Friday, January 20, 2012

They have more than 29 Groceries in Williamsburg?!

This is only a list of those that DON'T carry the Ami Magazine. I would imagine some still do. That's gotta be the highest per-capita rate of groceries per square mile in the world. But it's nice to see that Yiddishe פרנסה will continue, and that G-d does not forsake his people, even in the computer age. Printers still need to stay open, so that they can print these bans. So they still need to go to work.

Otherwise וואלט מען משוגע געווארען פאר ליידיג גיין.


Anonymous said...

מי כעמך ישראל!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess having so many groceries is the good part of the Satmar Kosher Mafia. My wife works in Willmamsburg, and I thought we would save money by her buying the groceries their and not in the Five Towns. In fact things are far cheaper here. On the other hand We do not have any place like Gottlieb's on Central Avenue.

zevy said...

Years ago I used to help someone sell baked goods in Willy,I think there were about 40 stores at the time.Today, you must have 50% more at least.For example the newer neighborhood known as New Williamsburg has some very large supermarkets.Hatzluche has been around for a few years and it's huge.When I go to Williamsburg today I don't recognize the new areas they have grown so fast.

Anonymous said...

if its not lubab rabbis banning satmar, then I guess make fun of it.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I doubt BP has that many, and BP is at least 2x as big

They're more expensive because it's all bought on credit!

Anonymous said...

U guys dont get it,
This empty heads have noting better to do, then eat, with out the Ami they will have more time to eat.
Thats why the groceries are the Nachshonim on the Ami ban.
G-d forbid Ami can have a article on the obesity problem( which they do write often), it would hurt their purse.
I heard the Rabonim banned Binah too?
For the sin of having Zionistic cheese cake recipes,Y are the Willi groceries not baning it too?
I guess that the Binah recipes are promoting new nuances in food, for the Yoelis Umishpachtom, so its good for business.
By Hungarians you always follow the money trail...

Anonymous said...

I see on the list some 6-7 non Satmarer groceries, I will not mention their names, I don't want to hurt their livelihood, The Rabonim would ban their stores at the shovavim crying sermons.
By Sunday morning you will have the peasants protesting the stores with pitchforks and machetes in the right hand and a Vayoel in the left hand.
The great Satmar ohavie yisroel, who are world famous, railroaded a Visnitzer grocery on Division Ave, for the Sin of selling the Maskilic hamodia.
The only neighborhood in the universe,where Haskola is still vibrant, is the tribal zone of Willi.It even has a crusader in the person of Menashe Fulop...
You read Maharal, Maskil
English Hamodia, Maskil,
Erev Shabos, Maskil
on and on ......

shaul shapira said...

Did Ami pay for this? If they're banned they must have some intersteing stuff to say I better order a subscription so I can get my weekly Haskalah!
(P.s. I thought we defeated the haskalah. Oh well... back to the universegeselgshaphte. Or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Shaul shapira
"(P.s. I thought we defeated the haskalah"
you are correct, we were brought up that that our Gedolim fought the Haskala, and they won, now we see that it is still in our midst, This zealots are ruining our emunas chachomim, they are making us into Maskilim, since Maskilim had emunas chachomim problems.
The same with Zinoisim, I always knew that Satmar Ruv fought the Zionist and won, The Zionists are the losers, but if you follow their media, u see Zionisim blooming.
Its a Bilbul Hamochas out there.

Anonymous said...

For the record: they never let Hamodia Binah Yated Mishpacha into Willlie, Ami was allowed in since it was considered a Satmar magazine.

benny said...

For a change, I actually think the Willy fanatics have got it right this time !!!

I honestly don't understand why it's taken so long for someone to come out against this filthy tabloid that has articles on "same gender marriages" !!! Is this the filth that we want our kids to read ?! Do we really want our homes to be exposed to this smut ?!
(personally I'd rather read the New York Post than Ami ... at least I know that am reading an official goyishe newspaper .. rather than reading charedi orientated dirt !!!)

The english-speaking litvishe Rabbonim should be ashamed of themselves that they havent yet woken up and banned this shmuzige tabloid !!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know where your records are coming from? but I saw Bina sold in willi groceries,
1 thing is for sure, that the USPS will deliver them all in black wrappings like the adult magazines

Der Shygetz said...

For anyone who wasn't born yesterday or has his head stuck in the sand:

Any grocery that is asked to participate in a ban like this and does not go along can count on a brick in der fenster, a call to the tax or foodshtemp authorities, a slashed tire on a delivery ban, rumors of non-kosher food made on the premises, etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

" that has articles on "same gender marriages"
did he really have a article on that issue?
or he translated the chumash?
I know frankfurter likes sensation, but he is not a idiot

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should ban coloured wrapping on food items. Doesn't Red connote the Ayin Horah. Surely, it should all be in black and white plastic. Do they ban items which ALSO have a stamp from the Rabbanut? They should, surely. It's a quasi cooperation with the evil zionist entity.

I hope the plastic bags have the requisite denier rating of the zocken. If not, someone's eyes will see what their neighbour is buying and the Ayin Hora will cause so many problems.

Anonymous said...

The insane pepople who always have an outlet in this forum.

Didnt you guys see the smut of Ami? Its horrific... Its so sad that so many lunatics are part and parcel of our communities, and being ultra Orthodox means today a ban on common sense which has to be banned completely, or maybe we can find some brain altering pill for those who still have some of that terrible thing called normalcy, it would be a sweet joke if its not us.

An Ailemesher said...

What's wrong with having so many groceries? As one of their favorite psukim they quote on their hechsherim says

יאכלו ענוים וישבעו!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

nothing wrong. I just wonder how they all have parnosoh!

Anonymous said...

In the Williamsburg Business Directory there are 30 grocery stores listed

BelzFinAMool said...

as far as ,
יאכלו ענוים וישבעו

they've got the יאכלו part pretty good,
it also looks like they've got the ישבעו part, too

ענוים , though, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Belz from yesterday
"it also looks like they've got the ישבעו part, too"
you are wrong, they did not get the ישבעו right, because they dont stop eating... thats why that neighborhood can support more then 50 eateries

Anonymous said...

because of shmires einiem the chasidim in wiiliamsburg hardly eat out that's why they have very few eateries (in comparison to other neighborhoods )also most clients in the williamsburg restaurants are from other neighborhoods
that explains why so many grocery stores

Anonymous said...

"because of shmires einiem the chasidim in wiiliamsburg hardly eat out that's why they have very few eateries "

1) there are today in willi alot of eateries.
2) you see in every eatery in flatbush you see today Yoelies umishpactiem..

Anonymous said...

What does this tell you about YTV?

Anonymous said...

the only magazine which should be allowed, are the ones with the pictures of the rebbi`s.