Wednesday, June 29, 2011


ר' מיכל יודא לפני שהרבה שנים

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Anonymous said...

BD"E. A derhoybener yid that this dor was not zoycheh to be Nehne from.
Especially in the last tkufa with no one to lead the Litvishe
Tzibur in the US. Just MMale Mekoymes and pretenders. He was considered an ish Eloykim. Even his contemporary Roshei Yeshiva in Telz felt this way. A Shod mhot nisht oysgenitz ven mhot noch gikent.

snag said...

Important thing - R. Chaim and Michel Yehudah were from the last with Hayche yarmulkes. We have to make sure that minhag continues!

Anonymous said...

Snag. Why does the minhag have to continue?

Snag said...

Oops. That should be R. Chaim and R. Michel Yehudah.

Why? האסט א מאהל געהערט פון מסורה?

Mesyareh. Tradition בלע"ז.

דאס איז גארניט ביי אייך???

I propose a takonoh. Anyone (son, eidem...) who wants to be memaleh makom a gadeyl that wore such a headcovering should be required to do the same. Vos zogt ihr Tzig? And takonoh should be retroactive too. Also goes on einkelach,e.g. R. Malkiel.