Monday, August 4, 2014

The Holocaust testimony of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Rubin - מוזשאי'ער רב

היות תשעה באב became the frum version of יום השואה והגבורה - not chas vesholom in a Nationalist way, but rather to induce sadness in our bourgeois existence so that we feel melancholy. And being that a reader was kind and thoughtful enough to send us this link, among others, we present to you, dear readers, the links to the Holocaust testimony of Rav Menachem Mendel Rubin, zt"l, Muzhai'er Rav in Flatbush. Son of Reb Yakov Yisroel Yeshurun of Sasregen, hyD, and scion of the Ropshitzer dynasty. He was married to a daughter of the sister of the late Satmar Rov, Reb Yoel, zt"l, and was thus a nephew through marriage. Muzhai and Sasregen shuls, the latter, founded by his brother Reb Mordechai Dovid Rubin, are what are responsible for the great Hungarian renaissance in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. They brought Hungarian and Marmuresian Judaism to an otherwise spiritual wasteland. Without them we shudder to think what that neighborhood would look like... These videos are an irreplaceable treasure.

The two pics above are as a member of the Bergen-Belsen Rabbinate. 

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Masseh Rav said...

He despised the Livaks, suffering from their arrogance,
He was fighting them tooth and nail

Radishkovitzer said...

You obviously never met him. Shame on you for slandering him like this. I spoke with him numerous times, and he was a paradigm of ahavas Yisroel - and not the fake Satmar type mind you. I am an authentic Litvak by the way, and I spoke with him many times about Litvaks and Chassidim. He was an old school Chassidishe Ruv in all that it entails. None of the narrowness of today's Chagas chassidim.

Yanover said...

you talk of chagas chassidim and you want me to think youre authentic litvak? You sound a bit 'contaminated' by chabad...

Non Magyar said...

He was not a ben achar ben.
The Ropshitzer was a Horowitz. He had a son-in-law Rubin.

The Muzai'er married the Satmar Rebbe's sister's daughter not grand daughter.

You obviously didn't watch the whole thing. He mentioned the above.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort.
Link to part 3 gets back to 2nd part of interview.
Please re link to part 3.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


at first I wrote sister's daughter, then I heard him say that his great uncle the Satmar Rov didn't care to eat the original afikoman, so I changed it to great uncle. But maybe he meant my great, as in גדול

azigra said...

He should have been the Satmar rebbe's replacement.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


he WAS on the short list.

Anonymous said...

Oy Vey
Vos hob ich oifgetun?
Now you've taken down all the links!
Only third link was problematic!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I replaced it with the whole testimony in one clip. No need for other links.

azigra said...

btw did you get my email

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

yes, azi, and I responded!

Maseh Rav said...

My intentions was not to slander,I liked the Rebbe very much...
U read it probably before breakfast

Not a Harry said...

I would love to see a post about who was on the shortlist and how the candidates were vetted and settled on, other than the berach moshe asking rebetzin alte feige for the shtreimel and shtekn.

Radishkovitzer said...

I actually am an authentic Litvak. It's just that I agree with Lubavitch vis a vis the low spiritual level of chassidim...... At least Chabad is intellectual....

Just wanted to know said...

Is he reb bentziyons first shver?

Non Magyar said...

A brokh!
He was on the short list!

Running out of exclamation marks.

I didn't know him and its not respectful to make comments on a departed person.

This video should not be shown, it really doesn't reflect well on him
nor on Hungarian Orthodoxy/Satmar.

Actually it's an embarrassment and chillul Hashem.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


please tell us why you think that's the case, that it's an embarrassment.

Non Magyar said...

Lack of humility.
Self promotion
Self aggrandizement
Agenda driven
Taking shots at the Zionists.
Didn't take the slaughtering of Jews in Poland seriously.
The band played on while Poland was burning. (to mix cliches)
Contradicts himself.
Cringing and difficult to get through.
Even with giving him an allowance that he is not speaking his native language it was not coherent.
Would not put him in category of "kliger yid".

yitzchok w said...

Non Magyar
"The Muzai'er married the Satmar Rebbe's sister's daughter not grand daughter.

You obviously didn't watch the whole thing. He mentioned the above."
Was the sister a half sister? only from his mother but not from the Kedushas Yom tov?
I did not watch the videos yet.
I remember his strange Hesped by his Uncles Levaye in KJ.

azigra said...

non-Magyar, huh? this video is amazing and a important historical document. The Muzayer wrote most of this in a book too (which i read).

He determined for himself it was ok, he doesnt need your heter.

Anonymous said...

met him in Miami 1985
sweet man, very humble, taking time talk and smile to everyone

the way i heard it, rebbitzen feige wanted him to take over for 2 reasons. first she controlled him and as a payback against r' moshe who she never forgave for his infamous suggestion to the uncle after the war.

DOV said...

What was the infamous suggestiion to the uncle?

Confused said...

Can someone explain to me the silly Hungarian in-fighting politics?

I always hear Hungarians putting down their own from Marmarosh as a bunch of hillbillies and other things so nasty (IQ related) I don't even want to repeat them.

I am thus surprised Hirshel says that the Muszayer is from there as he was very respected by the Litvishe rabbonim in Flatbush.

Tirnauer said...

to divorce her, since she can not bear children

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lovely man. Is he related to the Rubin from Romania who married the daughter of R Avrohom mayor?

Stam Makshin said...

did any body ever ask, how did this Rabonim get their rabbinic attire with the cane?
it was only days after the holocaust where everything tuned in to dust and smoke?
How did they get satin?