Thursday, July 26, 2012

addendum - letters from the Rebbe Rayatz נ"ע to RYDS

Here's what I have so far. There are more, I just can't post them all. Smaller pictures can be clicked on. I bring a page from Rakeffet's book as well, since one of you asked for "proof." I believe it was Elchonon. Not all of the letters are proof, but they're very nice to see in any case.

From Rabbi Aron Rothkoff-Rakefet's book



elchanan said...

Thanks for the letters.
I find them interesting.
I"m still not sure of how much they helped,as you see, to rely on the book, it was the American contingent that was a bit wary of R'Yoshe Ber, so I don't see how a letter from a conservative European rabbi would've helped.
Without seeing the whole issue,I seriously doubt that R'Yoshe Bers candidacy was in great doubt or needed major "pushing".As unlike his father he was college educated with a PHD and spoke English! So he was all his father was, plus a man with Western education,unless there were elements attempting to drag YU, towards the Conservatives, since I"m sure you know that the Conservative Seminary, started out Orthodox, and Solomon(שניאור זלמן) Shechter, who later took it Conservative came from a Chabad backround,so maybe they wanted to become the Seminary, "koidem hachet" so to speak?

West Side said...

Did you ever read all the books regarding YU?

dovy said...

no offense, but here and in your comments before you sound like someone with very little knowledge on this subject who has no interest in actually researching it but just wants to spout ignorant speculation.