Thursday, August 21, 2014

מונקאטשער רבי און זיין הויף

I take no responsibility for the content of this article. It wasn't written by someone who would write for Der Yid or Der Blatt today... But what I can tell you is, if you do read this read the last page where they discuss the Munkatcher Rov's son-in-law and successor, the late Reb Burechel Rabinovitch of Munkatch. Those of you know the history may not be surprised about what you read, but for the novices among you it may come as an eye-opener.


Superintendant Chalmers said...

Great find.
Where/when was this printed?
Stuff like this is (one of the reasons) why I come to this blog. (that and the constant bickering between Chabad and the snags.)

Who is the Rav Schapira that was mentioned? (Rav Avraham was probably too young)

Pardon my ignorance, but I thought the official story was that the Rebbe didn't know of Rav Boruch'l's tzionishe leanings...If it was being published like this, obviously he must have known... so what gives?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the official version was that they made the shidduch when R Burech'l was a young lad. When he found out about the ציונות he didn't want to break the shidduch

כך שמעתי

Superintendant Chalmers said...

Wow, didn't know that. You've got to admire the Minchas Eluzar's commitment to his word, despite knowing that R' Boruchl's hashkafa was everything he opposed in life.

Avreymel said...

Looks like the Belzer Rebbe was the nirdef in the whole machloykes.
That's what the belzers were saying all the years.
Interesting enough that I've never seen his library been mentioned, especially while the Gerrer Rebbes library is mentioned alot.

Yelid Munkach said...

his library was famous, I dont think the writer knows really whose library was larger, neither do I know.
His library was the core of the fight between the father Reb Burechel and the son Reb Moshe Lieb...
Reb Burechel sold chunks of the library to raise money. The son was against it. He wrote a will the Reb ML should not even say kadish after him.

yelid munkach said...

He was told many loshen horas on his SIl even when he was a Chusen.
He was considered a Ilu, a cousin, a very big Yachsen,and from his first rebetzins family,the Yid Hakudesh family was Kodesh kudushem... which he was very fond of.

Darkie chaim veshulem said...

I think there are some inaccuracies as the following,
He writes he made Nanuim on Sukos from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon....
He definitely made long nanuim, but not 7 hours.
The Ruzhiner kinder were famous for long nanuim 2 to 3 hours, but never these long hours

Yelid munkach said...

By the Nanuim
he had open 3 sidurim,
Reb Kopels, Der Ravs,Sidur Rehash plus others..
Which sidur was the Ravs? was it the Sidur um Dach of the baal hatnye? in that region he was not called the Rav, maybe he means his own sidur that he printed from Reb Shmuel Vital ?

c.e. said...

Along the lines of what Yelid M[i]nkatch said, I remember hearing that the M.E. gave a reason for not wanting to break the shidduch, "because he didn't want to start up with the Yid Hakodesh a second time." (The first time being his first wife, I assume.)

Anonymous said...

Shapira is the Second Druhbitcher Rebbe who lived in / established Kfar Chasidim. He was a Zionist, but also Reb BYY's brother-in-law. So this is not a proof of anything.
חסידות דרוהוביץ'

c.e. said...

Regarding the library of the ME:

There is a story told that the Queen of Holland heard about the cast library and came to see it. Allegedly, the M"E gave her a tour, and while doing so he took out a sefer that was printed in her country. He showed it to the queen and said:
In the world they disparage your country and refer to it as the Netherlands, but you can see how Jews view it as the highest of lands -- as it says here on the cover page, printed in "Hoichland."
And she was, as they say in England, quite chuffed.

c.e. said...

(*vast library)