Monday, January 16, 2012

אלץ ווייל מ'ארבעט נישט

I've been trying hard to identify with my fellow protesters in Jerusalem. Not in my everyday life, but when they protest. After all, we all have the same Torah and should be bothered by what they're bothered. They are Jews in the purest form, untainted by American greed or the Holocaust or the Haskoloh or Communism, so they should have their finger on the pulse. If they're bothered by pritzus, or graves being desecrated or autopsies, then so should we. Supposedly the Lubavitcher Rebbe, זי"ע, said that; that if not for the kanoyim going out to demonstrate we would have to do it. And we need to be thankful to them for saving us that unsavory job. And I am. But it's become quite a task. What we've seen these few weeks in Eretz Yisroel, mainly Beit Shemesh, and now, with the arrest of the "Gaavad's" personal secretary (!) is pure embarrassment, for lack of a better term. I'm not sure where they learned these tactics from. At first I thought it was from the Arabs, but I don't see that connection. And the real painful truth is that we're suffering - yes, suffering from radicals like Yisroel Meir Hirsch, son of the Oycher Yisroel Moshe Hirsch, who instigate this from the sidelines, sending his little 11 year old boy and other lost souls to do his dirty work, while he smells like a rose and says, "who, me?" 

And במחילת כת"ר, what is going on with Reb Tovia Weisz? Is he trying to prove his street creds that he's daring them to come and get him like that? Accusing them of blood libels like in Russia and Hungary? I have never seen a Gaavad like that, acting in this uncouth manner, and kowtowing to the radicals within his faction. Did he really expect the Police to stand by and watch all the mayhem happen and not go to the source of all of it, The Eda HaCaharedis heads? The other Rabbonim that preceded him, like Rav Yitzchok Weisz and הרב משה אריה פריינד, managed to stay above the fray, allowing their shik yinglach and spokespeople to do their dirty work. He acts as if he's still proving himself and needs to get down and dirty. It's poshut not becoming and makes him lose favor in the greater Jewish world, and is totally unnecessary! He could be just as popular if he'd stay in the background! Now he just looks like a puppet that was brought in to give them some kind of legitimacy and is now doing the bidding of the puppeteer!

זעהט אויס אז אלץ שטאמט פון דעם וואס אין ארץ ישראל ארבעט קיינער נישט! מ'האט צייט ארויס צו לויפען אין גאס סיי ווען עס זאל נישט זיין. און היות מ'האט נישט נאך עפעס צו טוהן, און ביים לערנען האלט מען נישט, גייט מען אויף הפגנות! ווען די אנשי המדינה האבען ווען א טראפקעלע שכל שיקן זיי אלע אינגעלייט און רוב בחורים ארבעטן. אזוי, אז ס'איז פון ערווארטעט צו ארבעטן וועלן די ווייבער און די מאמעס שוין זיכער מאכען אז מ'דרייט זיך נישט אין די גאסען און מ'ברענט נישט קיין מיסט קאסטענעס. אבער טאמער האט דער מאן נישט וואס צו טוהן איז בעסער ער זאל זיך דרייען אין גאס אדער אין כולל ווי אין שטוב. וד"ל. און נישט נאר דאס, נאר אז מ'איז אזוי געוואוינט צו הפגנות און עס גייט אריבער א שטיק צייט אהן דעם וואס ס'איז פאראן "אקשן" אין שטאט גייט דער עולם ארויס פון די כלים און מ'מאנט ביי דעם גאב"ד'ס גבאי "ווען וועט מען שוין רופען אן הפגנה?" און אויף דעם ארויף איז ארויס דעם צעטל וואס איר זעהט דא אויבען


Akiva said...

The audience for these events is Williamsburg, to which they will travel to raise funds for their institutions after having demonstrated their holiness and mesiras nefesh in defense of the holy neighborhoods under attack by the evil secularists and zionists.

They hold that any with whom they disagree are not koshere yidden, and possibly even goyim.

Here's a video of a confrontation between a Chabadnik and the zealots over their attacking 8 year old tzniusly dressed modern orthodox girls - video here.

I once had a conversation in Kiryat Belz in Jerusalem and asked why they were burning and stoning in their own neighborhood??? At least be smart and go do it in someone else's neighborhood! They just shrugged, but the real answer is the police will let them destroy their own neighborhood without caring, but will respond if they move out of it.

Ende Tsadik said...

געוואלד! קיין ווארט נישט אויפן מנין ביי ר' יואלישס ציון?!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

look now.
it was supposed to post automatically @ 5:31
dunno what happened.

schnuer said...

"Untained" you are serious ?There was no haskalah in Jslm. Ever hear of Ben Yehuda ?Just how many yerushalmis left frumkayt between 1900 and 1949 There was no struggle in Israel with Zionists and Socialism ? No Hebrew University ?These people like their Hungarian brothers are tainted with crazy kanaaus caused by the shita of Hisbadlus. In the short run in Hungary it may have accomlished something but iN Jerusalem what did the hisbadlus accomplish .
Now as far as your statement of the Luabvitcher rebbe I find that very difficult to believe , nothing he ever did said or acted on even hints at that.Deeds are much greater than words. teh same man who hugged Shazar, welcomed Begin, greeted Sharon etc etc was ready to go into the streets when in fcat did habad go to the streets except for purposes of a Tefilin campaign ? Did Luabvitcher ever demonstarte in israel against the medianh ?Were they even involved in demonstrations for issues like Giyus nashim , or Autopsies I tend to doubt it.
Did Kollel chabad (even under the Rayaatz) ever adopt a hard line like the Hungarian Kollel ? This is total nonsense unless you cite chapter and verse for all to see). As I wrote some place else do not attempt to turn the Rebbe into a Kanoi to fit the image of the new Hungarians in Chabad.If you think Yerushalmis are the way Yiden looked like in Minsk , Slutzk or Grodna in 1860 you are gravely mistaken and if you think that ALL yerushalmis(Yishuv hayoshen) are part of these meshugoim you are mistating history. The true successors of Reb Shmuuel Salant and Reb Chaim Berlin were rabbonim like Rav Eli Raam , Zvi Frank,Wachtfogel etc . Ask some objective Yerushalmi if in 1949 the olam ate the Eda shechita or the shechita of Rav Eliyahu Raam ? I have asked and the answer is shocking.

Anonymous said...

you are correct, and our Hirshel hot a zikoran vi a katz.
He posted a letter of the Rebbe to Rav Yungriesz of the Edah, y he abstains from all protests.
The Rebbe did not say what Hirshel writes, he wrote why he is against it..

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

די קאפ ארבעט שוין נישט

Anonymous said...

Need an app updating on the latest protests in Israel, who's protesting the protest and who's protesting the protest on the protest. Who's supporting the initial protest, who's protesting the support of the protest, and so on.

An interactive feature with photos of the confused, ultra-confused, orthodox and ultra-orthodox is also important.

As for now, count me in with the ultra-confused. With an app I might advance to simply be confused.

(copied from FB status)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


there's only sooo much one goat can do!

Anonymous said...

ah, the irony. some were afraid reb yitzchok toviya wont be kanu'i enough. i guess that was enough to tunr him into a super-kanu'i.