to hide the 100,000 people attendeng. Can't blame them, at Gimmel Tammuz there was a nebach crowd that matched a Viznitze Chasunah.

BrooklynWolf said...

He couldn't stand up due to his age and his condition.

Ansered in the very best spirit of loeg l'rosh. :(

I was serious in my question. Is there some halachic/minhagic/hashkafic/whatever reason that he was on the ground (as opposed to a bed, platform, stretcher, etc.)?

The Wolf

Mendel Hirsch said...

@ anon 2;41
I think that the video is meant to be taken as "he met with us. So even though he's from Poneviz', he's not so bad".
The pictures are a disgrace.

Yossele said...

Some people will never be happy.

russian chusid said...

All my people are dying out.

Anonymous said...

it is Minhag Yerushaliem that became the norm in all of Israel

Anonymous said...

a niftar is always placed on the ground, check mishnayos shabbos perek 24 for starters

BrooklynWolf said...

it is Minhag Yerushaliem that became the norm in all of Israel


a niftar is always placed on the ground, check mishnayos shabbos perek 24 for starters

Thank you very much.

The Wolf

Ende Tsadik said...

R' Hershl, I think the photo of the body on the floor is extremely disrespectful and borders on pornographic voyeurism. I do not blame you but I'm afraid we've become so obsessed with photos of zaka after an incident, Mumbay in particular comes to mind, and the crude photos va'ad horabonim and other shnorer letters serve up that we've become desensitised to images which are not only undignified and insulting but which serve no purpose other than to satisfy the basest of instincts. I'm not referring to this site, but of course as soon as women are concerned then we go to the other extreme and whether its alte babes or 3 year olds they are immediately forbidden. hoi ho'oimrim latoiv ra ile'ra toiv.

lozmirup said...

Wolf and Ende Tzadik,
I've worked in Chevra Kadisha for many years and this is the proper way al pi halacha to treat a niftar.
Placing the body on the floor is called hashkava and it's standard practice. On Gimmel Tammuz the Rebbe was placed on the floor of his room until after the tahara when they used the aron. It is not disrespectful at all, and aderaba, it's disrespectful in halacha to use fancy boxes, flowers, etc. If the face would be uncovered it is major bizayon ha'mes, and G-d forbid that should happen.

Ende Tsadik said...

lozmirup, the issue is not the custom but photoraphing a dead body never mind of a revered individual in this way. Perhaps Israelis have different standards as when they publicized photos of the murdered Fogel family for propoganda purposes.

BrooklynWolf said...


Thanks for the followup information. I did not think they were being disrespectful by leaving him on the floor. I was pretty sure that the C"K there knew what they were doing. I, myself, simply hadn't heard of the idea of keeping the meis on the floor.

Thanks again for the follow up.

The Wolf

Anonymous said...

Kfar chabad magazine also had a page regarding the petirah of RMYL.