Friday, June 3, 2011

Frands in High Places

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This is several years ago. Vos volt er haynt gezogt?! That's "dyed in the wool," not "died in the wall," silly transcriber.


Belz Fin a Mool said...

"died in the wall" is even more dyed than "dyed in the wool", silly blogmeister

Bobov Chusid said...

"belz fin a mool" do yourself some good if you got nothing to add, because you do not know anything from belz of back then the tiny village poor people not far from the big town of lvov (lemberg)there is a person who is a misnagid thats means extreme, but yet for hadras ponim you dont go to skver, for hadras ponim you go to bobov.

the skver rebbi is "heilig"? what does "heilig" mean? we all know reb aron of belz was heilig, but today in belz they don't use that term anymore, maybe with a good reason.

bur r` frand said the rebbi is" heilig, ... he is an ish kodosh" is this double talk? but he is not "the" manhig of klal yisroel. a true leader, manhis was/is the bobov rebbi. most people i speak with do agree with me. yet in this case belz of today is also a manhig but still not of klal yisroel.

Anonymous said...

Between me and you, Frand is a Guter Tipesh

Anonymous said...

Bobover chusid
Was the Bobover Ruv Hieleg?
Did he have a Musag in Hielig?

Anonymous said...

honestly their is no casidim and no misnagdim left only whatever..

azi said...

thank god that wasnt last month. would have been embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I think for 5k you can rent R Frand to exroll the virtues of Hirshel Tzig

malka yofit said...

true indeed r` shlomo all he had was a hadras panom, of bobov 48 or 45, i"m confused 48 always looks sour and depressed, 45 bit terrosit look at those eyes.

alter bucher said...

"bobov rebbi was/is true leader manhig of klal yisroel"

please give me a break!

regardless which present bobov you are, they are still not mahigim of klal yisroel, - and if yes why did rabbi frand choose skver over bobov?

bobov was/is a rebbi for his flock of sheep, but not for anybody outside of that circle.

Worried said...

Did I drink too much chssidisher kool-aid or did you have a post about the history of hassidus in America that has now become "invisible?

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to give this frand guy an IQ test.

די בעש"ט זעגט אז פון יעדער זאך וואס מען זעט, דארף מען לערנען א הוראה אין עבודת ה', די הוראה פון דעם איז, אז אויב דער איד, וואס איז א טיפש עצום, קען זיין א ראש ישיבה און שרייבען ביכער, עאכו"כ אונז.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

yea, it was there and now is not

The author asked me to hold off on it until he gives the "all clear"

s queer friend said...

נישט אומזיסט איז זײן
נאמען יש שכר
Wonder how much they paid.

Josh said...

Well, if God is like the skvere Rebbe, then we have some real problems on our hands.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

"I think for 5k you can rent R Frand to exroll the virtues of Hirshel Tzig"

I think you can get him for a limo and some Kavod. No cash necessary!

JJJ said...

Back to Skvere One
By Yitzchok Adlerstein, on February 10th, 2006

After more than a week in Los Angeles, the Skvere Rebbe’s entourage left town today, having bested Hollywood on its home turf.

A well-made movie can make imagination come alive. The Rebbe, on his first visit to LA, made us all part of the script.

In the days before Shabbos, Chassidim converged on the city, turning it into a large set abuzz with literally hundreds of “extras.” They turned a vacant warehouse into a massive stage, complete with grandstand seating and banks of portable floodlights usually reserved for opening night. (A friend quipped that if he has to go to Gehinom, he wants to get assigned to the Chassidic section, because they will figure out a way to bring in some air-conditioning.) Huge banners and strings of lights proudly marked the house chosen to house the Rebbe, who received visitors, it seemed, a full twenty-four hours a day, always with a smile, and warmth, and enthusiasm. Streets that were often closed off for an action shoot were sealed by squad cars to accommodate a regal processional from the shul to the Rebbe’s house.

