Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot News while-u-wait

(Photo courtesy of The YeshivaWorld

If you want constant and "exclusive" updates, pictures, and articles of the trip by the Gerrer Rebbe and HaRav Steinman by all means, pay a visit to our (former) good friend Yeshiva World. [Congrats on the new website]! Anything related to scandal in the non-Yeshivishe world also gets covered there, but of course, no mention of any scandal in the Frum world.

The reason I didn't cover any of those stories is because I don't usually copy stories from EVERY other blog, unless I have a unique angle on it. That's all there is to it.

If it's scandal in the Frum community you're after, Child abuse in particular, pay a visit to Unorthodox Jew. (I never understood that name, since he does claim to be a fully Ortodox Jew with an axe to grind against certain "bad apples". There you'll find links to many more stories of abuse and corruption in the pristine Torah waters, including embezzlement, breach of public trust, abuse and molestation by Rebbes, Rabbis, Teachers, Chazonim, gurus and counselors. He also goes out on the limb, calling the current scandal in YTT The Greatest Single Tragedy To Smite The Jews Since W.W. Two. A little much if you ask me.

The visit of these 2 Torah luminaries does seem a bit strange, not that it's not appreciated, it definitely is. It's just that it's not clear to me who actually ASKED that they come, I don't believe they decided on their own. Usually when a Rebbe or RY travels to a city it's either at the request of Chassidim/Talmidim there or to collect money. In this case there was no large group of Gerer Chasidim in LA or Toronto, and they did not go to collect money. Also each stop was for a very short time, not enough time to actually have much of an impact.

The incident in Montreal, where the Erev Rav wanted to protest the visit had a happy ending. I just wish people, and by that I mean Satmar, would see for what they are, not well-meaning people who go a bit far, but rather Jew-haters of the first degree.


Yisroel, australia said...

I actually heard that they did go collect money.
I heard they were very succesful too.

Hirshel Tzig said...


For whom?

Personal Tzedokoh funds that they conduct?

tzibaleh said...

Gerer rebbe has more ירושה money than he can count.

Y.W. Editor said...

They were asked by a few bored Baalei Baatim who have nothing to do with themselves.

Actually....let me rephrase that. They were FORCED to come by a few bored Baalei Baatim.

Hirshel Tzig said...


Forced to come to all those places? what's the point?

avremel said...

So let me get this straight:

a few bored Baleibatim FORCE the Godol HaDor, a man of more than 90 years old, to come AMUSE THEM?! and he obliges them?

BneiBraki said...

From the look on the face of Harav Steinman I think we can assume what he's thinking.

He's looking at the GR and thinking: וואס וויל ער פון מיר? ווען קען איך שוין אהיימפארען קיין בני ברק? איך האלט שוין ניט אויס

Anonymous said...

Small tidbit:
Rav Shteinman and the Gerer Rebbe are related through marriage.Rav Shteinmans wife was an eyneekel of the chidushe harim

Anonymous said...

Actually the gerrer rebbe went to the US to try and get some positive press --he is under tremendous pressue amongst his own --where relaistically the Rosh Yeshiva would have inherited the mantel of Rebbe however by brute force he took over --and today he is facing a popular uprising --which as you know in ger is squashed literaly by brute force --which only works until a certain point.......

Anonymous said...

By the way the reason that the rebbe initially backed out of Montreal was nothing to do with Satmar --Satmar just played into their hands and ger used that in their publicity offensive --the one thing they are good at

Kurenitzer said...

The above comment about the Gerer Rebbe is false. It is historically not accurate and provacative. It should be removed.
Reb Yankele WAS THE REASON that his father a very old man was chosen as rebbe over the Pnai Menachem after the Bais Yisroel died. The chasidim wanted a sharp man like Reb Yankele (The Lev Simcha called him mayn Chabadsker) as their leader.Of course some of the lomdim like Reb Pinchos Menachem.
Reb Yankele did not use force to take over. It was natural for him to replace his uncle as he was the alternative after his father died.
Of course R. Saul Alter and his family were disappointed in their father's early death which robbed them (at least for now) of the Admoruth of Ger.
I suspect after 120 or 150 as we say in Der Lita it will return to Reb Saul Alter. But let me wish the present rebbe arichas Yamim Yarich yamav al mamalchto and may his war agaisnt Satmar in israel continue with success.

Hirshel Tzig said...


war against Satmar in Israel?
I know there were some scuffles between the 2 groups, but a full-blown war sanctioned by the Rebbe, is that a fact?
care to elaborate?

Vaboylniker Chossid said...

'(The Lev Simcha called him mayn Chabadsker)'
Can you please explain that?