Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crown Heights: It's all about lack of leadership!

Moshe Rubashkin and Chanina Sperlin

The situation in Crown Heights has gotten to the point where people are afraid to go out at night, and sometimes even in broad daylight. Jewish blood has become cheap, and nobody seems to care, maybe even those in the community itself. Not since the 60s has it been so bad there, yet one would think that it couldn't happen in a time like this, after 60+ years in a community. Correct me if I'm wrong, and if I'm comparing two dissimilar situations, but I doubt the good people of Williamsburg, Boro Park, or any other community would stand for what goes on there almost on a daily basis. They would do what they need to do so that the community would at least feel like they have a sense of safety. Right now people there are sick and tired of the lack of leadership and have begun to take matters into their own hands. You have Shomrim beating up innocent black kids. Or is it Shmira? I forget.

You might think the solution is simple: do what Jews did in the 50s and 60s, pack up and move to Boro Park. But consider this, Jews have been living in comfort and security there for quite some time now. Gone were the days where you were afraid to walk the streets at night, especially in the center of CH. You could walk the streets late at night without fear, especially during the Giuliani days. But recently, especially the last year or so, it's as if the criminal class has realized that the tough times were over, and it was business as usual for them. Hardly a week goes by these days without an incident of robbery and/or assault. I can understand that most people have neither the time nor the resources to do anything about the situation. They're too busy trying to make ends meet and raising families. But there is usually a group of askonim that deals with things like this, so that the working zhlobs don't have to. This is where Crown Heights lags so far behind, and never has it been as bad as it is now.


Tzemach Atlas said...

so they stole kids bike?
when they had the leader they just murdered people.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I'm talking about leadership on a community level, not Rebbe. Besides, your comment made no sense.

Anonymous said...

Crown heights has been off the the frum map since the 70's, when all the frum jews moved out.

The white's that have been living there with the blacks since then have been whining like babies ever since. They live in the lions den and cry every time they get bitten. Let them pick themselvs up finaly, and move out like the frum community did years ago. But no, that would be like the rest of the frum yidden. They have always liked to be DIFFERENT of course........... and thus nonexistent to the rest of klal yisroel for years now.

Hirshel Tzig said...


if you'd know anything about Crown Heights you'd know that

1) whites, non-Jewish ones, are moving into CH in droves. So your premise is moronic, as can be expected.

2) This is not 1960 New York, things are different.

Anonymous said...

no kaan tzivoo..
no mihu yehudi..
no meshiach..
and you are still impressed ?

SatmarTC said...

unfortunately,there is too much fight in the community
hashgocho protis

browser said...

the hanwriting is on the wall,whites and jews have no future in the mids of a black ghetto,black ghettos are a jungle,you know it i know it and everybody knows it,any jew or normal white person living in a black neighborhood,is suicidal,and needs to have his head examined,to my brothers and sisters of CH
get out now,before its too late

snag10 said...

Those damn snags dressing up like blacks and beating lubabs up.

Zalman said...

Lets set the record straight.
Crown Heights is much better today than it was 20 and 15 years ago.The neighborhood is part ghetto and you are going to have higher rates of crime than in other places.With the internet reporting and the frum sites people are more aware of muggings and crime so there is a feeling that it's a lot worse than it really is.
Comparison to Williamsburg and Boro Park are unfair, both those neighborhoods have a much larger Jewish population and importantly, where the Jews live is almost all Jewish as opposed to a much smaller Jewish Crown Heights where even the Jewishareas are heavily non Jewish.
After all this has been said, pressure has to be brough to change the leadership in the local precint and City Hall has to understand that cutting crime in minority neighborhoods has to brought to the front burner again.

Just A Guy said...

To you twisted, callous numskulls who call themselves Jews; blame the victim right?
Yup it’s those idiot Lubavitcher peasants who refuse to leave their neighborhood or let me quote

“Crown heights has been off the the frum map since the 70's, when all the frum jews moved out.

The white's that have been living there with the blacks since then have been whining like babies ever since. They live in the lions den and cry every time they get bitten. Let them pick themselvs up finaly, and move out like the frum community did years ago. But no, that would be like the rest of the frum yidden. They have always liked to be DIFFERENT of course........... and thus nonexistent to the rest of klal yisroel for years now.”

First of all you slimy excuse for a Yid, you make it sound as if there are 30 families living there provoking the “lions”. Do you know that there are THOUSANDS of families that live in Crown Heights. Thousands. And they should pick themselves up and leave ,why? So you and the other petzlach who judge us can feel better about themselves.
Yes with that logic and those living in Europe also provoked the lions and got what they had coming to them. They should have known better then to live between the goyim in the first place.

Listen to me you crust, even if you don’t consider Lubavitchers to be frum (after all you said “when all the frum jews moved out.”) your Gedolim, every single one of them, still consider us to be Jewish. And last time that I checked the proper thing to do when Jews get attacked is to side with them not against them.
Now go check your yichus and make sure that you are from Zerah Avrohom Aveinu and if you are, then find IN YOURSELF one of the three simanim that prove you are such. What was that? Oh yeah RACHMONUS.

Hi Hirshel, yes it is me. I know its been ages since I wrote but I have been busy. I just couldn’t hold myself back when I saw these arrogant fools. The blog is still great keep up the great posts.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you have failed to address the Rubashkin's crisis directly in a post.

DD said...

just a Guy,

Great to have you back as your old self.

Sammy said...

