Monday, January 25, 2016

how קנאים in Beit Shemesh deal with things not going their way

They see a Chabad shul or library and they're afraid. VERY afraid. They know how they have nothing but disdain for other Jews to offer to their own, so they're afraid that some of their own may seek inspiration elsewhere. Often times that place may be Chabad. Just because your father is a hater doesn't mean you are, although I often am shocked to see how many of the zealots have kids who just as they do. I guess blood is thicker than water, after all. More and more of these haters are beginning to see the light, namely that they've been fed hate and lies all their life. The days of smashing windows, etc. are basically over, so they're left with late night spray-paint raids. How nice.


zalman leib said...

This is probably the work of the thugs from asro kadisho with their radical supporters. All they know is hate and extortion tactics, and they try to be malbish their terrorist acts into kedusho.

oir sumaich student said...

lebel, preach to your kind like Ginsburg & co. actual terrorists.

choiker said...

Just wondering you Hershel being a product of chabad missionary is your father's kehila loss?
Or only chabad gain

zalman leib said...

Which ginsburg are you referring to, that you labeled a terrorist?

Mendel Choriner said...

"shin Bet, Police: Almost All Price Tag Attacks Carried Out By Followers Of Racist Extremist Chabad Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg" of chabad!

"Israel internal security officials believe that almost "100 people" have carried out the wave of recent price tag hate crimes against Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, And officials say almost every one of them is a student or follower of the notoriously racist Chabad Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg and his close disciples."

"mosques and churches and that most of them are far-right activists from the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, hilltop outposts north of Ramallah, and from the south Hebron Hills. And officials say almost every one of them is a student or follower of the notoriously racist Chabad Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg and his close disciples."

Ginsburg, started to study the Chabad school of Chassidus in depth. That year he visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and remained in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for several months. 

In 1983 he was asked by Jerusalem rabbi and philanthropist Yosef Eliyahu Deutch to serve as head of the Shuva Yisra'el Yeshivah 

Ginsburgh lives with his family in Kfar Chabad, Israel and delivers classes throughout Israel, the United States and France. He devotes most of his time and resources to writing and publishing original works on Kabbalah and Chassidut !!!

torath hamelech:
kill Arab babies sleeping in their cribs because eventually the babies will grow up to hate Jews! or praising goldstein ym"s who massacred 29 Muslims and wounded 125 others! or the atrocities of your hate gangs carrying out the price tag crimes!? against arabs and christians!. with actions like this, do you still wander why the palestinians going around stabbing people?

הרבי חי, אבל החסידות מתה

עו"ד דב הלברטל טען כי חב"ד הפכה לארגון עולמי לחסד והשלוחים הפכו לפוליטיקאים ועורר סערה!!!. לאחר פרסום הדברים מערכת "כיכר השבת" החליטה לצנזר את הטור שפגע באלפי השלוחים

Lubabs think what "they don't know won't hurt them" But the whole world does know!

שמויגער said...

חוקר מיט א הויקער

zalman leib said...

Ginsburg does not represent chabad in any form whatsoever,and chabad does not condone price tags. And for all you haters out there ,chabad is very much alive, despite some dumb lawyers remarks. All of this doesn't justify the issue in the article itself. But as usual, when you dont have an answer, you obfuscate the issues.

Mendel Choriner said...

who is chabad? will the real one stand up!

fat cracker said...

zalman nice musur drasha, as they say, if you're alergic to gun powder don't go to war.

btw, the 3 or 5000 shhlicum declaring war on the U.N. and Gut! (see YWN) where they real lubab's or just make believe ones? (please don't explain me what they said or didn't I can read.) you can't have the cake and eat it to.

even the JP knows that lubavitche was against zionisim and capitulated! except the lubab's themselves they are in full blown denial.

jerusalem post
Sat.! 30 Jan 2016, 06:31 AM

"On the Hasidic end, Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Schneersohn (1860-1920) ruled that even if the Zionists had been observant, and “even if there had been room to believe they will achieve their aim,” observant Jews “should not listen to them” because the Talmud forbade the Jews to undo their exile, and a Jew’s hope is that “our redemption will be brought about by God himself.”

Nati Grossman said...

עו"ד דב הלברטל טען כי חב"ד הפכה לארגון עולמי לחסד והשלוחים הפכו לפוליטיקאים What is bad with a movement that does chesed?
what is bad that yidden use their political power to help yidishe kinder and yidishkiet....
why censor praise????
the satmars accuse chabad they dont do no chesed, now you have a basher whose claim to fame is bashing chabad, ranting that chabad does too much chesed on international scale...

habad said...

chabad does seek to convert others to lubavitch, especially targeting youngsters who are impressionable.i find this to be distastful