Tuesday, November 7, 2017

!ערעב ציג! ס'נישט קיין איינע פון די מונקאטשער רביצינ'ס

A reader was quite upset with the post that "accused" the Munkatcher Rebbetzin of accompanying the Rov on a walk whilst on דאטשע. מ'קאן שוין מיינען, ווער ווייס וואס... According to him it was NOT the Rebbetzin, or his mother, the דרכי תשובה'ס Rebbetzin, and he provided the pictures to prove it. He says it was the wife of Reb Mordche Wulliger, later of New York. That she only looked old because of her frum style of dress. Maybe he just wants to set the record straight. Maybe he's a stickler for the truth, and isn't so bothered by the idea of the Rebbetzin walking nearby.

In any case...

Here's the Rebbetzin Ruchel Perel, daughter of Reb Yakov Moshe of Komarna (center, with the "shteren tichel") at the wedding in Munktach in 1933

Here's Esther, born Horowitz, the Darkei Tshuvah's Rebbetzin. She was a granddaughter of Reb Yankele Melitzer. 

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אמרו חכמים שיש לעמוד מפני אשת חבר, מפני שאשת חבר הרי היא לענין כבוד כחבר -שבועות ל ב