Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cracking the code (Part II)

Hungarian Jew in Safed enjoying the view -(gotta love the gray slacks...)

So we continue trying to pick the brain of the editorial board of
Der Yid, trying to understand why the lecture to all those who dare to disagree with their shitah is necessary at that terrible time, when every other group understands that it was a time of only mourning - despite possible differences in Hashkofoh and opinion.

The editorial continues:

Yidden Maaminim Bnai Maaminim
believe that even a simple accident is not something that just happens, but an accident, being that it seems natural, doesn't shock the people. This situation, however, was differnt since it was a planned attack on the Beis Chabad in Mumbai. (At least Beis Chabad doesn't get the usual " " that most others get...) The attack also was not so as to achieve some sort of political or religious gain, the attackers were not asking for anything in return for the release of the hostages, all they wanted to do - according to the sole surviving terrorist, whose words are as good as gold - was to kill Jews in retaliation for the actions of the heretical regime in Eretz Yisrael. The Zionists have sown seeds of hate in the Muslim Ummah through their actions, DY says. I guess this is a masiach leFi Tumoy case where we're mekabel his eydus? They wouldn't believe the Tziyonim when they state their reasons for carrying out missions, so why believe a terrorist goy? But they thought of everything at Der Yid, and they cover their tracks by saying that they don't need the edus of the Terrorist, the Israeli Government said that it was an attack against Israel. I guess we do believe the Zionists when it suits us. The silly "logic" that we need to subjugate ourselves to the goyim in all matters pertaining to Israel - but do what we want in Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel - really gets old after a while, especially when the hypocrisy is as clear as can be.

Harav HaRoshi Yitzchok Issac Hertzog, z"l.

The article goes on and discusses the fact that Reb Leibish Teitelbaum, HYD, was forced to be transported in a coffin draped with the Israeli flag, an offense in and of itself since it was כנגד רצון המת, I choose not to discuss that now. But again the twisted logic of DY rears its head. They ask for that respect since די מדינה האט גורם געווען די אומגליק, with very little blame - or possibly none whatsoever - being placed on the heads of the Terrorists, it's all the Tziyonim's fault, Muslims can't help but kill Jews since the Zionists MAKE them hate and maim. Nothing about עשו שונא ליעקב, or similar מאמרי חז"ל, maybe they're מדייק דוקא עשו and not ישמעאל.... What also gets me here is despite Satmar's reputation as a Malchus shel chesed there's no concern for the Yesomim here, neither Satmar, Bobov, Lubavitch or Litvish. I'm sure they'll come up with nice sums of money for the family, despite the Volover Rov and his mechutan the TAY Rebbe siding with the other side in the Satmar dispute, but they don't seem to have that in mind soon after the tragedy, they have bigger fish to fry - ultra religious parties and Tziyonim! We need to get our jabs in even now and never let our children - even for a tragic moment - think that these Jews are to be respected. Hit that horse even and especially when he's down. That'll get the zealous point across!

Yet, despite the fact that we have all kinds of fair game here, editors at DY seem to save their best for Lubavitch - everybody's favorite whipping boy, the group that nobody would stand up for. Only a lifeless soul would find the need to aimlessly attack a man in his time of grief. Only a man who has nothing to live for and nobody to love would be so heartless, yet there are those of you who defend this attack, all in G-d's name, of course. You too need to do some serious soul-searching if you see can't see how vicious these words must be to the families. To prepare the ground they belittle accomplishments -typical of attackers - of the Beis Chabad. To deflect the inevitable question of why would a rebbishe kind like RLT be in a Beis Chabad they make it as if he was just passing by, like you would duck into a doorway to get out of a sudden rain shower. All that for what? so that they can bemoan that they had Government officials at the levaya, and that the hespedim were in do toomene shprach?! We have yet to discuss the main issue we have with the editorial, the problem they have with the "Real Goal" of the Beis Chabad.... When we discuss it - in part II, iy"h - we'll do a word by word dissection of the text and see how we understand it.


