Thursday, May 8, 2008

Travels To The Far East

A long-time friend of Circus Tent traveled to China and Hong Kong and saw Chabad at work. Others too. This is what he sent. Some pictures were taken with a cellphone camera, so excuse the low resolution, please. He says a report of activities will follow soon, iy"h. In Hong Kong there are 4-5 places to daven and learn, with plenty of kosher food to boot. On the mainland is another matter, there you'll need to use make use of Chabad's hospitality, with the support of those who frequent the shuls there.

Chabad in Hong Kong Shul. Partial View.

Chabad in Guan Zhou, China, shul interior.

Chabad in Guan Zhou, China, exterior.

Chabad in Guan Zhou, China, dining room.

The Ohel Leah Shul In Hong Kong. Built a long time ago by the wealthy Sassoon family of Bombay, India.

Sefardi Kolel in Hong Kong. Most of the Yungeleit who learn there come for a while from Israel and get handsome compensation. The "patron" is a rich Sefardic Jew who was "Chozer BiTshuvah" and wanted a Kolel of his landsleit (sefardim) there for him to support. The pictures were taken during Bein Hazemanim, so the benefit of the doubt is in order here.

Same as Above.


Anonymous said...

the buildings lubavitch has around the globe is impressive

therefore i beg all lubavitchr chasidim

הסירו את אלקי הנכר !!!!!

for yr good and the good of yr children please remove from yr society all the things that smells of shabtai tzvi and the believe wich is simialar to oso hoish

suce as mosiach, or that the rebee lives לעולם ועד" ר"ל" ,like god r"l,or that the rebee is god like, or as one lubavitchers calls the rebee our lord r"l, and you will be the crown of the jewish people

bcs nice buildings and prayer houses, if they are not dedicated the believe in one god then its worthless for jewish people, like churches and reform synagoges
and its אסור עפ פסק הגדולים to pray there just like churches and reform synagogs!!!!

therefore pls i beg you, do tusuve
and start believing in
שאין יחודות כמוה, אחד יחיד ומיוחד

then klall yisroel will be proud about you, and yr furure generations will be rescued for hasem and will believe in the real g-d!!!

JJ said...

stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

A Pavlov dog's reflexes were more intelligent than those of some people. Anything that smells of Yoshka needs to be removed? I can give you thousands of things in yiddishkeit which smell of him, and there is a good reason for it -- they took it from yiddishkeit. Why don't you grow up and stop being an am ha'aretz.

SatmarTC said...

I don't think that Rabbi Belsky would move to China to help Yddn even told by hid Rebbe

Anonymous said...

even if chabad would c"v get rid of anything like that, the misnagdim would find some other problem.

before the whole moshiach issue it was tefillin, mivtzoim, etc., all of these things they eventually started too, and made as if they were the first.

eventually, they will be mishechistin too, then they will find a new problem with chabad.

Willoby Scheezel said...

It's "ELOHEI" haneichar - not ELOKEI!!!

Rebbetzin said...

Isn't it interesting that a post about goodness (it's hard to find something wrong with a shul), has only 6 comments, and the others have an average of 40?

What does that say about our love of controversy (otherwise known as פירוד, מקור הקליפה)? and our blindness to goodness (אחדות, הוי' אחד, קדושה)?