Wednesday, May 27, 2015

אן אלטער אידל פון 106 יאר and other Wednesday Links

magyar bor küzdelem!
ex-ChzonIsh'nik Tuvia Tenenboim warns us about NGOs and the Red Cross
UWS minyan for commuters
What about all the MO Kids texting on Shabbos?!
Ofra turns 40
renewed campaign against the טמא'נע מאגאזינען און לייען מאטעריאל


א רעכטער שפאסער said...

סארי רעב הירשל איך בין נישט קיין לינקער און איך ליין נישט קיין לינקס, ווען איך קען גיין רעכטס אהון פארוואס לינקס

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

גוט גוט

Torah True Jews said...

a war is brewing in Williamsburgh Brooklyn against Dirshu, there are long broadsheets with tiny words explain the damage that Dirshu will inflict on us the holy people of the holy rebbe of satmar
we know the torah without day yomi and the infiltration of Hofstedter....
wait and see

Superintendant Chalmers said...

What are the specific claims against Dirshu?

קרקשתא said...

וואס רעדט דער וויזתא

Torah True Jews said...


they are not from Unzere, thats enough

yankel said...

Great! a war! How can we make money on it? Can we sell t-shirts for either side? Maybe if I offer Hofstatter to not write pashkevillen for the other side, he will pay me? True שכר בטלה!

Rav Tiechthal said...

Reading about the Lives of the Zimmermans the winers is very sad, they lived in a Jewish town and their only friends were the non Jews.
then they were all carted away to auschwitz by the Non Jews
When will the Jew learn, the majority hungarian Jew were very assimilated and estranged from their own brothers.
its sad its very sad.
In our era its epeating under the guise of Natrunoi the Sakmer anti Israel wing (Its a charadie J street), is suffering from the same Magyar complex...
When will this stop???

america magyar amber said...

tiechtahl from munkatch? are you a 70 year preanual, ok we hesr you now go back to sleep

Anonymous said...

Dirshu Statement On The Formation Of A Coalition Government In Israel

NEW YORK, May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by the Dirshu organization regarding the formation of a new coalition government by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

"The Dirshu organization extends its warmest congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the formation of a coalition government. We are extraordinarily pleased that the new government is comprised of several Orthodox Jewish parties whose members are completely dedicated to promulgating Torah values and wholly committed to defending the ideals and beliefs that are at the very core of Orthodox Judaism. In light of the inclusion of the Orthodox parties in the coalition, we are hopeful that the government will be exceedingly mindful and respectful of the Orthodox way of life and optimistic that they will serve the State of Israel with grace and dignity throughout their tenure."
Dirshu is an international organization that encourages Torah (Bible, Jewish law) study in a wide array of subject matters, with a particular emphasis on review and retention of the material learned. Through the use of an innovative and unique model, Dirshu provides participants with a schedule of learning, which is followed by the administration of regimented exams on the material. There are currently over 100,000 people throughout the world who study Torah as part of the Dirshu curriculum and many participate in the tests given in conjunction with the program.
Aaron Troodler
(888) 897-7450

פון אנ אונזערע said...

למה אתם פוסחים על שתי סעיפים, הלנו אתה אם לצרנו

יאנקל תרח said...

דרשו -- לעזוב רשע דרכו ואיש אוון מחשבותיו, הפרד נא מעלי, צא טמא