Friday, June 13, 2014

הביאני המלך חדריו


A recently publicized, not so common, picture of the Rebbe in his room, c. 1960s


Betzalminie said...

it was probably a yoma depagra, since the rebbe is wearing a silk sirtuk

an ailemesher said...

I'm not an expert in photography, perhaps it's the angle or lighting, but Doesn't look right. Wrinkled kapote, small brim hat?

Betzalminie said...

if you know the rebbe, it was not easy to get him new clothes. I remember the big news in 770 when he got a new pair of shoes. People were saying that he had his old pair for more then 20 years

Anonymous said...

The story there is much more important than another picture.
Far East

Anonymous said...

@an ailemesher
the Rebbes hat usually did have a small brim. I have seen one in person

Not a Harry said...

Who stole / took possession of the rebbes clothing?

Anonymous said...

At times ppl where given clothing of the Rebbe by the Rebbetzin etc.
CB Halbershtam has clothes he was given.
Yisroel Shemtov has a kapote he was given (not sure when or why)
etc etc

not a harry said...

after the rebbe died was the question.