Thursday, October 21, 2010

ahhh, the good old days

I apologize for the Shmais logo. I went to the website and could not find the picture.

Back in '57 things were different. Lubavitchers still used Gemorohs, just like the rest of the world, or at least they put them in front of them when they posed for pictures. After all, Rabbi Kremer was a Peylisher who needed to raise money from fremde mentshen, and he couldn't show them the truth, that they learned Tanya and put tefillin on goyim all day, after which they'd get drunk! Berel Mochkin even forgot to remove the Tanya from his table! They had to lay low in the new country, lest someone expose their devious plan and blow the whistle. They also still lived in the same neighborhood as the rest of the frumme oylem, sooo. Somehow the kid in the front, Wertzberger, his father nebach thought that his son would learn something at Ol' Lubab High. Naive Hungarian, that man. Didn't they warn him about those no-good bums? But we need to admit that they did have a certain cheyn, don't you think? Those grey hats and suits with the beards... It's a shame what became of many of these same bocherim.

Shluchim who were mekarev hundreds of Yidden to Torah and Mitzvos.

Chassidishe Baaleibatim who are kovea itim leTorah.

Baalei Chesed and Baalei Tzedokoh.

Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiveh the world over.

Seriously though, I'm amazed at how many of them zennen shayn nitoh, r"l,! and they were young 53 years ago!

I counted:

Dovid Wichnin

Aizik Mintz

Aizik Schwei

Bentzion Shafran

mi Od?

P.S. There are several mistakes in the caption. Here is what was posted over at Shmais

#6 is Sholom Ber Tarshis

#7 is Pinye Korf, and number 26 is "? Heller" (not the Lubavitch one).

#3 Harav Chaikin was better known by his second name: Chaim.

#14 is Yisroel Mordechai's older brother, Dovid.

#30 Zwebner's name was Chaim Elozor.


volvy said...

Interesting that a few appear to shave.
Interesting pic

SDR said...

I knew R' Eliyahu Engel from Utica, NY. He used to be in Melbourne and I believe he is also "shayn nitoh, r"l"

Anonymous said...

Correct. R' Eliyahu Engel AH passed away in late spring or early summer 5767 - I am blanking out as to whether it was Nissan or after Shavuos.

SDR said...

Friendly Anonymous said...

You being facetious? achshu doro, b'enichuso?

Mottel said...

The surprising thing is how many of them remained in Montreal.

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

Nice. Except for the beards, they could be alter Mirrers. Grey jackets and hats, chups. A few appear to shave. #s 17, 20, 29, 27 from th eones close enough to tell.

Anonymous said...

number 26 also looks like a Hungarian

Anonymous said...

Does anyone Know who 26 is?

Anonymous said...

chayim elozor tzwener was not ther then. i am one of those in the picture and he foe sure was not there yet.

Anonymous said...

So can you tell us who 26 is?

Yosef Kramer said...

for those of you who want the identification of 26 visit

If you were one of the students and disagree with one of the names please contact me.

If you have any photos,stories or news articles of the late Rabbi Leibel Kramer or about the Lubavitch schools or Camps (mainly Camp Pardas Chana) or if you have a family member who studied in the Lubavitcher Yeshivah or Beis Rivkah please email the info to so we can get in contact with you and include the information in our project.

Yosef Kramer

Anonymous said...

The yeshivaworld posted about R' EMM Schach's yhurtzeit...and some interesting lines from his tzavoh. Any comments? (As a litvak, it made me chuckle a little)

Dovid said...

The Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Montreal was the best Lubavitcher yeshiva

Anonymous said...

Check out kol simcha from the rebbe reb binem in the likutim on the words of shlomo hamelech "al tomar sheyomim rishonim hayu tovim m'ele ki lo mechochmoscha sha'alta" ayin vetimtza nachas

Dovid said...

You probably know one will look it up, so,maybe write the vort here cleaRLY?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the 95 year old man who needed a refuah sheleima, so he called kuppat hair? he got the answering system "for parnassah press 1 for a zivug press 2 ..." he pushed 4 instead of 5 and gave birth to a baby boy 9 months later.

Anonymous said...

yechi hamelech, ahh remember the good old days?

Anonymous said...

26 is really yoseif heller- does anybody know where he is today?
the question is who is 30

Anonymous said...

its amazing how so many of these guys kids look just like them. exactly. gosh--- does my son look like i did years ago??? minus ofcourse the weight that most of them put on