The Bray of Fundie said...

It's no wonder that DY identifies with the Palestinians. Both groups live only to hate and demonize "the other" and make it THE mainstay of their childrens khinukh.

For a khasidus that prides itself on authenticism and avoiding any Goyisher cultural osmosis this is a pretty grotesque וַיִּתְעָרְבוּ בַגּוֹיִם; וַיִּלְמְדוּ, מַעֲשֵׂיהֶם

NITPICK DY? said...

Bray, where do you see "DY identifies with Palestinians" disassociating with the Zionists does not mean associating with anything, except with Meshiach,
H'yad Hashem Tiktzor, only those that don't truly believe in Hashems Meshichistic plans ACT in the interim,
Gules Is a punishment Geula is the end of a punishment ,in the interim we have to depend on the nations of the world to protect or spare us,even when it means wandering ,
The above is plain Fundamental points of the Jewish religion, Hashem is a G-D of Rewards and Punishment, the predefined collective punishment for the Jewish people is NO government, till hashem changes this, through His predefined plan "that A Goiel will be come and redeem the jewish people"
someone who believes the above will not nitpick the hogwash that comes out from der yid or any newspaper, HE WOULD RATHER NITPICK THE TEXT MESSAGES THAT CAME OUT OF MONTFURY CEMETERY THE LAST 58 YARS

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Montfury.... I like that!

Anonymous said...

What nitpick writes was the basic opinion of lubavitch, till shazar paid to campaign differently
and that campaign brainwashed you

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

is that what they taught you at UTA?

address the issue said...

Hershel! so someone points out to you, the underlying "frame of mind" of der yid, and the only thing you like is the spelling of montfury,
he was really telling you, that you are defected in 2 principals of our faith ,
1)you are not mekabel the punishment that hashem gave the Jewish people
2)you are not relying on hashems plan for the role of Mushiach
the rest is narihkeiten

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

defected? you mean defective?

2 principals? which ones? ביאת המשיח and?

besides, since when is taking money from the State a חסרון אין אמונה אין ביאת המשיח?! Hundreds of Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva disagreed with the Satmar Rov on that.

Besides, the point was that at the time of the levaya is not the appropriate time for your lectures.

TT pre shazar said...

no, that what was taught in TT pre shazar it was before your times in vodka town

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I see. so whom can I ask in Vodka Town about this? Or maybe in Old Williamsburg Town?

ומעניש לעוברי מצותיו said...

ומעניש לעוברי מצותיו is one of the Ani Mamins that most of Klall your has adopted to say every day in order to strengthen their faith,if you would be b'Achdes with klal yisroel you would had said it daily,saying it out with your mouth daily would have washed away those literature that you read that defy hashems decrees on am yisrol and you would have not ended up in bed with them,
There is no timeout from spreading the words of hashem especially the principals of faith even when meisu mitul lefunov
Someone who is true believer in BeeAs hamushiach canot take money from someone that does not wait for mushiach (you heard of such a thing " A split Between meschisten?)
And someone who takes money from them will take see no חסרון in his faith because "money talks and receipeiants listen"

Nesivos Olem said...

Nesivos Olem Malochim
205 Hewes St
Brooklyn NY 11211
I am afraid they don't have a website or an email address(yet)

Part III? said...

Hershel write that you are going to discuss the real goal of a Beis Chabad ,can i direct you to a Indian government source that may shed light on one of the intents of a beis chabad In the Mumbai attack evidence supplied by the Indian government they describe the Nariman house as a 5 storied building purchased 5 years ago by a Jewish organization called "Chabad Liberation Movement of Hasidic Jew" was Holtsberg a meshichist ? or do you have anotehr explanation
a gut shabbos

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

part III:

you REALLY think they named it "liberation movement?" are you that gullible?

It was called Chabad Lubavitch of Mumbai. ZeHu.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Ovrey Mitzvosov that's you, because you had a - defective, yes, but still - Jewish education. Even according to the CI 50+ years ago these people are full-fledged תינוקות שנשבו, so I doubt the Ani Maamin would apply to them.

