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24 Teves Flashback

Harav Mordche Gifter

A Reader Writes:

In you recent post "24 Teves Flashback" you write in connection with the רבי נ''ע's worldview:

"The RR saw this Ma'amar HoEylom as he saw many other things differently than the rest of the Chassidishe world, namely that you don't just get something for nothing, and even when offered טאר מען ניט נעמען. The Rebbe does not need to be "Maygen" on you just because you asked for it, you need to work at it, and be deserving of it." While the topic itself calls for broader discussion [there's enough evidence to support the alleged "Paylishification" of Chabad. While i'm not sure how to reconcile all the relevant quotes, i do think that in order to conduct an analization of any idea with integrity one must be fore and foremost intellectually honest. Brushing away any citation which doesn't quite fit with ones forced thesis as "misconstrued" is as erroneous as those that attempt to ignore the other sources which don't exactly favor their lifestyles and choices. וד''ל ואכ''מ

I just wanted to draw your attention to a recent Teshura [Chaiken - Rosenfeld. Montreal, Teves 5769] where under the scaned photo of a 5 rubel note there is the following description [translation mine]:

"The Rebbe Rashab once called HaRav HaChossid R' Yisroel HaLevi Levin Shu"b, [also] known by the name R' Yisroel Nevler Z''L, and HaRAv HaChossid R' Eliyahu Shmuel HaKohain Z"L Kahanov the great grandfather of the Chossen. When they arrived once to visit the Rebbe he requested of them to go the Beis HaShechita and spend the day there monitoring the goings on, and to then return and report what they saw. And so they did. After debriefing, the Rebbe asked them what is their daily salary, to which they responded whatever they responded. The Rebbe the took four 5 ruble notes and attempted to give it to them (according to RES this was a sufficient sum). They, the young men, where somewhat abashed to approach and take the money, so the Rebbe told to them "I deprived you of a day's work, and we [therefore] need to compensate this loss. Nevertheless, they were ashamed to take the money. Then the Rebbe said: " אז מיר געבען דארף מען נעמען" (a well known adage of the Rebbe that one need to accept and it is improper to decline ch'v). Once, on a Yechidus of RES, he brought this [the 5 ruble note] to show the Rebbe [#7]. The Rebbe took it in his holy hand and seem amused by the note, [he then] returned it to RES!"

Not like it has any direct relevance, but i just thought I'd share.

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