Thursday, January 19, 2012

....אויס איד


אין אנדערע ווערטער מיר פייפען אויף אייך אלע. נישט בית אהרן און נישט בית זלמן לייב האבען גוט געטוהן. און טאמער מיינט "דער איד" אז זיי שטייען גוט ווייל זיי האבען אויך "מקבל געווען" דער פיוס פון אדמו"ר מבעלזא, מאכען זיי א טעות. עכ"פ לדעת המו"ל ד'פאשקעוויל זו

.צוקער זיס


Anonymous said...

עתידה תורה שתשכח פי׳ רשב״י שלא ימצאו. הלכה ברורה ומשנה ברורה במקום אחד That process started many years ago, and it gets worst continuosly… regardless of how many more yeshvas and kollelem now than before but, atleast there is from time to time a קול מלחמה במחנהwho screams from the top of a hill like יותם did on the top of the הר גריזים

Anonymous said...

their name should be changed to DAS SHTURMER,the vicious antisemitic anti jewish,anti Israel poison spewed week in and week out by this anti-semitic rag,would have put DAS SHTURMER to shame,Julius Streicher yemach shemo,must be proud of these bastards,who have refined the art of anti-jewish hate propaganda to a new level,
i have no doubt in my mind,had these vicious self hating jew hating bastards responsible for publishing this obscenity,have they lived 70 yrs ago they would have been hired by Julius Streicher
to write for him daily articles.

Freed said...

anybody know who wrote this?
is this the TC R. Malinowitz (who is holding onto Malkiel's get)?

klainer said...

How about some non-Satmar chassidim putting out a Yiddish tzeitung that reflects the views of klal yisroel?Sorry,but the algemeiner doesn't rate in this regard.There are many normative chassidim who read the yid only because there's little else out there.[The Blatt and neis baricht are just slightly toned down versions of the Yid.]I actually think such a project would be quite successful.
Ch.s.-i feel your pain,as well.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I accept your challenge, Klainer

I'll establish the paper. You collect money. I'll hire the staff and get people to sell ads.

I can be very impartial.

יאללה, קדימה לעבודה!!!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

anon 10:03am

that should be DER Shturmer, not Das.

Der Shygetz said...

At least they did not take MY name, which actually is a parody of Der Yid (and which dates back to the summer of samach hey - 2005 so that I would have sued them for 2 food-shtempelach and a pound of galle had they used it).

Anonymous said...

Someone should start publishing

Der Misnaged
Der Chosid
Der Meshichist
Der Daas Teyreh
Ha Daat Torah

we can then have the goyishe equivalents.

Der Misnagdishe Goy
Der Chassidishe Goy

After all, Hakadosh Baruch Hu (Boreech Hee) took the trouble to name the Briah, LeMineihem.

BelzFinAMool said...

I personally prefer "Der Goy'atz"

But I would also welcome papers with names like Der Tziyonist, Der Oikher Yisroel, Der Emeser Satmarer Tzieitung .

Or , to cut to the chase, a newspaper simply entitled ובערת

Its job would be to focus like a heat-seeking laser, on anything and everything that needs ביעור.
It would never run out of material. דיו אילו ימים.

Anonymous said...

Freed said...
anybody know who wrote this? "

thnx for the link, this guy has a clear mind. Halvai all our "spokespeople" would think like this.