Sunday, January 29, 2012

"א רבי'שע היים אין אמאליקן פוילן"

דער הויף פון כ"ק אדמו"ר ר' שמחה בונים פון ווארקא-אטוואצק זצ"ל, באשריבן דורך זיין אייניקל איטא קאליש. ב' שבט איז געווען זיין יארצייט. ר' שמחה בונים איז שפעטער ארויף קיין ארץ ישראל און ליגט אין טבריה. אונזער איטא'לע איז אין די שפעטערדיגע יארען נישט געווען פון די פרומע אידענעס, אזוי אז מ'דארף איהרע ווערטער נעמען אין "קאנטעקסט." דאך איז עס זייער אן אינטערעסאנטע ביכל וואס מ'דארף לייענען. רש"ב איז נישט געווען דער "טיפיקעל" פוילישער רבי

לייענט און האט הנאה

וויקיפעדיא וועגן רש"ב


Anonymous said...

אתמולי - סיפור חייו הייחודיים, כמו תיאור חצרו וסיקור ממשיכי דרכו, נכתב על ידי נכדתו איטה קאליש.

which came first?

Anonymous said...

Anyone one know what became of her daughter, where she is today?

The yizkor book on nypl on otvotzk is missing her article.

Anonymous said...

lately some biography was put out on the Atvotzker rebbe, his perishus and frumkiet was unique even in the Rebbishe hemisphere.

Anonymous said...


what means a Himel Bet???

baalbatish said...

I just got to the himell bet part. The book needs some commentary . How about a book club . We read it and then we post opinions questions and answers? How about it?
Where is Amshenover?

Anonymous said...

Its a a shame that nobody answered yet,

baalbatish said...

It is a shame. Seems no one is interested.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Book club?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this book. I started reading it and couldn't stop, till the end. Fascinating!

baalbatish said...

Sarcasm towards the customers is not good for business.

Anonymous said...

etmoli, has the bulk of it in hebrew, anyone know which one she wrote first?

Anonymous said...

Read the hebrew,ot the yiddish. These are the 3 most poignant parts of her story.

After the first time she ran away from home, upon her return her father tells her had she been a boy he'd have kissed her.

She was already in "trouble" her father told her that his entire avoda on yom kipper was that if she goes otd she should sooner die.

She remarkable has only nice things to say about her husband who she abandoned. But most notably is her exhilaration upon kidnapping her child from his parents home and running away.

She kept company with many banshaki"m .... Nebach.