Thursday, May 4, 2006

More revisionism

This time courtesy of Feldheim (not Artscroll)

from Hirhurim

" An English language book has just been published on the life and teachings of the great Roshe Yeshiva of Lakewood. I trust that it has much merit, but it also puts on display the problem we face. There is a photograph from the first Chinuch Atzmai dinner which was held more than a half century ago. Amazingly, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik has been cropped out of the picture. What makes this distortion especially egregious is that he was at the dinner because Rav Aharon Kotler pleaded with him to come and be the main speaker. I might add that his speech was a memorable occasion that I still cherish fifty years later. It served as an expression of how our most eminent leaders from different segments of Orthodoxy knew of their obligation to work together."

Marvin רעדט צו דער זאך


oongarishe naar said...

So as long as it is critical of the despised 'snaga Marvin Shick is good?
Lubavichianity was pouring fire and brimstone on this same Shick for his 'chutzpah' of criticizing the Lubavichian big-dreck-wigs for bringing another Dershowitz to star at their dinner, a guy who grew up orthodox, left, kid married a shisa stars at the Lubavichian dinner?!
You will use anything, anybody as long as it puts your neo Christian cult in a positive light.
P.S remember the pics where the Rebbe 'grew' a skullcap for a passport picture and in another his stylish gray hat became super black?
Rename your blog 'The Hungarian pot that called the frying pot black'

oongarishe naar said...

This story about R'Moshe Shmuel Shapira you would never post, because you are only looking to bashmutz.
אין לשער את גודל האבידה בפטירת מרן זצ"ל,

כולם הרגישו בנים אהובים לרבם הגדול, אתמול אני הייתי שם, והגיע אחד התלמידים הזקנים וסיפר את סיפורו,

אני חסיד ויזניץ-כך סיפר, והגעתי ללמוד בישיבה בשנת תשי"ח, לא היה מקום לינה בפנימית הישיבה ושלחו אותי

ללון בבית המרא דאתרא שהיה אז הגאון הצדיק רבי משה מנחם יעקובזון זצ"ל, המקווה בישוב היה דוקא בצד השני

של באר יעקב , וכדי לטבול במקוה הייתי צריך ללכת לבלן ר' פנחס בייץ ז"ל לקחת מפתח ללכת למקוה לטבול,

המקווה היה מלא במים קרים כי לא חיממו באמצע השבוע, לאחר מכן הלכתי חזרה לבלן להחזיר לו את המפתח

ואז מיהרתי לישיבה לשחרית,

כשהגיעו ימי כסלו הקרים עם הגשמים והרוחות, נשברתי, כי הייתי אז הבחור היחיד שטבל במקווה, ולא יכולתי יותר,

לאחר כמה ימים ניגש אלי מרן ראש הישיבה זצ"ל ושאל אותי, שמעתי שהפסקת ללכת למקווה האם זה נכון?

כן- עניתי- ולמה, שאל, אמרתי לו, תיארתי לפניו את מצוקתי שקר בחוץ ואני צריך ללכת לבלן וכו' והמים קרים וכו',

אין כזה דבר , פסק מרן בחיוכו החביב- אצלי בישיבה אף אחד לא יתקלקל, ואמנם הבחורים פה לא הולכים למקווה כל יום
אבל מי שנהג ללכת חייב להמשיך כך ןלא להתקלקל,

מהיום הוסיף רבינו זצ"ל, אתה מקבל מפתח שיהיה לך משלך ולא תצטך ללכת לבלן, וגם אנו נשלם מכספי הישיבה

כדי שיחממו עבורך את המים במקווה כל יום, וכך תמשיך ללכת כל בוקר למקווה, וכמובן שכך עשיתי,

עד כאן הסיפור, בלי פרשנות,

zezmir said...

Is there much a difference between Feldheim & Artscroll anyway?
But so what? Everyone has their own historical revisionism, we are all advised to things from whence they come...

Hirshel Tzig said...

Roosishe Poyer

it seems like the Hungarians don't have a monopoly on Naaronim.....

all I said was that they're revising the life and times of the Kletzker Rosh Yeshiva to say that he never met Rabbi Soloveitchik if Boston. And if he did, is that so terrible? they weren't supposed to ever cross paths because he was a leader of Mizrachi? Will all of Lakewood frei out if they see that picture?

stop obsessing with Xtianity, it can lead to no good.

Hirshel Tzig said...

you're also a fool who cannot read. where was I critical of Schick?

Anonymous said...

Btw, check your history, cuz at the time I'm not even sure R'J.B was in the Mizrachi, he was a member of Aguda in the beginning.
Listen, chaver you don't get it:In no way am I condoning this silly censorship done by silly little petz all I said was that you, the Hungarian wannabee Lubabian, should not criticize historical revisionism till you clear the dreck from your communist,Pravda book publishers.

Anonymous said...

Lubavich inc. were attacking Shick, now u use him when it's kedai


did they include rav weissmandel's shita of RAK?

Hirshel Tzig said...


instead of using shorthand, why not spill the beans and tell us what you mean?!

Anonymous said...

uhhh, the Shas, remember?

Friendly Anonoymous said...

Rav Weissmandel had some practical plans to rescue Jews from Nitra. I imagine he ran into some difficulties getting the Vaad Hatzolo to release funds. It appears he wasn't the only one with such issues.

Anonymous said...

even more importantly, amshi, get back to your blog and post something.

baalbatish said...

Revisionism works both ways.
Feldheim advertises Chesbon Hanefesh by Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Satanov. It sounds as if he was a rebbe, der Satanover? In fact he was a maskil & vehemently anti-chassidim. Actually he lifted word for word Ben Franklin's "Rules of Conduct" to fight the growth of chassidim in Poland & Russia.
The Satanover is in and Rabbi Soloveichik is out.

Feldheim: Cheshbon Hanefesh

Sefer Ha-Hayim Blog

avremel said...


I thought Reb Yisroel Salanter was the one who lifted all the info from Satanover. I guess not. The main thing is that the Lubavitchers are heretics, right? (sarcastic question) :(