Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chaim Dalfin's latest work - and other items that may pique your interest

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די חתונה פון ליפא דייטש צו אילת השחר בובליל
Chassidic culture or American greed?
A response to an earlier article article in NY Magazine. It seems like every wayward teenager now looks to make a name for him or herself by trying to make his or her people look bad. If they can't dredge up some accusation of abuse, then we're racists and worse.  And we plot and scheme how to shaft the goyim. Which is what the initial piece, which the above piece seems to be contesting, is all about. Crown Heights must be real proud of Ms. U.... NOT.[That didn't used to happen in the old days. You didn't spit like that in the well you drank from.]
R' Dovid Lifshitz (Suvalker) & Zipporah Yoselovich
Eli Fischer meets the Dejer Rebbe in, of all places, Dej!


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