Thursday, August 28, 2014

הרה"ק ר' אברהם יעקב פרידמאן הי"ד מבאיאן-לעמבערג: יארצייט ב' אלול

בחנוכת הבית של ישיבת חכמי לובלין בשנת תר"צ, כמדומני
 מימין אדמו"ר מסאדיגורא-פשעמישל זצ"ל, רבינו הי"ד, בן אחיו אדמו"ר הגאון ר' משה'ניו מבאיאן-קראקא - שהיארצייט שלו חל ביום ג' אלול ושימש כנשיא הישיבה הנ"ל, והרה"ק ר' דוד מסאכאטשאוו - השם ינקום דמם 

It takes work and concentration, and maybe even an accounting degree, to keep track of all the Ruzhiner Rebbes before the war. Like to know that Reb Moshe'nyu, despite being a Boyaner Rebbe, was not a Boyaner Eynikel. He was a Husyatiner who married a Boyaner, and was Reb Menachem Nochum, son of Reb Yitzchok's son-in-law. In other words he was the Lemberger's nephew. Today, after Hitler ימ"ש was done, that job is - unfortunately - alot easier. RAYF was the third son of the holy Pachad Yitzchok of Boyan, grandson of the holy Ruzhiner. RAYF was a Karliner and Tchernobler eynikel as well, his mother being the daugter of Reb Yochentshe Rachmistrivker, and his grandmother, the wife of Reb Avrohom Yaakov Sadigerrer the daughter of Beis Aron. He was known as a great Ohev Yisroel and Baal Tzedokoh where no Jew was turned away empty-handed. A short biography of RAYF can be found in אלה אזכרה ח"ג pages 28-31.



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