Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Intimidators get intimidated

My good friend Josh Harrison from Chakira Blog sent me this email that he got from one Ari Weiss of Uri L'Tzedek: Tav HaYosher shnorr letter July 2012 It seems like the do-gooders can dish it out, they can harass you until you're out of business and worse, but when the going gets tough they run to their mommies to shnorr for money.


Reb Hirsh said...

The highest concentration of kosher consumers in the world, in Israel, hasn't a single Tav Hayosher hechsher establishment.

And the largest concentration of kosher consumers in the Diaspora, New York City, has a mere 9 establishments in total, out of how many ?

They will be gripped by the talons of Samael, in the hell fires of Be'er Shachas, lidroin oilam.

Rachmana Litzlan.

Ha! Yosher? said...

The 'hand shake' logo should change to 'hand out'. (Maybe we can get that donates as well.) Name to be changed to the "Ethical Steal".

למה יחרה said...

reb hirsh: "They will be gripped by the talons of Samael, in the hell fires of Be'er Shachas, lidroin oilam."

?פארוואס די טויטע קללות אויף אַ יודן

Yanover said...

I've been living in the Baltimore-Silverspring area for the past two years as I get my degree from a local college(Nu? vi kenn ich machn a parnuse?).

Tav HaYosher is a complete farce. first, they dont really make any changes in businesses. they just want their placard to be seen by customers in the restaurants.

Come to silver spring, go to the pizza shops and see for yourself that they hire illegal immigrants (and I don't think they pay them above minimum wage either).

I have a friend who was mashgiching at these places, and some of the businesses such as the Hillel at the University of Maryland, withhold wages owed to the workers, and dont pay the full paychecks on time. YET THEY ARE CERTIFIED BY TAV YOSHER!

No one pays Tav HaYosher [yet] for certification. It doesn't serve a purpose other than to give Shmuly Yanklowitz and his leftist liberal wackjobs from Riverdale (Avi Weiss- the one who gives smicha to Sarah Horowitz) fame and makes them feel frum.

These people are not yerei shumayim, theyre prutzim (I have seen this with my own eyes!) and they dont keep cholov yisroel even. so who are they kidding?

This whole "kosher is ethics" trend comes out of the Rubashkin witch hunts, with conservative "Rabbi" Moris Allen from Minnisota and his hechsher tzedek, trying to hijack and get a foothold into the kashrus industry.

RMF said...

Yanover: "and they dont keep cholov yisroel even"

RMF former president of the OU, which began as a modern orthodox organization! and gives hecsher on
OU-d is that colev yisruel? or has some RMF type heter!

Fleur said...

Dear Reb Hirsh,

I hope this comment finds you well, I was hoping you could please fill in some details on the allegation of "harassment" that you level against Tav Hayosher- I serched your site but could only find this post-could you share any further info with us?

Regarding the above comments by Yanover; I belive you owe Rabbi Weiss an apology, you may not agree with him or like what he does but there is no need for your lack of derech eretz.

Second regarding your comment of "these people are prutzim"-which people would that be exactly? Who are you acussing of what exactly?

Finaly regarding your comment "they don't even keep 'cholev yisreal' I am sure you are familiar with Reb. Moshe Feinsten's psak permiting cholev stam in this country. Please don't deride a perfectly kosher practice in public just because it does not suit your level of observance.

Best wishes to all,

Ian 'Shea'-Christner

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Reb Ian

when you say "your comment" what are you referring to?

Fleur said...

Sorry for not being clear the part of my post which reffered to - "your comment" was directed to Yanover when he stated"...and they dont keep cholov yisroel even. so who are they kidding?"

Yanover said...

Let me explain what I meant by my Cholov Yisroel comment. I was trying to make the argument, which I obviously failed in properly presenting, that for these people
(Yanklowitz et al, and other Tav Yosher ilk) present their tav yosher as a mark of their own "piety" and frumkeit. when they dont even keep cholov yisroel which is more important for a so called "baal nefesh" (as Reb Moshe's heter implicitly states from the beginning).

If you want to be frum and pious, be frum and pious. but dont make things up to make yourself look frum. be authentic.

tibi lotzi said...

thanks for puting on the pedestal the star of the NEFILA of this mosser Wiess, In Modern hebrew he is titled a Roked Al Hadam....
He will rot in hell for helping besmirch a yid ans causing a impriosonment of a father of 10 kids.....
he has a din of a poresh min hatzibur(look in Shulcan orech hilchoth taanith and look in the mogen avraham)vien loi chelek leolom haboi.....