Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Polish websites have lots of good pictures

אוי! די דחקות איז דאך נורא נוראות

כ"ק אדמו"ר בעל "עקידת יצחק" מאלכסנדר זצ"ל הי"ד

הרה"ק ר' מענדל'ע אלטר מפאביניץ זצ"ל הי"ד - משמאל

אין קור ארט

שוין אין די שווערע צייטן אין פוילן

אוודאי רעדט מען פון אמאליגע צדיקים

למעלה שלישי מימין ולמטה יושב רביעי מימין הרה"צ ר' שלום בן אדמו"ר ר' יעקב משה סאפרין מקאמארנא זצ"ל

שלישי מימין איז אויך א חשוב'ער איד ששכחתי את שמו כעת

מ'שטייט און מ'שמועסט

א זיידע מיט אן אייניקל


Yanover said...

Sheina bildelech! ;)


Anonymous said...

It is so painful to look at these pictures.It will never be fathomable, the churban!

Unknown said...

זה בנו של הרה"ק ר' יעקב משה - הרה"ק ר' שלום

s. moises said...

Which Polish website?

Anonymous said...

Discussion with Moishe'la (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Tishrei 28 '5774 (Oct 1 '13)

We Cried and We Cried

I want to tell you that Zaidy came to me again from Olam Ha’emes. (My Zaidy, a great Tzaddik, was very famous when he was alive.) I want to tell you that he sat down next to me when I was sleeping, and said to me, "Yingel Yingel my Zeesa Yingel (my beloved boy) I am so proud of you. I am so happy that you are in the house that you are, in the home that you are, and I Bentch you that you should continue bringing truth to our family and truth to the Yidden wherever they might be."

And then he said, "I have more to tell you. I am very worried about my adopted homeland the United States of America. I am not worried about the place itself, as we all know its pure Edom. I have always realized how this Golus of Edom has almost destroyed all Yiddishkeit in America.

"But no I am not worried about the Edomite country called the United States. I am worried about the Yidden in United States. First of all they are in very big physical danger and of course we know very well that the Yidden in America, including the Frum, are in great spiritual and physical danger. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but the very big majority of the Yidden in America are in very big spiritual danger.
"Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the Yidden all over the world are in a better condition, but I am worried especially about the Yidden in the United States of America.

"I really want them to do Teshuva, real Teshuva. And I know that I have said this many times, and people don't understand what I am talking about. Even when you explain it so clearly, most people just brush it off because it's much more interesting to be busy with the Gashmius than to be busy with the Ruchnius. It take less spiritual and emotional effort to rise high in the attainment of the Gashmius, than it takes to rise high in the attainment of the Ruchnius.

"Since I was very young I realized that the American Jewish community would eventually disappear. Now however I see clearly that the United States of America is disappearing right in front of our eyes. Soon there will be no United States of America, and the Yidden will have to find themselves a new home. I hope they decide on Eretz Yisroel, and hope they do it quickly, because if not well……. "

Then he asked me to sit down with him and say Tikkun Chatzos. Together we Davened and we cried, and we cried, and we cried. I closed my eyes so I could feel the Tza'ar HaShechina, (the pain of Hashem) and when I opened them my Zaidy was gone.

The Bray of Fundie said...

ya...which /