Friday, November 9, 2018

EightyYears Since Kristallnacht


Unknown said...

A shaynem dank for posting this!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

my pleasure!

Anonymous said...

My father Olov Hashalom was a teenager in Munich on Kristallnacht. He mentioned many times that the Hester Ponim was so strong, that no one realized how bad it was (this was before the expression of Hastoroh Bsoch Hastoroh).

Interestingly enough, every time we tried to record his memories we were unsuccessful! Once the tape recorder malfunctioned, another time the tape jammed & the lat time we tried the indicators showed that it was recording but nothing was picked up on the tape.

I have heard many stories from relatives & family friends that are literally hair raising. These stories are being passed down as a Mesorah of Galus, not as an excuse for Jewish violence or arrogance.

Hazorfim B.S. said...

"Almost" Kristallnacht in Maryland.!

"80 years after Kristallnacht, a Rabbi’s home and a home for Jewish students is slated for destruction. For a ruling like this to be administered in the 21st century, in modern times, is horrific and chilling. Legal discrimination is still discrimination and must be opposed."

"To make matters even worse, Chabad’s request to spend $250,000 to move the building back 62 feet in order to comply with the covenant was also refused."

שמן למאור - מונקאטש said...

.שלא יבוש המעיין ולא יקצץ האילן

השאיר אחריו דורות ישרים ומבורכים זרע ברך ה׳
ובניהם בניו האדמורים המפורסמים: כ״ק מרן אדמו״ר רבי משה יהודא לייב ראבינאוויטש שליט״א - ממונקאטש. השוכן כבוד בעיר בארא פארק יצ״ו. וכ״ק מרן האדמו״ר רבי יצחק יעקב ראבינאוויטש שליט״א - מדינוב. השוכן כבוד בעיר וויליאמסבורג יצ״ו

נסתלק ביום כ״ז כסליו - ג׳ ד׳חנוכה, שנת תשנ״ח