Just a guy
As you rightfully pointed out, had the Jews moved out of Eastern Europe mokom sakono with no parnosah they would have been better off.
There were problems however:Most Jews did not have rich chasidim to bail them out.Immigration to America was almost impossible.

Getting out of C.Heights is easy.Even the big 'tawker' Tzig lives in safe suburbian comfort.While preaching.

Hirshel Tzig said...

anonymous 3:03
what would have liked me to say?

as far as me living in suburbia: I had been out of CH for 5 years when I left for Suburbia. I'm not from there and neither is my rebbetzin, and neither of us felt a strong connection to the place.

binny said...

Sounds like we have a guy who 'knows' what to do, despite not living in 'kan tzivo'
Not much different from the guy from Brooklyn, who 'knew' what to do in Eretz Yisroel despite never being there or living there......and who failed miserably with the safety of his own chasidim in his backyard

Hirshel Tzig said...

today all the know-it-alls in Israel admit that the "guy in Brooklyn" was right all along and continues to be right.

binny said...

Nobody thinks he was right,Besides, yeah, you guessed it, some partisan thinkers from faraway.How 'right' he was can be proven by his great 'success' in stemming normal Jews from running out of the neighborhood and the success in making the backyard safe.
Even shomrim was not their idea.
I have a rule for preachers:Shhow me what you have done at home before showing your 'mevinus' in in other places

Hirshel Tzig said...

read it again, moron.

Anonymous said...

Funny that the 'blogpreacher' moved out of C.heights.Talks the talk but won't walk the walk!

Anonymous said...

Copying Tzemach,eh??
If only you had a tenth of his brain you could get away with it

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note:
It is not known that during the holocaust years they showed any of the famous 'mevinus'.Did they warn anybody?

Anonymous said...

To all you cowards
Zalman is right the situation is better in CH then 20 years ago , just there are too many websites that are hungry for news 24/7.

The Guy from Brooklyn was right with his painful cries on the Isreali situation, all the Charadie lefty's have changed there tone, Eichler from Hamachne Hachariedi that was ridiculing the Eretz Hashlima people changed his tone completely, rav Elieshev his now a right winger why because it starts to hit them home , ashdod is 2 min away from Ashkelon and Yerushaliem is on the chopping block too.

Milhouse said...

1. It was worse than this in the '70s and '80s.

2. I don't believe for a second that either Shomrim or Shmira beat up any innocent black kid. Yidden don't do that, not even those hooligans from Shmira :-) Whoever beat the kid up, I'll bet he had a good reason. Naturally he's not about to come out and say why he did it, because that would be a confession that he did do it, and the police wouldn't care about his reason, but mark my words, that kid was not innocent.

Anonymous said...

If one more person says "the guy from Brooklyn" I will punch in computer screen. Not that anyone will care.

Nussy said...

'The guy from Brooklyn'
Reminds me once when I was fiddling with the radio dial in 1991/2 approx and hit some missionary station with a Jews for J meshumed preaching about moshiach: 'Who do you think the Messiah is, the guy from Brooklyn'!?

Anonymous said...

is this picture real?

they both look sober...

schneur said...

Tzig. What you write about CH is true in general Mayor Blumberg has apparently told the police to stop aggresive policing of our streets.
I do not undertsnad why as the result of all of this will be an end to safe streets leading to an end of the real estate boom in many sketchy neighborhoods.
The subways are once again full of pan handlers, and vagrants, many of them violent. In the last 3-4 months whenever I travel on the A train on Sundays I am "assualted" by pan handlers and verbal anti Jewish comments. Police officers huddle in groups and do not patrol.
I have no solutions. It would behoove the Jewish community in NYC to get behind a serious law and order candidate for mayor otherwise it will be even worse.
Althoug I do not have such, I still think every Jew in NYC should have neshek.

Rebbetzin said...

wow, you're scaring me.
i guess if you don't waste your time reading then you remain ignorant of all this violence.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I see you like the head-in-the-sand approach.....

laughing said...

i have been looking into the blog for a couple of weeks and i want to laugh sometimes. you have these anonymous and snag who spew venom at a huge group of chassidm, for everything - from not moving out, not being jewish, being different etc etc. they know very well that not one of their gedolim would approve their behaviour - using internet, speaking rechilus, spewing sina. if you dont have a life seea shrink and try to get on with it.
on the positive note - satmarc seems like such a positive guy always with a godd comment

SatmarTC said...


Most of these anonymous look that they are hired ,they have an agenda anti chassidish and anti-Lub Rebbe
I am just among the neutral guys who enjoy to read this blog

Chaim Hersh said...

How do you know whether an anonymous person has an 'agenda'?
How do you know if they are many or few?
If someone disgarees with your opinion is that called an 'agenda'?

Btw baal hablog has been quite clear that he has an agenda, why is he allowed and others not?

(Es iz gekeemen der tsayt btw, az dee zolst schoin auslernen vee tzee schraiben geherig auf English , vayl vehn eech layn dayn comments vais ech nisht farvous zei machen nisht kahn sense, vayl zei zennen takkeh narish oder dee kenst nisht masbir zayn kloor auf english vous dee vilst arausbrengen)

SatmarTC said...

chaim hersh

I don't care who has an agenda or not and btw , u r alowed to desagree
and also it would be very bored if everyone have the same opinion
If laughing understands my comments, maybe u need to take some chat comprehension reading course

Anonymous said...

we need help on this blog