Tuesday, October 29, 2013

הרב שלמה גורן, פרשת "האח והאחות" והרב יוסף אליהו הענקין

click here for the whole article by HaRav Eitam Henkin


Superintendant Chalmers said...

Is there a way to print the entire article from the linked Box website?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

don't think so, Chalmers

ObZerver said...

Can't open this .
But after researching this it seems the main point of case was borofski went to shule friday night and sent is child- children to relegios schools ( this even goren can't deny)

Historical truth said...

2 questions:
1. what was the religious and hashkafic standing of Rav Henkins children who wrote these statements?
2. Did the individuals who wrote this statement have a view of Rabbi Goren before they heard what Rav Henkin did or did not say?

Kovner said...

How do I open the file without registering?

Anonymous said...

עשו היה האדמו"ר הראשון בהיסטוריה, לפי כל הסימנים שבתורה:
א. הוא היה לבוש בגדי חמודות,
ב. היו לו 400 חסידים שלעייגערס,
ג. חיכה לרגע שאביו ימות (יקרבו ימי אבל אבי),
ד. שנא את אחיו שנאת מוות,
ה. שיחק אותה צדיק (כיצד מעשרים וכו׳),

Kovner said...

Henkin makes a big deal about what his grandfather held. The yeshiva velt doesn't really care. As Rav Henkin zt"l himself said, he did not know the facts of the case.He only claimed that R' Goren is a worthy Rov. Yet he never met him, and only based his opinion on newspaper articles. The Rabbonim in EY knew R' Goren very well - from Chevron yeshiva, and from Beis Din. And they were vehemently against him and felt he twisted halacha for personal gain. It's quite obvious that they are more competant to pass judgment in this case than Rav Henkin zt"l.

Yosef Klein said...

It looks like you need a box account to print files. Maybe you can have someone save the file and post the pdf to your blog.

Snag said...

Kovner said...
"The yeshiva velt doesn't really care."

Who cares what the "yeshiva velt" thinks? Or even if they have the capacity to think? They have been wrong on every issue affecting klal yisroel for at least a hundred years. And today, they manage to split into multiple factions ALL of whom manage to be wrong at the same time.

mamesh a ness.

shlomo said...

You are of course very right.Gedolei Haposkim, real poskim, like Horav Elyoshiv, not only thought that Rabbi Goren was wrong, they held this was a real twisting of the torah and the facts.That is why Rabbi Goren lost legitimacy in the eyes of many.
It is unfortunate that Chabadniks don't know very much about him and only know that gedoiley harabbonim held very strong views against him.That is enough to give him legitimacy in their eyes.
Small example of Rabbi Gorens views, for example, his daughters served in the I.D.F, this was obviously a very red line .

Rabbi Shor Yoshuv, his brother in law ,was quite close with the Rebbe, having yechdesin,and he mentioned in an interview that the Rebbe had hkoras hatov for the rebbes father i believe staying by shor yoshuvs grandfather, while he needed to get away from the Russian authorities.i don't remember the exact details

russian chusid said...


When are you gonna stop to protect people like Goren, against whos psukin 99% of the yidisher velt went???WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?ARE YOU ORTHODOX?????

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Orthodox is a Greek term. Feh!

russian chusid said...

In Russia they say:

That's what happens when a Hungarian becomes a Lubavitcher.

Learn your ABC before presenting yourself as selling Lubavitch.

Moshe said...

What is your source of how much Rav Henkin knew Goren? or is it an assumption or based on documented facts?
To stupid idiot:
Read inside and you will see how much the Chabad Rebbe was against Goren's psak. That doesn't mean that Tzig can have a open minded curiosity of what was Rav Henkins Shita in this, get it?