Monday, April 30, 2018

LBJ and RFK campaigning in Boro Park, 1964

a young Yoka Ruv, zt"l on your left

In those days candidates didn't take our votes for granted. Or New York, I suppose. Today why bother? It'll go to the Dem anyway. And who wants to be seen as supporting those Jewish Bible-thumpers anyway?


Kovner said...

Where exactly is this?

BW said...

so you're nostalgic, are you advocating for Trump to rally in CH and BP perhaps with non other than SR ?, watch what you're praying for..

popover said...

H: and "who wants to be seen as supporting "these" Jewish Bible-thumpers" !?

!רבה דעמי"ה ומדברנא דאומתיה

Torah bora in NY

Oh gosh said...

in the photo; "a young Yoka Ruv zt"l on your left". It looks like the YR brought his rebetzin with him for 'shmira', how clever.

Common Cuomo said...

did the yoker ruv had any special requests from LBJ or RFK ?

♨ said...

! לכבוד התנא אלוקי

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125,000 Water bottles.
120,000 Rugelach snacks.
40 Pallets of Seltzer.
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איבער אלע חאלאקע אנגעלעגנהייטן קען מען זיך פארבינדן אויף

צאן קדשים מעע said...

ואנחנו עמך "וצאן מרעיתך" נודה לך לעולם, לדר ודר נספר תהלתך