On Shabbos, though, we ceased to be an audience, and became actors in the main production. People streamed to the Friday night tish from every sub-group of Orthodox life in the city. Joining the hundreds of mostly young visitors from New Square were frum Angelenos of every stripe and every head-covering, all listening with rapt attention to the words of Torah, all swaying and singing songs of praise to Hashem.

We didn’t watch, we experienced. Shabbos was already a central pillar of our lives, but we came to understand its kedusha (holiness) in yet a different way. Standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other Jews, eyes fixed upon the shining face of a wise Torah leader, we knew we were the richest, most fortunate people in all of LA. It suddenly became so clear how Jews had put up with the poverty and oppression of the worst that Europe had doled out to them for hundreds of years. The kedusha of Shabbos – potent on its own, immeasurably more so experienced through hundreds of hearts linked together in a bond of devotion to Hashem – took them to a higher place, far out of the reach of the coarseness of their earthly surroundings.

How beautiful a gift, this Shabbos that enabled our survival in the worst of time, and that still is the antidote today to the pedestrian and uninspired!

In my temperament and life-style I am about as far removed from the Chassidic model as a frum Jew can get. I was skeptical about what a visit from a chassidishe group could possibly offer a large, seasoned community like LA. The Rebbe’s visit – for which I join all other Angelenos in expressing thanks – didn’t turn me into a chassid, but it did turn me into more of a believer in the awesome power of mitzvos done together, with heart and soul.

JJJ said...

Independent Frum Thinker

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Truth Behind the Skvere Rebbe's Visit to Lakewood

Many people have been talking about the purpose of the Skvere Rebbe's visit to Lakewood. After my independent research, these are the facts as I see them. I admit that it may sound somewhat anti-Chassidish, however that is not at all my intention. My intention is solely to report the facts as they seem to be.

Chassidim maintain control over most Frum communities. Kashrus, Eiruv, Mikvaos, etc. The fact is that Chassidim are generally a tight-knit group, and as such wield tremendous group power. Let's be honest, only Chassidim could create a Kiryas Yoel, a Squaretown, or a Kaiser Village.

A major exception to this was Lakewood. Originally, Lakewood was a sleepy little town with a small Modern Orthodox community. After Rav Aaron Kotler z”l established his Yeshiva there, the community grew due to the fact that many Talmidim of the Yeshiva chose to establish their residence in Lakewood after getting married. At that point the community was almost exclusively comprised of Litvishe families. As time went on, the community evolved into more than just a post-Yeshiva community, and many people with no connection at all to the Yeshiva started moving in. Also, more and more Chassidishe Bachurim chose to learn in Beis Medrash Govoha, resulting in more and more Chassidishe Yungeleit joining the community. A town that once had no Chassidishe Shul, now sports countless little Shtieblach spread throughout many neighborhoods.

No longer content to playing second fiddle to the Yeshiva community, various power brokers in the Chassidishe community have been itching for an opportunity to show their independence. It came in the form of the Chanukas Habayis of the new Skvere Kloiz in Lakewood. The Skvere Rebbe was invited to come, but not just him, busses upon busses of Chassidim arrived, with estimates as high as 1,500. For a simple Chanukas Habayis this was way overdone, causing much wonder to many Lakewooders. But to show the world the foothold Chassidim have in Lakewood, it was just the beginning. The Rebbe requested to have all the schools in town, thousands of children, come out to greet him. Many schools declined, but the audacity of the request made its point. Although many more suitable halls were available, Beis Medrash Govoha was asked to give up its dining room for the Rebbe’s Tish, something clearly designed to show “who’s in charge”. After BMG declined, the Tish was held at a local girl’s school, but entire blocks were closed off to maximize publicity. The Rebbe even requested to speak in the BMG Beis Medrash, but had to make do with speaking in various other Mesivtos instead.

Any objective observer, including any self-respecting Chossid, can see why so many people were seething at this audacious attempt to “take over”. Let's not kid ourselves, if all the above was carried out by a Litvishe group in Squaretown, we all know there would be riots in the streets, to say the least.

JJJ said...

Rav Ron Yitzchok Eisenma

April 18, 2011

Pesach –The Final Word from the Skverer Rebbe

JJJ said...

