Tuesday, October 19, 2010

....והדברים עתיקים

I can appreciate that they see the dangers of glasses with frames that lead the wearer of these frames down a terrible, slippery slope. I realize that they're trying to keep kids pure and innocent, but even I don't understand a word they're saying! Couldn't they attach photographs of forbidden frames, or would that lead to sin as well? How is a parent supposed to know what's forbidden? What's that? You say that they have takonos for hats and reklach and white shirts, so why not this? Well; I don't see the comparison. The fact is that most kids are pretty monotnous and homogenous when it comes to dress, at least in Mosdos like Tzaylem. They all realize what's accepted and what's not. The fact that some mothers might buy cute glasses for their kids is not gonna bring down Tzaylem, which is long past its peak. Printing an incoherent memo like this seems silly, at least to an outsider like me. These kids will be fine if we give them half a chance. Leave them alone and you'll see good things happen. Overreact and you'll see what happens, and you won't like what you see.

But what do I know.


CE said...

Bubaleh, you're statement that, "The fact is that most kids are pretty monotnous and homogenous when it comes to dress," is exactly the point here: They want to keep it that way, and for whatever reason, when it comes to glasses it is not the case - hence the letter.
Perhaps, in the past everyone in the cheder instinctively knew what clothing and accessories were appropriate, but due the length of the galus, and our many sins, some of that instinctive sensitively is fading – hence a need for a note home.
But since the school is taking a sensitive and tolerant approach, they didn’t want to mandate everything down to a choice between a couple frames – instead they are leaving some leeway and taking the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s “I know it when I see it” approach.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

"you're" should be your, Bubbeleh

ce said...

Halevai it would be my first (or last) typo on blogger - laydeh, posts cannot be edited once they're posted.

Yumy said...


Is this an attempt at Yiddish?

Anonymous said...

Is Lipa a Tzeilemer?

Eli said...

"If" I had the "chutzpah" to criticize Lubavitch, you'd tell me how little I know, how great the Rebbe is, how terrible Menagdim are
(Despite the fact that there are very serious issues to discussin Lubavitch, issues you,true to fashion, never allow discussion of..)

Now you, an outsider feels comfortable to criticize a group they know nothing about??

Good job,keep it up.

Yankee fan.Not said...

Tell me,your boss that you cursed out here once,he allows you to post your royal dreque on his time??????

Lubob ubber alles
Hugarians ülni az agyuk!

Anonymous said...

This Lubab seems to be obsessed with chitzoniyis. He (assuming its a "heh") has posted about summer levush, sun glasses, payos (Satmar likes the Yeminites, Reb Elya Ber's minchah, the nazi posts about the guy from BB's payos), red shoes at weddings etc.

I suspect that under his smashed hat he wears a white Reb Arelah kappel...

Anonymous said...

That facebook pic was posted on this blog before. Maybe the milkman with the yiddish love story.

Come to think of it, does it make a difference what glasses one wears when he watches that clip?

Anonymous said...

it is not Tzelem it is a offshoot of satmarer Fienshmeker, Tzelem is closed already since Nisan 1980

oosher moshe said...


from col.il.com said...

1. הסיפור של השלט 'סכנת נפשות' שברקע
(2010-10-19 22:07:40)
בוקר אחד של אלול לפני 9 שנים בשעת בוקר מוקדמת הגיעו הפועלים הקבועים של 770 והיו צריכים לתקן משהו בקיר שמאחורי השלט. הפועלים הסירו את השלט, הביאו סולם והחלו בתיקון. לא עברו שעתיים והתרחש הפיגוע הנורא של בנייני התאומים. מיד כשנודע דבר הפיגוע אמר הרב קותי ראפ שיחי' שמכאן רואים כמה העולם מושפע מ-770: איך שנגעו בשלט שכתוב על איסור מסירת שטחים בארץ ישראל לידי הערבים, מיד קרה הפיגוע ה"י. מאז אף אחד לא מעז לנגוע בשלט הזה. סיפור אמיתי. הייתי נוכח בשעת מעשה.

snag said...

A maysed with a name like tzeilem has to be especially nizhor from fremde zachen.....והמבין יבין

Anonymous said...

שנאת חינם = טפל
חוצפה = טפל
טשעפענען און זיך שלאגן = טפל
שטאלץ צו זיין א איד = טפל
שמחת החיים = טפל
אהבת תורה = טפל
אהבת ה' = טפל

ווייט ענד ווייט העמד = עיקר
באקעל פאסיק = עיקר
רבינו תם'ס = עיקר
האנד זייגער = עיקר
קנאות = עיקר
אויגן גלעזער = עיקר
שייגעץ בייק = עיקר

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ביי וועמען זענען די זאכען אן עיקר און א טפל?

Anonymous said...

By mosdos who are busy with such rules!!

Anonymous said...

you omitted another important Toffel, going to secular courts which both willi bully brothers are guilty

Anonymous said...

what about the massive Hisgaros Beumus these 2 Willi bully brothers are doing with Vito Lopes?
is it a Tofel or a Iker?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Snag.
Tzeilem Elokim.... That's a nice name for a maysed.

Mottel said...

meh . . . Hungarian Judaism does it again.

יואליש said...

דער וואס ווייסט זאל ביטע מודיע זיין

וואס טוט זיך אין צעהלים? פארוואס האט מען געדארפט דיעזען "תקנות?" ס'דען דא א רוח פון מאדערנקייט דארט

Anonymous said...

nothing doing there.

styles are going out of hand & kinderlach are busy with it.

btw other mosdos also came out with similer..

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

kinderlach are busy with hats and bekitshes and gartlech too. big deal.

which other mosdos put such takoones in writing?