Monday, May 29, 2006

Go בג"ץ Go!

(Elkanah, E Yisroel)

All of a sudden the BaGatz (High Court) in Israel may find some friends in the Charedim of Israel, especially the Chabad haters.

It Seems like some Chabad people in the Yishuv of Elkanah would like that the Mikvah under construction include a pool of בור ע"ג בור according to the Minhag Chabad and the Rabbi won't have it. So now it's up to the High Court to decide whether they're a part of Orthodox Judaism, which would force the Religious Council to heed their demands.

From YnetNews: "The two sides failed to reach a compromise and the High Court will have to decide whether the Chabad movement is part of the Jewish Orthodox group. If not, Chabad will be entitled to a separate and independent funding of a religious group, like any other recognized group."

Which means that the Chabadniks there are hoping that the court rules that they're not part of Orthodoxy so that they can get their Mikveh? What about the local Rabbi?
So which way do the haters root, part of Orthodox Jewry or not?

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Camp Runamok said...

And we wonder why the Geulah has not happened yet...

mo said...

Good question, in Chabad Modus Operandi however, when targetting a takeover of a community,
first, they declare the perfectly kosher existing mikve , built before they decided to show up and pick a fight, inadequate.
They have their own system which is the only thing they will use. Nothing else is kosher. Then they have to bring a clown of theirs, to fine tune the mikve to their specification.
Then they will say that the schita of the local rabbis is no good enough, and will want it replaced by the meat of an american felon of their community. Nothing else will be edible.
Then, they will pick on the community kitchens and restaurants, and will tell you , why not hire cooks and mashgichim of theirs?
They have no respect for any Judaism orthodox or otherwise.
Once they achieve those changes, they will tell you, that before they came -at the expense of the unsuspecting community- there was no yiddishkeit, they built the mikve, they established the kashrut.
stealing thereby the credit of old generations, and erasing the community identity, homogenising it, under their min , (crypto) messianic
tutelage. Those fortunate communities who can see thru them, throw them out soon enough.

shark bait said...

Geez mate, sounds more like the Kollels that have been sprouting out of Chabad seeds in recent years.

Hirshel Tzig said...

sounds like MO
has a chip on the old shoulder, no?