Skverer Rebbe's Menorah
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

א קליפ וואס פירט ארום און צייגט גענוי פון נאנט, דעם הערליך שיינעם קונץ שטיק, דאס עלעגאנטע חנוכה וואנט מנורה פון כ''ק מרן האדמו''ר מסקווירא שליט''א.
מ'זעט שלשה כתרים וכתר שם טוב על גביהם, די מיטן איז א קליינעם ארון הקודש'ל, און די זייטן אונטער די זיילן זענען זילבער געשניצטע בילדער פון מקומות הקדושים בא''י.
די בעכערס אויף די קעפ פון לייבן, און נאך שיינע פיטשיווקעס לכבוד והידור המצוה.
אין די זייט ליגן די גאפלען און פענדלעך, ווי די מנורה אין ביהמ''ק.
דאס מנורה איז אביסל נאכגעמאכט דעם היסטארישער מנורה פון דעם רבינ'ס זיידעס לבית סקווירא, וואס האבן יענץ אליין באפוילען צו מאכן. און שפעטער ביי די מלחמה יארן עס באהאלטן אין א פארהוילענעם מקום, זאגענדיג. ערכתי נר למשיחי, יענע מזורה איז אוועקגעלייגט פאר ימות המשיח

Anonymous said...

Aliya tzorech yerida

Anonymous said...

i dont understand this dayed in th ewool misnaged runs to evry gadol in beni brak for brachos

yechiel said...

Why did u let the comment, which has nothing to do with the topic and is stam lushen horeh thru?

CR said...

He's no "dyed in the wool" misnaged Yekke, yes. Litvishe, yes. But a misnaged is thus; when asked to give a d'var torah he responds "Why don't YOU give a d'var torah and I'll schlug it up?" There are very few of those today.

browser said...

this TIPUSH just confirmed for us why chasiduss is AVODA ZARAH.


Anonymous said...

this weeks Mishpucha. RF quotes Sfas Emes. Challenge to find it inside !

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how Yidden an Am Chochom
VNovoin let themselves be conned by an obvious charlatan.
As children growing up (in the 70s)we all knew the Skverrer
was baloney.(Not only chsidisher). The Chsidisher oilom never held he was an ish Kodoish
In all that time no litvak/yankee took the time to ask
Stam a chsidisher Yid fun gass if the Skverrer
is anything more than dem totns a kind ?
Its well known if a rebbe is somewhat extraordinary most of the chsidisher velt will (some begrudgingly) say so.
Any chsidisher krayz other than Skver
will tell you that he is a shrewd man that although not a guen oilom is very gifted at
making money

browser said...

actually this is how the RAMBAM explains the concept of AVODA ZARAH,he asks how do we understand that in the olden days people actually worshiped rocks and stones,the moon the sun,where they that stupid?,did they realy think that a piece of rock is god?
answers the RAMBAM,that of course they knew that the rock,moon,,the sun,is not g-d,and they also realized there is a creator who created all of this,
but being that the creator is something abstract,who cannot be seen,or felt or touched,therefore they had a hard time relating to him or praying to him,so they figured they would pray to him thru an intermediary that was created by g-d and is part of g-d,and concludes the RAMBAM that even this concept is AVODAH ZARAH that is forbiden.
it is amazing how rav. Frand's explanation on going to the REBBE,and using him as an intermediary,how similar it is to the RAMBAM'S explanation of AVODAH ZARAH.
maybe now we can start to understand why the GAON put them into CHEREM


CR said...

Did you just accuse Rav Frand of practicing AVODA ZARAH?

Anonymous said...

I like the way a guy in 2011 claims to invent the wheel, and he knows the reason of the Cehrem of Vilna.

Anonymous said...

"Stam a chsidisher Yid fun gass if the Skverrer
is anything more than dem totns a kind ?"
It seems you have a particular hunch on Reb Duvid Twersky of Upstate New York?
which Rebbe today in the chasidic world, would be crowned for Rebbe, if not "dem totns a kind ?"