Monday, June 16, 2014

הפצת המעיינות 50 יאר צוריק!

Received via e-mail: "Today I bought these 2 records outside of 770. There is a guy that sells old seforim and shaimos sometimes and he had a bunch of old records. I was looking for these for along time. I have digitized them and I want you to put them up l'zchus harabim. It says on the record that he made 3 records. If anyone has the third he should please send the recording, as we only have the first two. Put up the pictures of the records as well. This was hafotzas hamayonos 50 years ago!!! Listen to chassidus in your own home. The person these came from probably was not a Lubavitcher, judging from the rest of his collection." - [This is a young Reb Yossel Weinberg ע"ה. A real treat!]

Tape 1 side 2
Tape 2 side 1
Tape 2 side 2


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