Monday, August 6, 2012

"הפצת המעיינות" through the blog

An email I received a short while ago:

"I don't know if you remember, but a small investment on your part has reaped dividends in the last several weeks. Around two years ago, I expressed an interest in Chassidus to which you responded by giving me a whole package of paraphernalia, undoubtedly picked up in an undisclosed location. I gingerly opened the packet and I discovered several seforim along with discs for MP3. Me being a fartzaytishe guy I did not have an MP3 player, so I went straight to the traditional books. Much to my chagrin, the books were not up my alley, as they were filled with platitudinous one liners about Chabad being the pnimiyus, and all Misnagdim going to hell; or something to that effect, I don't remember the details - could be it was purgatory. Needless to say, my quest to discover the inner light of the Besh"t would continue, as I looked to other krayzen, spent a couple of days doing hisbodedus, tried out Rav Yitzchok Zilber, and even tried getting into Brisk - but nothing worked. That was until I finally got me a MP3 player, and I listened to over 100 shiruim during my monotonous driving over the last several weeks. You see, Reb Hirshel, you introduced me to the Tanya shiruim from Reb Yoel Kahan! Unbelievable, aza gevaltikeh bal masbir, with his inimitable Russian havurah, and (cigaretted) drag breaks to boot." עד כאן

These are some of the small things we accomplish. A fine בן תורה was made aware of תורת חסידות חב"ד through the blog. He might have otherwise never have known the geshmak of a perek Tanya or a parsha in Likutei Torah, and yes, Likutei Sichos as well. If only more of us would do that...Why do I brag here? simply because I often times get flack from Lubavitchers who tell me how I'm actually hurting "the cause" by writing. That may be the case sometimes, but the positives out weigh the negatives- I think. There are also countless email conversations and questions that I get and respond to, which you don't know about. All in all people see me as sensible and fair, even if we disagree. So I'd say that the opposite was true, that more often than not we accomplish good things.


yosef said...

so u r actually just a paid mouthpiece for lubavitch inc?
i thought this blog was about "open discussions". the reality is thay we have a classic stokholm syndrome guy(you,hirshel) trying to missionarize naive seekers.
the same r'yoel kahn was one of the biggest promoters of the meshichist movement.

since you are totally unobjective and on a "mission" there is no wonder that you did not have a single comment on the only thing that chabadonline and the even more hateful had to say on the wonderful 100 thousand strong siyum gathering, that maybe the rebbes pic was intentionally cropped out!!!!
what a whiny bunch of delusional paranoids full of fake "ahavas yisroel"

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

you, Sir, are delusional.

Abe said...

now you made him feel that this blog is holy and all lishma lihafotzas hayahadus vichulu.!
(yisroin haor MITOCH hachoshech)
just kidding

yosef said...

and why am i delusional?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

because you took my comment and came to very delusional conclusions about it.

Oh, and by the way, Sir: please tell me what kind of coverage Der Yid or Der Blatt had of the siyum?

yosef said...

so do u agree with the shmitzigeh smear piece in the chabad websites?
if you agree that its a shameful thing to do or say
why don"t u have the spine and guts to call them out for it?!
or is it lishmo

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

more paranoia from you... why is it all about money???

I don't agree with their opinion, which may or may NOT be correct. But now I need to condemn them too?

do I work for Yosef now?

yosef said...

i did not see what coverage der blatt or der yid had about the siyum
but let"s not use the. tired tactic of they are "badder" than us

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

why not? go after them!

Epis nisht said...

To sum up your question, you want to know if you will be given a lollipop before they shmays you for any and all damages you have wrought.

In your own words, you acknowledge that epis is nit ingantzen glatig with this 'forum' even if there is an occasional good that comes out of it.

Seems like you have good reason to want to justify and be reassured.

If things were glatig you wouldnt need that.

Here is an 'even haboichen' to consider.

If your own father or son were treated the way certain subjects and individuals are treated here, would you allow it to continue in its present format ?