As far as my literature that I read: All I can say is that I'm pretty much a naive child when it comes to literature. I have read very little non-kosher literature, and zero Apikorsus, so stop with the ignorant lecture and give that to Menashe Fulop.

The Bray of Fundie said...

Bray, where do you see "DY identifies with Palestinians"

When speaking about the crimes of the "Zionist entity" they sound like echo chambers of one another.

Isn't the justness of the Palestinian cause i.e. the legitimate claim to ALL of EY (until the ge-ileh) a basic plank in DY editorial platform?

faish said...

Where is the middle pic from?The one that looks like a kolel scene?
Sorry, Tried to read the post but could not finish.Same boring, obsessive narishkait.
Pics were good, though.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

sorry Faish, no can do. You hurt my feelings one too many times.

First say you're sorry.

Part III? said...

you REALLY think they named it "liberation movement?" are you that gullible?

In this link you can see that the nariman house was bought under the name liberation movement
I also saw a picture of the yellow meshiach banner on the wall of the fifth floor of the nariman house was he a meshicist or he wanted to liberate India for the ????

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

wow, I thought I had heard it all.....

Liberate it for what?

a billion people?

Did somebody put something in your oatmeal this morning?????

Anonymous said...

Umanish Leovrei..
Is Bloomberg( Yisroel Mumar) a Mamin in the Yid Gimel Ikrim even Metzitza Bepa he didn't deliver to us, what the hell are ypu talking about, Reb Yoelish was licking every US politiciam As Abe Koch (Yisrol Mumar) that introduced Gay Rights to NY Or Abe Goeges the out of the closet mishkav zochernik was every year in satmar boys camp and girls camp, was that not Chanifa Lershoim? in which Shulchan Oruch is it written that these halochas are only for politican from Medinas Yisroel ask your Natronai buddies

Anonymous said...

your post was 100% on the point r, these people are off the wall, they became so left wing as the extreme hamas, I remember reading a article by Menashe Fulop the biggest Satmar ideologue in Der Zeiting against president Bush that he is too right wing a "Milchomo Tzinder" So i tought to myself aren't you a Megara Beumos especially on a president of the country that you live in? their anti Israel obsession is turning them into Palestinian robots.

browser said...

Tzig,why do you waste your time with satmar,they are nothing but criminaly insane ignorant savages,
who have this pathological hate not only to israel but to every jew
who does not belong to their cursed chasidus,
thank g-d these rabid jew haters will not last long,as we can see they are busy destroying each other
and lets wish both sides much hatzlacha.
this is from someone who grew up in satmar.



Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

not survive?! have you seen how many there are lately?

Anonymous said...

I thought we made headway with the type of commentators, but I see we have much more to go. Al kol panim stop wasting your time. "Lo mayhem veloy me'hamoinam"! Plesae don't bothe with Der Gid part III. Einom re'ooyim KLAL veKLAL, zay zaynen neetuh!!!!

Y"T Sheini

Anonymous said...

To Y"T Sheini

zay zaynen neetuh!!!!

is this pre Achdus or ahavas yisroel and since they evaporated back then, the achdus campaign had no CHhalos on the satmers
or maybe not,
they are notlubavitchers "yet" so hershel is right we have to masbir to them boifen hamiskabel so we have to reach out to the satmers even in gaza

schneur said...

When the Rebbe was alive Der Yid's attacks on Israel were answered by the Rebbe at farbrenguns reaching a crescendo when the Rebbe called out numerous times LO mehem velo Mayhomonom !!! Today who is going to respond to them the Novominsker ?
When the Ruzhiner wanted to establsih an exclusive Jewish town in Galicia I think it was Potok to house jews under his baaylus, the Posek hador rabbi Shlomo Kluger came out against this in a teshuva.
There is more merida beumos in KJ than in Israel.At least in Israel it is a question of Pikuach Nefesh, why the constant merida in KJ ?Long before Zionism the British rep in Hebreon and jslm James Finn in the 19th century cabled the British embassy in Jslm from Hebren to send troops as the Arans were going to slaughter every Jew there .

