Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meron, then and now

(The old Shul above the ציון הרשב"י ז"ל)

(when you could still find a seat)

(culture clash)

(!הצלה, אני לא יכול לנשום)


zezmir said...

Any current pictures for contrast?

avremel said...

is that man Jewish?

Atlas said...

Your blog is dead and you deserve it.
Your immature obsession with spinning Lubavitch as 100% pure and almost all others, especially 'snags as 100% treif has done you in.Even Lubavitchers, notorious for twisting history and making up stories about themselves and their Rebbes have abandoned you, frankly because even they have had enough of your silly self congratulatory back slapping.
A blog is about news, ideas, intellectual challenges, not the same dumb repetitive Lubab nonsense.You did not even cover the sad elections of your clowns in Crown Heights also known as 'rabbonim'(Off on a tangent here, but it's takkeh sad the Lubavitch cannot even come up with even mediocre acceptable talmidei chachomim with some basic shimish in halochoh, oochedai bizoyon voketsef)No coverage of the fights with va'ad hakohol(and I'm not pushing you to that btw, cuz there is no reason to be marbeh machloikes, but you, a real grobbeh am ho'oretz, has the gall to attack, talmidei chachomim who have been learning non stop for 70,80 years, but suddenly are choshesh to loshon horo vechulu, when dealing with convicted felons and stam verifiable feeble minded idiots)Zero coverage of the two bozos whose credentials to lead the largest chasides, even if that chasides would be split in two, is their brand new white knickers.Oh, I forgot, they are related to you.Btw, the man they want to replace had not better credentials, besides having a whiter beard.No coverage of the Torah Temimah debacle.
No divrei torah.
You worn out lines that anybody , rov or laymen who had anything, negative to say about chasidim, was fed 'lies' or is bad is mind numbing stupid.The best proof is your own sick Lubavitch cult and the best proof in your own cult is the guy who proves the fears of Rav Shach, who said about Lubavitch 'livsof vellen zey dinnen avoido zoro' 'Rabbi' Ariel Sokolvsky.
The manic depressive Russian baal teshuva that caused you to open your own blog to 'defend' (lol) Lubab, runs at least an interesting blog.He is creative, quite open, at least on the days he takes his meds,and brings up interesting discussions about Lubavitch, but not only.Some of the historical stuff about Lubavitch discussed there is very interesting without any negativity.
The little action you did have on the blog was in the posts and that has been killed by moderation.
To sum things up Tzig:You probably are not a real bad person, but must be kicking yourself, at least subconsciously for joining the Lubab and therefore are now looking to 'prove' how 'bad' snags and others are to feel good about joining a mad, avodo zoro cult.
As a post note:The leading Lubavitch yeshiva in the U.S.A for teenage Lubavitch bochurim has a larger than full size portrait of the Rebbe in the yeshivas beis medrash!!!!(more than 6 feet tall)This is a clear sign of how the Rebbe is soon going to be worshipped just like Sokolosvky does.In the meantime the picture in 'only' in the back of the bais medrash, but it's just a question of time till it's moved in front the oron kodesh.(these fact is not widely known, since Lubab, thankfully are still ashamed of this, but eventually the lechatchila ariber attitude will 'win')

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that this would be posted, so some of it has to seen as private correspondence with Tzig

Hirshel Tzig said...


next time send it as an e-mail. I was trying to see if I still need comment moderation, I guess I do.......