Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jake Turx takes it on the chin from the Prez

Truth be told it looked pretty bad when it first came out, but in this context it looks better. The phones were ringing off the hook in Frankfurter's office. Even Jake thinks it's not so bad... Is this Ami raising the ante and trying to go all official with a f/t man in the press room? Is this a first for a frum publication? Is he moving to the DC area?


JB said...

I don't know much about Ami but in my eyes this Yeke is a Hero! when asked to sit down! he "sheepishly" obeyed.. but started immediately to set the the record (his record) straight..

Mrs. Dunwoodys said...

The Yidden in Outremont Quebec and Spring Valley NY should learn from a Yeke how to respect Authority..

Israel Schneider said...

ברוך השם
בסיוע השמים

ברשות רבותי
לא זכיתי לראות
את הוידיאו
יעקב טורקס
= 557
= תקון עם הכולל
חזקו ואמצו
בעד עמינו וערי אלודינו
ובא לציון גואל
עכשיו, עכשיו
אמן ואמן ואמן
וכן - יהי רצון.

fact checker said...

terkeltaub is a Yekke?

Chuck said...

Mr TurX introductary comments to "suck up" to the President did him in. If he would have asked his question directly he would have gotten direct answer to a simple question.

JB said...

good thinking.


his name is, Jake Yeke - Turx Turk so he's close, walks like a duct acts like a..