Anonymous said...

to Schneur:
The Noviminsker does need money to market his messianic aspirations ,so he dosent care if anyone says that having a jewish government is not in line with the Gezeires Hagules,
Managing a goishea municipality is not considered having a State, having a Jewish army violates Hashems Decrees on the Jewish people

catch 22 said...

the Jewish people in EY are not any safer today then sixty years ago for every Jew that is born, the Arabs have six ,for Pikuch nefesh sake its a no win situation only mesihach can save them ,and according to the satmer rebbe zl he cant come till the medina is resolved

Anonymous said...

chaim writes:
zig,why do you waste your time with satmar,they are nothing but criminaly insane ignorant savages,
who have this pathological hate
not only to israel but to every jew
who does not belong to their cursed chasidus,
thank g-d these rabid jew haters will not last long,as we can see they are busy destroying each other
and lets wish both sides much hatzlacha.
this is from someone who grew up in satmar.

you blew it when you write that you grew up in satmer ,then you would have known ,that they only fight among themselves about who should own which peace of real estate, but far from destroying each other, they grow by leap and bounds

Anonymous said...

Anon 8;16
Is the Din (according to you, by me nothing can be labeled as a din if its not in shulchan oruch or in Rambam)of Hisgarous Beimas only when its a country? When does it become a country when its registered in the UN?but the midrash in shir hashirim was before the UN? you should know and tell your kids that Chilul Hashem by going everyday to the Record in Kj is brought down in Rambam as a aveiro that teshuva doesnt help, but the Gimel Shevouth is not brought sdown in Rambam or Shulchan Oruch.

Anonymous said...

Catch 22
Are you talking from a frumme yids viewpoint? then eretz yisroel is a place with more hasgacha as the posuk Eretz Asher Einie Elokecho..
From a secular viewpoint then you have to take your fate in your own hands, as you do with all your medical and business decision

ואבדתם מהרה מעל הארץ הטובה said...

To Anon 9:31
no!!! in our days the other posuk Vunoichi Astir Astir Ponei Mihem applies
that a Jew can explain himself "from a secular view point"
by the way a Jew can make Hishtadlus on medical or business dilemmas but on a national level he is prohibited to have a state or an army he has to negotiate or escape

Anonymous said...

Hastores Ponim didnt start today, it was in Spain and Tach vetat and all pogroms in the Ukraine, You can not enforce on Klal Yisroel a midrash that is not in standard halacha you can keep it for your kehila as a minhag hamokem

Isaac Balbin said...

My journalist contacts in India tell me that the claims by the single unnamed source regarding the "true" intent of the attack on Mumbai has not been corroborated. Furthermore, Indian Journalists are tardy with their sources and prone to extreme hyperbole.

There was another claim, for instance, that the Shiv Sena didn't want Chabad to return to Mumbai. Again, one of my contacts directly attempted to corroborate this view and found the opposite. My contact claimed that there was much politicking going on because of regional elections, and thinking Indians were embarrassed by these loose pronouncements.

In time, the truth may come out. My personal opinion is that the Chabad House was an opportunity not to be "missed" but that the motivation was largely to (further) ignite the realpolitik between India and the Pakistanis.

Whether Reb Gavriel HY"D was or was not a Meshichist really has no bearing on this story, and the suggestion that it does is abhorrent. His contact information still lives in my address book, and I can't bring myself to delete my frantic sms's to him during the conflict.

Anonymous said...

Vavadetem Mhero..
In the years when Doviv Hamelech had wars day in and day out, which Posuk applied then Eretz asher Einie ... or hastoras ponim?
When the security of the village of Monroe is endangered do you take Moshe Lieb Vitriol and his boys to put up security or in Williamsburg you had Reb Moshe Hoffman establish Shomrim for the security , why is israel different ? the answer is its not different you just got hooked on some Midrash and Klal Yisroel is not about to jump on your band wagon