Wednesday, October 23, 2013

מאמר ד"ה ויאמר אלקים יהי אור מכ"ק אדמו"ר הרה"ק ר' שלמה זלמן זצוקללה"ה נבג"מ זי"ע שניאורסאהן מקאפוסט

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Leshiema Oizen said...

the Rebbe was anti censor, he wanted to print even Stashelyer mamorim, he advised for starters the Derech Mitzvosaicho which printed by Buchovsky who was trief in the early years

Anonymous said...

hopefully the satmer chassidim will start to learn mogen avos as the vyoel moshe is quoting him

Leshiema Oizen said...

they will not learn it since its after the 150 years...they are only leasning Chasm sofer and Gra, the rest is Nishtakcho, gone with the wind

Anonymous said...

Decent editing -- but too many commas! Dear Akiva, please make it more DA"Ch-like & less academic-like.

More akin to "LOY nogah boy hatzimtzum," than "nogah boy hatzimtzum" - vd"l.

-- ZIY

Anonymous said...

Pesukos and Stumos encourage one to be misbonein bein haparshiyos, and the Kapuster and the Rashab both agreed that there appeared to be a Tzimtzum, as we all see it M'Dass Tachton. and they both agreed that Mitzad Daas Elyon there is not a Tzimtzum. and the Tzimtuzm is only in a Mashal as the Rebbe writes, not in reality. And even according to the Maharash and Rashab, the Osiyos were no longer Maeir Begalui. So, commas are Kelim. The Tachtonim need them. If one is from the Elyonim, you are right and the Torah can be as the Ramban writes with no spaces at all. Kol Chad Lefum Shiura Dilai!

Anonymous said...


I'm just choyshed that all the commas are just indicating that there may be more ribui hakeilim here than ribui oyr, vd"l. Many of the commas used here make sense -- but other times, especially when used for sub-sub-clauses, it is just unnecessary & even confusing.

Not Akudim, not Nekudim -- we need Berudim, vd"l.

As we used to say re Reb Yoel's magnum opus "Sefer HoArochim": Al yidey ribui haseider na'aseh habilbul... vd"l.