Friday, May 12, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary!

Today, the 13th of Iyar, was exactly one year from when we got fed up with the hate and lies and decided to act. The "anti-Tzemach" was born. Since then we have expanded to include exposing general lies and misconceptions that are prevalent about Lubavitch, especially those propagated by the Misngadic world. At times it's been difficult, there just wasn't any time to write, but we found the time and you were there for us, checking back many times daily for something new and exciting.

I'm not up to nominating posters to the Hall of Fame yet, simply because so many of you take extended vacations or leave for good. Also, one year of excellence doesn't make you qualified yet.

There is no intention to defame or expose people or movements, if I'd wanted to I'd have done much more of that and would've seen my hits skyrocket, making money or getting fame on other people's צרות is way too easy.

Your ideas are always appreciated, they're just not always suitable. So if I don't post the story you sent me don't get discouraged. I've allowed the vast majority of comments to pass even after needing to turn on comment moderation, so my objectivity is second to none.

Let's hope that B'Ezras Hashem the second year will be twice as successful for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Lies? I'd say, perhaps, misuderstandings or misrepresentations... I dont think if you can call TA a liar

Anonymous said...

How about this topic?

Hirshel Tzig said...

as far as lies go I wasn't NECESSARILY referring to him as a liar, it was more of a condemnation against others. He does however quote liars and lies as facts.

Anonymous said...

I heard that you met Berl this Shabbos? True?

Kurenitzer said...

Chazak Veamatz ! Although we have differences, I love your site and your choice of topics shows careful thought and a Chassidishe "kishke".
I always like to qoute the late Boyaner rebbe : Machlokes iz shlecht, chiluke deyos iz a gezunte zach !

Hirshel Tzig said...

who'd you hear from?

zezmir said...

Mazal Tov, H. It's your paper anniversary... I hope that your second year will be a great improvement over your first.

Hirshel Tzig said...


Do I take that as a compliment? or am I better off not asking?

Chashe said...

Keep it up! It's nice to hang around in a hiemishe place.

mb reader said...


Somebody wrote that this blog is about lies:
http:// theantitzemach.blogspot.c...nniversary.html
If so, where is the truth? Or where was the truth?

Hisrshel is nice fellow but he is all about counter speaking. I.e. you see the truth call it lies. And then comes the Kurenitzer and says that this way to go, contrary to his own proclamations. What a farce, all of it.
Tzemach Atlas | Homepage | 05.16.06 - 10:40 pm | #

FOS said...

Kurenitzer - yasher kayach for the Boyaner quote, pretty good.

Re quote above - I think it's possible to pick and choose and select things of value from both Tzemach and here. Kurenitzer did write above that he has differences with Tzig, he didn't give say he agrees on everything.