Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The time in December '45 that "Rabbi J. Teitelbaum of Szatumare" was more Liberal about the Agudah and Israel

Obviously this doesn't refer to the Baal VaYoel Moshe, but, rather, his nephew, Reb Yoel Majer-Teitelbaum of Kiralyhaza. Later in Boro Park. See pic below. It seems like none of the Satmar Rov's sister's children considered themselves zealotrs, not him and not his brother the Sassover. They worked with the Agudah. Although the Satmar Rov was to have said that he too was an Agudist, a REAL Agudist, from before they changed their opinion regarding Zionism and the Jewish State. If my memory serves me right, and if I remember פאליטיק talk from years ago, the Kiralyhaza'er referred to himself as Satmar Rov for a while, until he was convinced otherwise by his dear uncle's people. Meaning they told him that the title was taken. I guess he figured his uncle was in Yerushalkayim in 1945 and was the גאב"ד עדה החרדית, so he was free to use it. The shul on Boro Park's 49th Street is where older Hungarians/Marmuresians gather to pray and reminisce. The old Rov passed away some 30 years ago. Maybe they speak about the fact that they're among the only Yiddish speakers without shtreimlech left in the neighborhood. I see they still use the palm trees on the signage; they still want the עצי תמרים yichus. After all, they are descendants. 


emes said...

the kirahalz was rav in satmar after the war as well as rosh beis din for agunos after the war.

other soundbites,

his sister, chana, was married to the sighete, R Moshe, before the war.

his brother, the sassover, was the satmars eidim

his half sister, matila zaks, R Gershons rebbitzin

his wife, Chana Halberstam (her mothers father was the atzei chaim, brother of the satmarer)

goat watchers ass. said...

tzi: "a REAL Agudist, from before they changed their opinion regarding Zionism"

an oximoron and a blatant lie, of course SR exposed their hidden "agenda" (zionisim) to the world.

tam tam cracker said...

"Maybe they speak about the fact that they're among the only Yiddish speakers without shtreimlech"

and how they got rich.. the Kirachazer was a good business invester, and made many of them rich, buying property in Staten island, right before the Verezano bridge..

איציק הערש said...

כ'האב אמאל גיהערט דרשנ'ן דעם קיריעהאזער ביי א חנוכת הבית אויף א סאטמאר ביהמ"ד אויף קינגסטאון עוו קראון הייטס, ער האט גיזאגט א שיין וויצעל בנוכח הרב אין דער המהריט"ב האט געשמייכעלט אכ"מ להאריך

Rabbi Abraham said...

Halachaly the satmar rav author of veyoel Moshe was never the rav of town of satmar ruv
he lost the din torah against the Kehilah, who did not want him there

Blind Sheikh said...

was your rebbe ever rav in lubavitche?! was feinstein & kotler ever rav anywhere? btw you're lieng.