Sunday, May 14, 2006

Circus Tent Links

Bozoyon: "Aryeh Kaplan is an Apikores"

Rapunzel: Is this Judaism?. She has issues, try and help her out.


zezmir said...

So, HT, What are your thoughts on Bozo's post?

Hirshel Tzig said...

One thing is for sure, this Rabbi of his in Motown should steer clear of terming others as Apikorsim, lest his own lack of faith, albeit due to lack of study, be exposed.

zezmir said...

How do you define Kol Yachol?

Theoretically speaking said...

The bottom line is - and its not a bad question - what makes Christianity wrong?

Is it because they believe that G-d can take a physical form?

Is it because they reject Chazal?

Is it because they reject halacha, etc.?

Is it because they persecuted us for thousands of years?

Is it beacuse their books are full of contradictions?

I mean, if someone takes a literal view of Kol Yachol, that would leave a possibility for G-d to take human form... but is that necessarily keneged haTorah?

Anonymous said...


So the question is: Is G-d limited by what Torah says he can (and "is allowed" to) do?

Theoretically speaking said...

What does Torah say he is limited to? Where does Torah limit Him?