Would you justify your method by saying 'its an open forum and the readers can respond if they see fit' and I am not obligated to respond or stop the free flowing format ?

If it was your own zeideh that people were attacking would you justify it by saying even though there is a lot of bashing in the open forum "I am defending and doing lots of good, privately with countless emails" ? Really ?

You would let people trash your own family in public, on your own blog ?

I dont think so. And neither do you.

There must be methods that can combine the best of both worlds.
If you cared enough, you would implement them.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

shmays me? surely you jest!

Epis nisht said...

חלילה, I was referring to Erev Yom Kippur fahr mincha.

But my point about 'רבם דקרו' remains.

Causes much עגמת נפש.

yosef said...

if you are the honest and upstanding yingerman you imply you are and if you stand for decency, you'd call gemien when u saw it
for anyone with a pinteleh yid let alone the claimants to the Crown of ahavas yisroel, to focus on a percieved slight at such an auspicious time is what sonei yisroel such as scotty from fm does.he did not like the menu!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I agree, Yosef. sour grapes is what it is. Some people can't over seeing their adversaries succeed.

jackass said...

well if its about money.was wondering.
its obvious the moderator doesnt need to work as it must take ages to run this blog: but doubt very much he is somehow getting $$ from it. probably more aggro than anything. whats the trick, i put in long hours and still cant make ends meet.

moshe said...

Reb Yoel Kahn is a strong anti meshichist! i dont know where you got the idea that he promoted meshichism.

yosef said...

R'Yoel was a strong meshichist when the Rebbe was alive, he was one of the leading meshichsts at the time, he even had an unfortunate interview when asked what will be after the arichus yomim of the Rebbe.
After the Rebbes petira he backtracked (a bit)and earned the ire of todays meshichists.This was over twenty years ago, so I don't think Hirshel had joined Chabad at the time yet

revel said...

Yoel kahan was a meshichist until zayin tamuz, once the reality sunk in he changed his theology, wich is remarkable. Though for many others who had listened to him until then, the damage was done.

Leroy said...

"the books were not up my alley, as they were filled with platitudinous one liners about Chabad being the pnimiyus, and all Misnagdim going to hell;"

What did you give him?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Hirshel joined Chabad approx. 23 years ago and remembers Reb Yoel and his views from then very well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ר' יואל התעכב מלהיות משיחיסט מכ"ז ניסן תשנ"ב עד תחילת תשנ"ג. כנראה שהמכה בפטיש לילך בפומבי עם המשחיות הי' כשהתחילו לשיר "יחי" משמח"ת נ"ג ואילך והרבי הניע בראשו כו' כידוע. אבל מג' תמוז ואילך חזר (ה"טעיתי" הידוע שלו

עיקר מעלת שיעורי ר' יואל היא זיין קלארקייט בהסברה (אם לא בהבטה...). וכמו"כ בכתביו. ולכן, לפעמים כששומעים שיעור שלו במאמר או שיחה, יכולים לחשוב שר' יואל לא "חידש" מאומה בנוסף להדא"ח. אבל הא גופא מעלתו - כי עם ר' יואל, די קלארקייט איז דער חידוש
וע"ד החילוק בין הארה ואור עצמי, ואכ"מ


Genug Geploidert... said...

מה קרה ל 'זא"י' אחר ג' תמוז תשנ"ד

yosef said...

You've got to be an "ipcha mistavranik" to have joined Chabad 23 years ago.
I remember that tekufa in Chabad well, and, at least in the eyes of the rest of the Heimishe world, it was........
Nu, not nice to say on a Lubavitchers blog, but Lubavitch had much better times

S said...

Ephraim says shkoyach. keep up the great work.

Dov said...

Is that long thing his beard or photoshop???

Anonymous said...

Tzig you are a pig! You are really stopping moshiach coming. I just read your tomei blog molei issurim about Abish Brodt (who I love) and all I can say is... GIHENOM is waiting for you - CHAZZER ROSHOH MESHUKATZ MENUVAL!