Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lubavitch In The Press

Lots of Lubavitch stories and pictures in almost all Charedi printed media outlets this week.

What gives?

Must. Give. Credit.

Painful as it may be...


Anonymous said...

most publications allow paid submissions to apear as news articles.

Hirshel Tzig said...

this wasn't paid, at least not the story in the Mishpachah. It was a regular column.

Anonymous said...

noone denies that lubavitch has both good and bad elements and traits- rebbe and his ideals; good.

misguided, arrogant denial; bad. the stories are about the good

Anonymous said...

Friday, July 11, 2008 4:12:00 PM, said:

"noone denies that lubavitch has both good and bad elements and traits- rebbe and his ideals; good."

Are you calling most of klal yisoel noone?

SatmarTC said...

Mishpachah is paying back for recent mistakes

Anonymous said...

Lubavitch never write about others.
People unfamiliar with Lubavitch don't realize what and why they are strongly disliked amongst other Heimishe.
This blog is a good place to get to understand what real Lubavitch is about.

Schneur said...

The previous blogger is not correct. HE is wrong.
KFAR CHABAD magazine consistently reports about the deaths of various no Chabad gedolim and other sorts of stories.
The same is done by others in the myriad of Chabad media outlets.
What most of these stories share is a sense of superiority in that it reports how these people were completely subservient to the Lubavitcher rebbe and considered him the gadol hador.
The Machne Hacharedi recently had a story about the Zemach Zedek in its Englsih section which gets better by the month.
The story had no mention of Belz, it was just a bio of the Zemach Zedek as a posek and Chassidic giant. Nothing like that would appear in a Lubavitch publication.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Landsman's story in the Mishpacha. (on a side note:yet another letter misplaced by Mazkirus...there seem to be no end of those).

Anonymous said...

In kfar chabad they have on a weekly basis long articles about sephardic gedolim with no chabad affiliation. But Kfarchabad is a innerchabadnewsletter vs the .Machne Hacharedi that claims to represent the all charidei tent eventough they sell maybe thousand papers,